When Logan came home one night with a torn shirt and a few odd bruises, he claimed he just fell.
When Kendall asked him why he wasn't sleeping, he claimed he was having nightmares.
When Gustavo asked him why he looked so pale, he claimed he had been using an extra strength sun cream.
When Mama Knight's spaghetti with the extra garlic made him sick, he claimed it was just a stomach bug.
When Carlos asked about the red liquid dripping down his lips, he claimed it was strawberry kool-aid.
When James caught him with his mouth on Camille's neck, he claimed they were just making out.
When everyone in 2J woke up to find a bat flying around the apartment, he was no where to be found.
When they confronted him, fear in their eyes and crosses and wooden stakes in their hands, he fell to the floor laughing.

He had finally tricked them.

A/N - This was written for the Trick or Drabble on LJ. The prompt was for Logan to finally prank the guys (on Halloween) since he always pranked himself out of the Prank War. I didn't want to say that before the story because I thought it would take away from the effect.