Scream Chapter 6 (Ricky's View)

As Nathan and...Alice run away together, I can't help but feel sadness.
Sadness is the emotion I have never wanted to use-unfortunately, I felt it... Oh the sacrifices I make for love...
I clutch my fists and walk to my home- the alley. Once I get there, I punch the wall. Blood goes from my knuckles, down my arm, and to the ground. I feel no pain from the hit- the wall would say different. The brick wall has a round dent the size of my fist in it, and is stained with my blood. Dust comes from the dent.
I slide from the wall to the ground, and I sigh. Why does Alice have to notice me doing this? Why did Nathan need to be involved?
A sudden thought comes to my head. Isn't Katelyn her best friend? Nathan isn't! Maybe Alice is replacing her... The pain Katelyn must be feeling... Maybe, just maybe, she's on my side and wants nothing to do with Nathan... I need proof though...
I decide that I will closely watch Katelyn-except more discretely. When the timing is right, I will have her on my side.

(Katelyn's View)

Once I get home, I go to my room and lay on my bed has Alice been hanging out with Nathan so much? Is she replacing me?
I close my eyes and see flash backs of what has happened recently. Alice running from my, angry, trying to find Nathan. Alice laughing at Nathan. Alice talking with Nathan before classes instead of me. And worst of all, Alice and Nathan walking home. How could she! She's never even walked home with me once!
I start to think. Maybe I've been a bad friend? No. She would've said something... Maybe something's wrong...
Whatever is wrong, I'm going to get to the bottom of it. Time to get my friend on!