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Chapter 18: Jail Break Plans

The blonde followed Guthrie through twisting corridors until they reached the main hub of the ship. Several officers saluted Guthrie in a style very similar to Roman or as in more recent history, the Nazi salute. Servants bowed or curtseyed keeping their eyes to the floor. Yet upon seeing Rose, officers doffed their hats and bowed low; the servants sank into deep reverence to their unwilling princess.

The blonde frowned as the officers bowed looking at her with their critical eyes surveying her. Probably to see if I am princess material or not, Rose rolled her eyes when she looked away. As if their opinion matters! However the servants' reaction was very different, they cast her sorry glances and soft smiles that barely touched their sad eyes. In response to their sad looks, Rose merely gave them a soft smile.

Around the corner appeared several large lifts. They looked like, on the outside at least, that it could carry about twenty people. Guthrie pressed a button with a large C before a small keypad appeared and he typed in a code. Rose's eyes narrowed, it was probably to ensure the prisoners and unwelcome persons did not enter or leave the prison.

After stepping into the lift, the blonde moved into the corner as far away from Guthrie. Leaning against the wall Rose wondered as she surveyed the numerous lift buttons which one would lead to the TARDIS. If only she could manage to somehow pilot the TARDIS into the cell that held Jack and the Doctor…

If only, if only; she thought.

Rose felt a soft caress of…of…something brush ran across her mind as she thought about the TARDIS. The touch was gentle on her mind, taking the subtle ache from her communication with the Doctor away. Rose closed her eyes and sighed, relaxing as comforting flash of gold ran across her minds eye.

Be careful, my little wolf a soft voice whispered, as a soft song flittered through her mind. Blinking away the gold light, Rose shook her head. What on earth was that? Her brow furrowed, as she knew the general had not spoken nor was there anyone else here on the lift. Must be my imagination, Rose thought to herself with as soft scoff.

The lift dinged and the metal doors swished aside. The grim looking corridor made Rose swallow as her throat tightened. Her heart pounded in her ears as Guthrie led her down narrow corridors. She worried for the Doctor and Jack. Where they badly hurt? Was that why the Doctor had communicated with her via their minds? Coming upon softly lit stairs that led towards a large door, it looked like a bank vault door or nuclear blast door. Two well armed guards stood on either side of the stairs; saluting Guthrie and Rose as they approached. The general merely nodded in return, Rose glared.

Guthrie moved down the stairs quickly and typed in several different codes into a keypad before there was a jolting snap and click as the door swung back. Guthrie offered her his hand to help her down the narrow, steep stairs. Rose opened her mouth to object but quickly closed it with a click of enamel on enamel as she realized she better not complain any further. He had brought her here and she was going to see the Doctor and Jack so…She stiffly and formally offered Guthrie her hand, which he took and led her down the stairs.

Upon pushing open the doors, Rose could see in the nearest cell sat Jack and the Doctor. Both men had their arms crossed over their chests, both putting up a defensive front together as they glared at an officer and the Howell's aide, Rhys. In Rhys's hand was a small device that was probably a recording device. Rose noticed no new injuries on either of her friends as they looked at her upon hearing the door open. Both men jumped to their feet, smiles wide, and bright on their faces.



Rose rushed forward but the Doctor held out a hand and quickly snapped, "Don't touch the bars—!" Rose stopped mere inches from the metal bars of the cell, quickly tucking her arms back, wrapping them around her torso. With an eyebrow raised at the Time Lord, she didn't mind these…these…bastards witnessing their reunion.

"—The bars are electrified." The Doctor finished quickly upon seeing the confused look on Rose's face. The blonde's eyebrows rose into her hairline as her eyes dropped to the metal bars. Her pallor dropped several shades as her eyes flickered between the bars and the two occupants in the cell. How many volts were the bars? Did they touch them? Were they hurt?

The Doctor gave her a gentle smile as a warm touch brushed over her mind as words appeared in her mind that were not her own. They were soft, gentle, male in tone and she knew it was the Doctor as he told her, We're ok, Rose, don't panic. For a brief second she turned her head to the left as if to lean into the mental touch. Straightening her face out, she used the direction of her head to help her turn around to face Howell's men. With an imperious look, she waited as Guthrie was whispering to his officer and the prince's aide, before the aide gestured with his eyes that Rose was waiting on him.

"General?" Rose asked, crossing her arms as she looked at him with an arched eyebrow and a frown. Rose nodded towards the bars before glaring at him, "Well?" Guthrie looked towards Rhys as the two seemed to debate it for a moment before Rhys nodded.

"Princess…" said Guthrie simply as he bowed to Rose before typing a code into a small control screen. Jack's eyebrows rose up into his hairline as he shot the Doctor a look then nodded at Guthrie then at Rose. The Doctor arched an eyebrow in return as there was a whirl of generators powering down and the general bowed towards Rose again.

"The bars are safe now." The Doctor quickly moved forward to reach Rose, but Jack stuck out an arm to stay him. He gave the Doctor a look and shook his head. Rose watched as Jack approached the bars carefully and reached out to touch the bars. Rose made a noise of protest but by the time it left her mouth, it was clear everything was safe. Jack's scrunched up face relaxed upon feeling no sudden jolt of pain and his white knuckle grip on the bar relaxed before smiling at Rose winking.

"Alright-y Rosie?" Jack reached out and softly touched Rose's cheek before taking her hand into his. The general and his men's eyes instantly were glued to Rose's hand intertwined with Jack's. The general moved forward as he made a noise, which Jack promptly ignored. He pulled Rose closer to the bars as he slipped his free hand onto her shoulder in a protective fashion. Despite the bars, he was determined to keep their girl safe since the Time Lord did not move from his spot on the wall. He was too busy keeping an eye on Howell's men.

"General," growled the blonde as she shot the general a dangerous look; which stopped him in his tracks, "Out. Now." The general's eyes flickered from Rose's determined face, to her and Jack's linked hands to the Doctor, his blood red eyes narrowing upon seeing a dark look flash over the Time Lord's eyes.

Rose followed Guthrie's eye line to the ex-Time Agent as he gave the Time Lord a slight shake of the head. Her eyes then flickered towards the Doctor, making Jack turn just slightly to take a look at his friend. The Doctor's eyes were no longer a soft brown but dark, nearing black in color. The energy in the air was sharp as a shiver ran down Jack's spine. Despite the bars in between the Doctor and Howell's men, Howell's men took a step back as the Doctor arched an eyebrow saying coolly,

"Well, gentlemen? You heard the lady," His eyes flashed as the men took another step back, as a smirk dashed across is face, "Out."

The sound of retreating footsteps made Rose turn as the officer and Rhys bowed to her murmuring, 'princess' before leaving the prison disappearing up the stairs. Her sharp eyes landed on Guthrie ready to demand that he follow her orders. Yet Guthrie's crimson eyes shot a warning look at the Doctor and Jack.

Jack raised his eyebrows at the general, wondering why they were getting the evil eye from this guy. Rose had nothing on her to help them get free, they had nothing on them and they were behind bars. Guthrie's eyes landed on the hand Jack had on Rose's shoulder. The blood red eyes narrowed as Jack slowly moved his hand and arm around Rose's shoulders as if to communicate, 'You don't scare me, I'll protect our precious girl from you and your prince!'

"Get your hands off milady Princess you, you—"

"Cretin? Bastard? Pervert? Ooh I could go on!" grinned Jack as he winked to Rose who smothered a giggle as Guthrie growled seeing as he would only anger and maybe even physically harm the princess if he tried to remove her from the human's arms. Looking displeased Guthrie then looked at the Doctor, his eyes flashing with a warning.

"No funny business, Time Lord!"

"Ooh noooo," the Doctor scoffed sarcastically as he watched the general with a impassive face though his eyes flared and one could see the taunt muscles in his still crossed arms tighten as his hands clenched into fists. Guthrie then took Rose's free hand, making her turn back to face him. With a look Jack released Rose as she stepped away from the cell to confront the general.

"You have a half an hour, princess," said Guthrie, the blonde merely blinked at him then Rose glared at him though she nodded in response not trusting herself to speak. Guthrie then kissed her hand, Rose's face twisted into an odd look between disgust and command. As soon as Guthrie let her hand go, Rose backed away from the general, rubbing the hand he kissed roughly on her jeans. She kept backing up until she hit the cell bars painfully. The Doctor, seeing Rose's hand blindly reach through the bars behind her, he quickly stepped forward, slipping his hand into hers; she in return squeezed his hand tightly like a lifeline.

"General!" barked the Doctor as he stood as close as he could next to Rose as the bars would let him. Guthrie rolled his eyes as he ignored the Time Lord heading for the door, "'Princess' my foot! She's not even married to him yet. Rassilon, not even human royalty jump the gun that quickly when it comes to dishing out titles!" Jack smirked as he mouthed to the Doctor, 'Nice one, Doc'.

Rose flushed slightly as she shot the Doctor a grin, he was right! Guthrie stopped as the large prison door swung open. He then slowly turned to face the Doctor, his red eyes narrowing. The Doctor's eyes flashed as they met Guthrie's, energy jumping about the room. If there was one thing the Doctor couldn't stop himself from doing, it was stopping while he was ahead.

"She just has a ring on her finger and a promise on her lips. Nothing more." Rose's eyes widened slightly as Jack gave a slight hiss at the Doctor's taunting words. Guthrie rounded on the Doctor walking towards him, his blood red eyes flashing with anger. Rose took a protective step in front of the Doctor, though her eyes gave him a look of, 'What in the hell did you do that for?!'

Guthrie stopped just in front of Rose, but leaned to the right just a little bit despite his head and shoulders height over Rose to look the Doctor in the eye.

"The lady is engaged to our prince. Officially or unofficially, the Lady Rose is now a Princess of Andorra." He turned to face Rose to make a point, "Your Imperial Highness." The general bowed to Rose again and turned to leave barking instructions to someone outside the door.

Jack smirked as he clearly gave him the middle finger the instant he turned his back. Rose had to cover her mouth to silence her laugh at Jack's action. Jack winked at her in return. Two guards were stationed outside the door as they could see them through the porthole window as the heavy door slammed and clicked shut.

With the click of the door echoing around the room like a gunshot, the tension evaporated away instantly. Rose sighed as the tension rolled off her shoulders, whispering,

"Thank goodness." Jack relaxed as well as he stepped away from Rose to sit back down on his bed. Jack's dark eyes darted to the Doctor who was still gripping Rose's hand tightly. His eyes were narrowed, his stance relaxed but for the tightness in his neck and jaw.

Rose quickly spun around, letting go of the Doctor's hand and thrusting her thin arms through the bars, taking both of the Doctor's hands into hers.

"That was a stupid thing to say!" she hissed, her brown eyes alive with concern and fear, "He could've ordered you outta the cell, he could've—" The blonde bit her lip as the Doctor's tense expression softened as Jack snorted.

"They'd have taken him over my dead body Rosie," Jack then leaned back against the wall, his dark eyes flashing at the Doctor, "But seriously Doc, that was very stupid to taunt him like that. If he doesn't punish you, the prince will." The Doctor turned to look at Jack, a slight smirk on his face.

"Let him try." The ex-Time Agent could've sworn he saw the Doctor's eyes flash blue as the image of the Doctor's Ninth Regeneration flashed over Jack's eyes at the cocky comment. Rose shook her head, her eyes growing wider with growing concern at the recklessness that the Doctor was exhibiting lately. She didn't want him to pull some stun that would get him killed just to ensure she didn't marry Howell! Yet, pushing her fears aside, she dropped the Doctor's hands making him jump slightly in surprise as she began a flurry of nervous questions.

"Are you both alright? They didn't hurt you, did they?" Her hands skimmed up his torso, trying to find broken bones or tender spots. Her eyes roamed his face and what she could see of his body. Twisting his head left then right, her fingers ran softly over his face as the Doctor gave a sad smile as he brushed a few strands of blonde hair out of her face, barely skimming his fingers over her flushed cheek.

"I'm fine, Rose," Her eyes flashed for a moment with suspicion that made him chuckle as her eyes double checked him, "Honestly I am, no broken bones, no internal bleeding, weeeeelllllll, maybe a few bruises and cuts, but nothing my superior biology can't handle." He took one of Rose's hands, looping his fingers through hers then rested it in between his hearts then raised his free hand with two fingers raised, "Scouts honor."

After a moment, Rose relaxed as the Doctor kept their entwined hands over his hearts. The Doctor reached out to run the back of his knuckles down the side of her face. She gave a soft sigh as her eyes closed, relaxing as he switched to using the pads of his fingers to draw circles and patterns into her flushed skin. His fingertips were cool as they cleverly draw patterns in language only he knew, unconsciously spelling out his emotions and his fears for Jack, for himself and most of all…for her.

Jack watched the two of them, with satisfaction glowing in his eyes as a peace settled over him. He had known it since the day he met these two; they had it bad for each other. It was a comforting sight to see these two so wrapped up in each other. Before they had been close, dancing a fine line between friends and something more. And now…Jack wasn't entirely sure what they were, but they clearly weren't dancing that line anymore or at least so obviously when he had last seen them. Though he was dying to know how far, if at all, their relationship had progressed emotionally, spiritually, and (Jack thought this with a sly grin) physically…Yet that was for another time.

The Doctor pressed a kiss against her forehead as she opened her eyes the tension was gone from her petite form. Smiling, Rose looked over towards Jack, her liquid brown eyes soft with worry as she reached out towards him. The ex-Time Agent shot the Doctor a look, Rose still thought he was human and was in more danger from numerous injuries than the fast healing Doctor. The Doctor sent him a barely discernable shake of the head. With a shrug and a chuckle, Jack got to his feet as he moved towards the couple, taking the blonde's hand,

"I'm fine Rosie—" The Doctor rolled his eyes as he cut Jack off saying,

"—We're both fine Rose, it's you I'm worried about."

Her brow furrowed as she looked into his dark brown eyes, they were flashing with concern. Letting go of her hand, he reached through the bars and pulled down the left side of her shirt and jacket, revealing a slight bruise where the general had knocked her out via pressure point. With his other hand, he ran his cool fingers over the bruise and the angry red mark where her bra strap dug into her skin. His eyes flashed with black anger, as his jaw became set as the muscles in his jaw and neck tensed. He wished his sonic screwdriver hadn't been taken from him so he could scan her injury, determine how bad the injury was and, if possible, heal it.

"Ouch…" murmured Rose, making the Doctor's hands spring back from the injury as if Rose's murmur of pain had burned him. The shirt and jacket slide back into place, covering up the nasty red and black mark. Guilt passed over the Doctor's eyes before Rose swiftly poked him in the shoulder saying,

"It's—not—your—fault. Stop it." The instant she did that the Doctor's eyes lightened as a slight smile came to his lips. Rose in turn gave her normal teeth and tongue smile. The two merely looked at each other, just relishing in fact that they were safe (for now) and together (as close as iron bars would let them).

"Sooooo," drawled Jack as he sauntered back over to his hard cell bed, "How 'bout an escape plan?" The Doctor turned back to look at the ex-Time Agent as he hunched over, elbows on his knees, thinking. He frowned as a flash came across the Time Lord's eyes as he turned away from his blonde companion to begin pacing the room.

"At this point physical escape of the three of us is impossible," he muttered under his breath, "The only way to escape with help, its just how…?" Jack gave a scoff as the Doctor stopped to observe him.

"Who will help us, Doc? I'm sure everyone on Andorra will want to keep their new princess. Besides if we did have help, how would help us escape?" The Doctor smiled as he leaned against the bars his eyes flickering towards Rose.

"Not everyone wants the monarchy here," Rose said softly, her eyes becoming hard as she spoke, "An autocratic monarchy/dictatorship is more like it! The royal family and the nobles on Andorra live in splendor while the rest of the population is worked with fear of death and imprisonment!" Jack's eyes flickered to the Doctor for confirmation, the Doctor nodded as he quickly explained Andorra's history and how the Doctor had played a part in trying to liberate it so many years ago.

"So…" interjected Jack softly, his eyes flickering up towards the cameras watching their every move. The Doctor and Rose followed his eye line. The Doctor frowned as he climbed up onto his cell bed and standing on his tiptoes reached out to probe the security camera. From what he could see, there were no speakers to overhear their conversation, but to be on the safe side…He turned around and put a finger on his lips, suggesting to the other two to talk in code.

"So…do you have friends?" asked Jack carefully as the Doctor jumped back down reaching through the bars to take Rose's hands into his once again.


"And you they have the necessary…" Jack waved a hand around in circles trying to find the right code word, "Tools and knowledge to assist if need be?" The Doctor gave Jack a small smile as he looked at Rose, winking at her before saying,

"Ooh yes." Jack nodded as he leaned back against the wall, his brow furrowing. In his years of traveling, Jack had met and befriended many different people who were fighting for their freedom against dictators, kings, overruling planets, etc. Some had won their fight, some had lost, but from what the Doctor told Jack, it was the king who had the better supplies and forces.

"Here's a question," Jack finally proposed after a moment, "How are we to message them we are in trouble?" The Doctor blinked as he looked away towards the security camera again trying to think. Hadn't thought of that one yet. Rose instantly smiled and gently tapped his shoulder.

"I have an idea…" She then leaned in and whispered something to the Doctor in his ear. The Doctor's manic grin appeared as he looked down at Rose with wonder saying,

"You think she will?" Rose gave a hesitant shrug saying,

"Don't know, but it's worth a try." Jack raised an eyebrow as he gestured to the smiling blonde that he was out of the loop. She waved him over with a sly grin and whispered into his ear. Standing on tiptoe and holding onto Jack's upper arm, she whispered into his ear;

"Howell's given me a servant by the name of Sari. From my brief conversations with her, I believe she's sympathetic to me, to us. I'm sure she can find a way to deliver the message for us." Jack pulled away, a slight grin crossing his face as his brow firmed for a moment.

"But…she could betray us…" Jacks shot the Doctor a look, as the Time Lord ran his thumb along Rose's knuckles.

"The working class, servants and such are forced into servitude, usually because their parents, grandparents and so forth worked at the palace or noble's villa before. However neither the king nor the nobles inspire loyalty in the servants' only fear and a deep hatred. So…" The Doctor's eyes met Rose's as he gave her a soft look, "I believe we can trust Rose on this one." Hearing this Jack's small grin became large grin, flashing white teeth at the proud looking blonde as he reached out and cupped Rose's face saying,

"Rose Tyler, you are one smart cookie," Before pulling her in for a quick kiss on the lips. With a smack Jack pulled away, pretty sure that the Doctor was glaring at him all the way as he walked back to his cell bed, swinging his hips.

"Once our friend gets the message, I'm sure they'll find a way on contacting us or at least Rose," said the Doctor lightly as he dropped Rose's hand and began to pace back and forth, his brow firmed as he ran his fingers through his hair several times.

"How much time will we have until…?" Jack asked before whistling the 'Wedding March' making Rose wrinkle her nose in disgust and making the Doctor freeze before swinging around to face Jack. Seeing the looks on their faces, Jack winced with a soft, "Sorry."

"Three weeks." Replied the Doctor, making Jack sit up fully and making Rose gasp with delight.

"Surely that's time enough to plan something and put it into action, right?" The Doctor turned to see the joy on Rose's face, wincing when he realized the situation was far graver than she knew. He reached out to touch her face sighing,

"It's not enough time, Rose," her face fell as the Doctor leaned forward pressing his forehead against hers. "I just can't see how quickly things can be organized in three weeks!" He then spun around again, pacing once more as he rubbed the back at his neck, tugging at his right ear, a nervous tick. "I don't know what kind of weapons they have, whether they are any good, what supplies they have and not to mention the man power."

"Surely if they've been doing this for years, surely they must—" argued Rose, the Doctor shook his head, staring ahead at the other rows of empty cells before turning to look at the ex-Time Agent as he interjected softly,

"It's not enough, Rosie! You have to see it from a true military stand point. If what the Doctor is saying is true and you've seen it—The king and his government have far better trained men and weapons, not to mention if the noble's villa and the palace are well fortified and guarded…" The Doctor continued to pace back and forth as Rose and Jack watched. His brow furrowed, his eyes flashed as he murmured things under his breath. Eventually he crouched down and began to draw things in the dust on the floor with his finger.

Jack leaned forward to see the familiar swirls of the Gallifreyan language litter the floor. With a roll of his eyes, the exasperated man looked towards the blonde watching the Doctor. Her eyes followed every movement; her eyes were clear at first, her brow wrinkled in concentration though she knew she could not read the writing on the floor. Yet as time passed the dark haired man noticed that her eyes glazed over as her lips moved silently following each strange, circular letter…figure…number, whatever the hell they were!

The Doctor quickly stood up, thus breaking the spell of silence as the Doctor quickly dusted off his hands on his trousers shaking his head muttering,

"No, no, none of it will work its too…" The Doctor then began to rub out the symbols with his shoe. Jack looked towards Rose to find the glazed look and silent words had again vanished as she watched the Doctor erase his calculations from the dusty floor. Shaking his head the Doctor sighed as he began to pace again for another few minutes before Jack snipped,

"You wanna tell what the hell is going on in that huge brain of yours or what, Doc?" The Doctor stopped as he ran his fingers through his hair again as he began to spout out figures and numbers with their code words and a few more like 'food' for money, 'tags' for positions and the words 'friends', 'army' and 'king' in several earth languages. "And our…amigos…are too spread out, it would take time to meet—" 'Meet' meaning organize "From what I—"

Rose reached out and grabbed his wrist, stopping him. During his rant, he paced closer and closer to the bars until he was close enough for Rose to reach him. Her touch made him jump, silencing him. Rose raised a finger to her lips and shook her head. When his mind and mouth rambled, he would loose his cool logic and blab stuff away he normally kept quiet.

"Stick to the basics, Doctor," Her eyes pointed flickered towards the cameras watching their every move. Arching his eyebrow he gave Rose a soft, 'Ah' before sliding his hand into hers.

"Our amigos are—"

The Doctor was cut off as the large prison door swung open. In came Guthrie, his eyes instantly narrowing on the Doctor then flickering down to where the Doctor's hands were joined with Rose's. Jack tensed in his corner, ready to jump up and defend his friends at a moments notice. Guthrie's eyes softened when he turned his gaze to Rose. Rose had already positioned herself in front of the Doctor, raising her chin in defiance. With a bow Guthrie addressed the proud blonde,

"Princess, come, it is time." Rose's eyes flickered to the Doctor's, they still had a few more things to discuss and besides she wasn't ready to leave them just yet. Guthrie's voice cut through her thoughts, "The prince wishes that you dress yourself in the style your position demands seeing as we are two hours out from Andorra." The blonde's eyes narrowed at him. If the general was going to address and treat her like a princess, then she might just use that title and position to get what she wanted.

"You do not order me about, general!" The general, jumped slightly in surprise as he blinked, gaping up at Rose. The Doctor smirked as he looked over his shoulder at Jack, the ex-Time Agent winking back with a large grin on his face. Rose caught on pretty quick with this whole princess thing. In encouragement the Doctor gave her hand a firm squeeze.

"I, not you, decide when this visit is over!" The general continued to stare down at Rose in shock as she glared up at him. The Doctor watched with pride as her shoulders were thrown back as her spine straightened, her chin raised and from what he could see of her eyes…He gasped.

Her eyes...

Rose spoke again but this time he did not hear her words, but her tone. It was a tone he had heard before, on Satellite 5. Her voice seemed to vibrate with power and authority that made him want to reach out and yank her out of this trance, this...power. Her eyes flashed with righteous anger and power. He could have sworn for a moment there was a flash of gold over her irises that sent a shiver down his spine, but when he looked again all he saw was Rose not the…

"Ten more minutes, general!" The Doctor gave a slight jump as Rose's harsh voice crashed through his swirling thoughts. Pushing the worrying thoughts about Rose and certain Wolf into the back of his mind, the Doctor watched as Rose's glare was fixed on Guthrie. She eventually won as he lowered his eyes to the floor as a mark of respect. Guthrie sputtered in shock,

"But—but princess the prince has informed me that he wishes—" Rose sighed, nearly hitting her forehead with her knuckles to quell the headache that was mounting. All they needed was just ten more minutes…

"I know you have orders from Howe—the prince," Rose amended quickly, she bit her lip as something flashed across Guthrie's face as she swore a hint of smile was on his face. Best not use first names, Rose she scolded herself, He might think I'm getting used to the idea of marrying Howell…

"Only ten more minutes, general, I'm sure that is not a problem?" Rose then flashed him her sweetest of smiles, "Is it?" Guthrie stared at her gentle smile and seemed dumbstruck. No wonder his prince fell hard for this feisty human. Straightening Guthrie sighed as he murmured,

"No, milady. Ten minutes on the dot, that is all." Rose relaxed as she gave Guthrie a genuine smile and murmur of thanks as he bowed before her, swung around and left with the prison door slamming shut behind him.

Jack let out a whistle as Rose whirled around at the sound. With a gasp, she stumbled into the bars as her world spun, her head pounding in sync with her now rapid heartbeat. For a moment she wondered if it was the rush of adrenaline and the exhilaration of using her so-called 'royal power' to squeeze out ten more minutes with the Doctor and Jack.

"Woah! Woah, easy Rosie!"

"Rose…" To different pairs of hands jumped out from behind the bars to grab her and hold her steady. Jack was to her right, his large, strong hands reaching out to grab her upper arms as he tried to steady her with a hand on her shoulder. The Doctor was more gentle but ten times more swift and firm than Jack. The hand that once held hers dropped her hand instead grabbing her upper arm pulling her in the other wrapping around her waist to stop her from falling.

"It's ok—I'm ok, just a bit dizzy…" She didn't see the filthy, angry look Jack shot the Doctor as he mouthed, 'Tell her, NOW!' to him. The Doctor glared in return shaking his head, "I'm fine boys, really. So, what about our friends?"

Jack kept a tight grip on Rose's shoulder as his brow furrowed, one question had been plague him since the Doctor had explained to him Andorra's history.

"How in the hell are these friends of yours gonna take on a well trained, well armed army owned by the nobles and the king?" The Doctor reached a hand up to Rose's temple briefly feeling for any changes in her temperature or reactions. Her eyes followed his hand and leaned into his touch as the Doctor gave a short nod as he answered Jack's question, his eyes not leaving Rose.

"Trust me, my friends are well prepared and trained. Despite the government's measures there are places outside the capital city where they can train in secret. Besides the king's army is based on odd tactics of warfare seeing as they use fear, overwork, and poverty to keep the population under control."

"Sooo? What does that mean?" asked Jack as he finally saw Rose was stable enough to release her, taking a step back, arms crossed over his chest.

"It's like…" The Doctor frowned as he thought about it, "Well funded underground, gorilla groups. They have the supplies, the man power and some training…" He winced at those words shrugging it wasn't the right way to phrase it.

"So…what's the hold up?"

"Timing." Jack raised an eyebrow as he sighed before rising to his feet to argue the finer points of warfare with the Doctor. Glancing at Rose, Jack grabbed the Doctor by his upper arm and began to argue with him as the curious blonde watched on.

"Timing may be part of it, but it's all about how one can organize it and how those who are gonna fight are trained!"

"I know, Jack! But they are—"

Rose's mind drifted as the two men started a back and forth about how the rebels would be able to help them. She was sure that Sari could help them, but in somehow getting Jack and the Doctor out of prison and getting her away from her unwanted marriage and getting them all safely to the TARDIS. It was a lot to ask a small group of women and men who may have the training and supplies but never the experience…

But it can happen my little Wolf…

"What?" asked Rose softly, but it was still loud enough for the two arguing men to hear.

"Rose? What is it?" asked Jack as he walked towards the blonde. A confused look crossed her face, as she looked at him.

"It's…it's nothin'," Jack watched her carefully for a moment before turning back to the Doctor and their heated argument. Rose leaned against the bars of the cell, her forehead wrinkled in confusion as that soft, female voice whispered to her again,

Have faith little one…

A flash of gold passed over her eyes as she felt warmth spread through her again. Like a warm hand rubbing her back, a soft comforting song singing through her head, calming her. The song hummed through her, it was familiar but she could not place it. When she tried to think hard about when and where she first heard it, she could see the interior of the TARDIS and a flare of white and gold light. The more she dug, it seemed as if a door had been slammed in her face, leaving her with a throbbing headache.

Rubbing her temples, she turned back to the two arguing men. Just as they were coming to terms with how the rebels would be able to save them the Doctor's time sense screamed that their ten minutes had passed quickly. He cut off Jack saying quickly,

"Time's up," Rose's brow furrowed as she opened her eyes as the pain still throbbed behind her eyes. The Doctor strode forward to take Rose's hand. Seeing the pain in her face, her eyes holding back tears he tilted her chin upward asking softly,

"Are you alright?" Her brow furrowed even more as she averted his gaze. The song, the light, the pain…she was sure… "Rose?" Finally looking up at him, she held back her pain with a soft smile before she squeezed his hand tightly. There was noise and shouting outside the heavy jail door as it swung open again. The Doctor's brow furrowed as his eyes grew dark as he stepped closer to Rose, resting a hand on her hip to reassure her as Guthrie reentered the jail.

"It's is time milady," Scowling Rose turned her back on the grinning general to face the Doctor and Jack. Reaching her spare hand through the bars, she gripped both of the Doctor's hands tightly.

"A moment general, to say goodbye," Guthrie sputtered about preparing herself for her bridegroom. Tightening her grip on the Doctor's hands, her eyes flickered up towards the Doctor's dark eyes still watching Guthrie. With a sigh Rose shot Guthrie a look over her shoulder saying,

"I thought I said—"

"But princess—" Biting the inside of her lip, Rose whirled around, letting go of the Doctor's hands to advance on the general. Though Guthrie was taller and stronger than her, the small blonde easily cowed him. Shoving a finger in Guthrie's face, which was via a full-extended arm, Rose barked,

"Just a moment to say good-bye, privately, then…I will go ok?"

The blood red eyes bore into golden brown as Rose glared up at him, hands on her hips. The clash between them ended quickly as Guthrie, unwilling to upset his prince via the antagonizing and complaining of his bride, he agreed. Guthrie with a roll of his eyes and a scowl stepped just outside the jail door, closing it behind him.

Without wasting time, the girl whirled around to march to the cell, reached through the bars and took the Doctor's face between her hands. Staring into his eyes, seeing the darkness recede as he gently cupped her own face, rubbing circles into her skin. Circles with meanings that were only known by this one man, saying so many things that could not reach his lips.

"You'll be alright? Both of you?" Rose tilted her head to the right to look at the ex-Time Agent now sitting on his cell bed.

"We'll be fine Rosie," Jack reassured her softly, winking, "You just keep yourself safe and make sure that pervert keeps himself in line." A ghost of a smile passed over her lips before her eyes flickered up towards the Doctor's.

"I'm afraid if I leave you they'll hurt you…" Jack made a noise that sounded like a mix between a chuckle and a choke.

"Wouldn't dare, he," murmured the Doctor softly, "We have the protection of the princess." Rolling her eyes, her pink tongue darted from between her teeth as she could almost hear Northern tones coming from her Doctor. When he grinned at her, she could swear his eyes flashed ice blue.

"But still…" she added quickly and softly to him, "Doesn't matter does it? He can do whatever he wants and this is a patriarchal society, yeah? I have no power, and Doctor I'm scared! What if our friends can't help us and I marry him and what if my nightmares—" Seeing the fear and panic in her eyes, the Doctor pulled her face upwards so that their lips met. She was frightened and he wouldn't let her feel that, he—they—needed her to be strong.

The kiss was desperate, full of fear and longing as she moved her arms as best she could through the bars to grip his waist, desperately pulling towards her. It was surprising the Doctor had initiated the kiss; normally it was Rose who pulled his head down for a kiss or flirtingly suggested it. The Doctor normally was still blushing and stuttering getting used to the idea of kissing her in public. Like a young boy still getting used to his first girlfriend and all the intimacies that were required of the said relationship. He'd much prefer the privacy of the TARDIS to public PDA, but, she was slowly working on chipping away at his fears. However this time, he said or did nothing, instead pulling her close, looping an arm around her waist as his fingers moved up over her cheek, flitted against her temple to wind into her hair.

Of course, Jack had no shame and did not turn his head away. Instead he grinned like a hyena as he watched his friends' passionate kiss right in front of him. Well, he thought his grin widening to becoming painful to his mouth and cheek muscles, This answers that little question, now does it? Jack whistled when the couple finally pulled away, making them both turn to face him. Upon seeing the outrageous grin on his face, they both blush a deep red color. They had totally forgotten he was there! Jack then started to clap as he grinned up at them.

"For a minute there I thought you were going to break my ten minute making out record from my senior year of high school." Upon seeing the color double in the Doctor's face, Jack burst out laughing. Clutching his sides, he fell over, roaring with laughter.

"Jack…please," scolded Rose softly, smiling at him, her cheeks still pink. All three friends jumped when Guthrie stomped back into the room, eyes blazing. Jack instantly stopped laughing as the easiness in the room was sucked out. With a slight groan, Jack sent his friends an apologetic look knowing it was his fault the general came back into the room.

"Princess," puffed Guthrie holding out his hand to Rose, "Come, it is time." Rose sent the general a frown as she sighed at him,

"Fine," Still gripping her hands tightly the Doctor brought his fingertips to her temple as his voice ghosted over her angry thoughts.

Be safe my Rose…

With a slight blush, Rose squeezed the Doctor's hands once last time as she dropped them, stepping away from the cell. A shiver ran down the Doctor's spine as he felt timelines shift and change. When Rose dropped his hands, he closed his eyes, seeing the lines of Time shimmer as it shifted around her in many different ways. Some were bright going forward for a long time, others twisted themselves into knots not sure of where to go while others stopped suddenly in the near future. He swallowed down the fear as he watched some of her timelines flicker then puff out of existence like a flame.

When he opened his eyes, she was several feet away from him, her mouth in a grim line as she placed her tiny, pale hand into Guthrie's red one, the dark talon like nails flashing in the light. With quick flick of a switch by the general on a control panel, the bars of the cell glowed bright blue along the length. The humming sound filled the room as the glowing on the cell bars faded.

"Behave," she commanded softly with a touch of a smile on her lips. She touched her fingers to her lips and blew a kiss to the Doctor, trying to reach out to him with her mind. Her forehead wrinkled as she tried to reach him, barely managing to reach his mind with a brief touch. By the time she forced her focus back into herself there was sweat on her brow and her breathing was heavier.

"Come princess, they have wearied you." In turn Guthrie turned to glare at the two men. The Doctor crossed his arms scowling at Guthrie, his eyes dark. Over her shoulder, the blonde quickly turned and blew Jack a kiss as well. The captain dramatically caught the kiss, pressed it to his own lips then to his heart with a dramatic sigh. The Doctor didn't even notice, his eyes were on Rose and Rose alone.

"Be safe, be careful," he whispered to her, she merely smiled as the guards opened the doors for the general and Rose. She kept looking over her shoulder as the heavy, nuclear shelter like door slammed behind her.

When the sharp click of the door locking echoed around the room, the Doctor raised a clenched fist to his lips. The urgent burn of their desperate kiss still remained. The chance of their message getting to Ion and the rebels could be difficult, but knowing Andorran nobility the prince would announce his marriage to the entire planet. Three weeks of festivities would follow before the marriage took place. Oh yes, there was time, but would it be enough? With a sigh the Doctor sank down to next to Jack on the immortal's cell bed, closing his eyes, trying to clear his head.

"Oh shit!" cried Jack, making the Doctor jump nearly a foot into the air and banging his head against the metal wall,

"Now, what?" the Time Lord snapped, rubbing the back of his head as he watched Jack jump to his feet pulling at his hair,

"I forgot to tell Rosie I can't die!"