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Author's Note


This was inspired by seeing there was a fan version of Auumaan's fic that didn't live up to standard so with his permission I am making my own version. This though gives me a reason to do a redo of the Ultimate Alien episodes. Anyway this takes place before season 2 or I should say after Absolute Power but the Alien Force trio helped out Charmcaster prior to the events of season 2 instead of just apparently forgetting about her. (Spoilers about this or next season's finale is apparently a cliffhanger with no Charmcaster in sight.) And this fic won't have Ben hooking up with as many girls as the source one. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy.




Story Start


Stepping out of a portal was a young woman of rather slender frame with long silvery hair. Chanting a brief spell and her fingers flickering with mana her everyday mage outfit transformed into a dark purple night gown that matched her lipstick and mascara color. She was a young woman just leaving her teenage years, but despite her youthish experience she had decades worth of dark magic and spell knowledge in her mind, at her fingertips. Her birth name known to the few as live she was simply known by the name Charmcaster.

The name which was the same of her magical affinity. Such a name was necessary as powerful enemy mages could cast all manors of curses if they knew their enemies name. With a flicker of her fingers she summoned a large crystal orb about the size of her head. ''What to do...what to do.'' she whispered to herself as a light yawn escaped her lips. Charm caster had just left Leger Domain which was currently in the throes of being rebuild. Adwaita having long been imprisoned the dimension was now under her reign. Slowly but surely her home dimension would be restored to its former glory and it was all thanks to two people.

Using the orb she began channeling the various TV channels, often a movie or series on on demand but right now she was flickering through news channel on one particular hero. As this went on she began combing her long elegant hair with a comb she continued switching the orb's viewing channels until the image of whom she was looking for came to mind. It was another hate campaign by that news anchor Haragune and Charmcaster couldn't help but roll her eyes. Anyone with an ounce of common sense could see Ben was a hero. Even back then when he was a cocky, childish, and simple minded boy he had a good heart. And as Charmcaster thought about it, she never paid too much to the Tennyson besides that one incident where she tried to steal his body to get her hands on his Omnitrix, which was destroyed some time ago culminating in him getting the Ultimatrix.

"Hmmm, he's not too bad looking...'' She muttered to herself as she continued to gaze at the images that painted Ben in a bad light. ''I wonder...'' because of Charmcaster's single minded focus in her desire to free her domain she didn't put too much time or stalk into relationships. In fact she had a mostly negative introduction to such elements when her uncle had her use her charms for distractionary purposes in one matter or the other. Thankfully enough things never got beyond unwanted advances or caresses. ''How would I get him over here?'' Charmcaster knew wherever Ben went, Gwen and Kevin weren't too far behind. It shouldn't have been that difficult. All things considering she never had a grudge against him like he did the other two, beyond him being an annoyance to her.

"Hmm, now I think about it I don't think I've ever had a 'first kiss', I spent too much time with the dark arts and Kevin doesn't count since I was just using him against Gwen at the time.'' Stroking her cheek she thought about it for a few moments before coming up with something. Getting up she went over to the dresser where her cellphone was. The one she gotten at Gwen's assistance that it would be practical and the normal thing to do. Charmcaster couldn't help but sigh as she thought back to the conversation. They were far from normal and there was no sense and trying to pretend so. Not wanting to dwell on the memory anymore, as last time such thoughts led her to reflect on being nearly friendless Charmcaster dialed a number. ''Hello Ben it's Charmcaster I need your help with something and I'm hoping you'll come along. It's kind of embarrassing so please don't tell Gwen or Kevin about it.'' Charmcaster mentally complemented herself on her acting skills. After telling him where to meet her she went about putting the next phase of her plan into action.