Ben's Ladies


Ben x Harem


Story Start


Ben couldn't help but be surprised when he was told by one of the Galvan professors that Elena had dropped out of being a plumber. Looking up his old friend he was shocked to learn that her father had recently passed away. Considering the event with the chips and all, Ben couldn't help but wonder why his grandfather never mentioned it, or did Max even know?

Getting the address from the professor Ben decided to drop in. After trying her home address, he turned into XLR8 and zipped over to the secondary address, a rather secluded warehouse on the side of town. He knocked on the door and as he waited, adjusted his close.

That was when Elena opened the door. Her wardrobe had changed quite a bit since he last saw her. Instead of a red leather jacket over a black shirt, dark blue leather pants and black heels she was wearing a white lab coat over a V-neck black mini dress and black flats. Though he could never forget that beautiful black hair or eyes of hers.

''Ben Tennyson!'' she greeted enthusiastically as she threw her arms around him and hugged him. Ben couldn't help but blush at the contact. What guy wouldn't when being embraced by their first crush. ''Come in, let me show you around,'' she continued, not giving Ben a chance to respond.

The Lab was quite massive, some of the equipment Ben didn't recognize. As he looked around he spotted Elena's motorcycle and from the looks of it the vehicle had a fresh paint job. Some things were from her father's lab, but the rest she built herself.

''It's amazing,'' Ben stated as Elena finished her explanation. He looked around and took notice of something familiar. ''The alien microchips,'' he remember just how much trouble those things caused in the past. ''Is it safe to be studying them?''

''How can I not?''

''Considering what they can do.'' the creatures were capable of not only multiplying their numbers, but taking over bio-organic beings.

''They can do so much more Ben. Think of all the good they can do. Make bridges, roads, even whole cities. All anyone would have to do is think of what they want and the chips could make it.''

''What about the risk?'' he responded. Elena then proceeded to show off her fail-safe, a force field that would immediately terminate the chips.

''None of the chips could ever leave that compartment.'' she stated. ''They can change the entire world Ben. Help me Ben, think of all the good we can do,'' she suggested as she placed her hand over his. ''Not everyone has the power to help themselves Ben. What you do with the Omnitrix is amazing, but even you have to admit it has it limits. There are people who need homes and every day our resources are exhausting. So much more could be done if you were by my side.''

''I'm not sure if I'm completely sold, but the only way to put that aside is to see this through myself.'' Elena's word struck a chord within him. There were times when he tried to help and it wasn't enough. The incident with the two warring species on that planet came to mind.

A smile formed on Elena's face. ''I'm so glad we're going to be together now.''

''Don't you mean, working together?'' he asked as a coy smile formed on Elena's face.

''It won't always be work,'' she said as she leaned over and captured her lips against his. For a brief moment Ben didn't do anything, the sensation of Elena's lips caused his mind to go back for a few seconds before he gently pushed her off him. ''Ben, what's wrong?'' she was growing concerned, was something wrong? Had something changed since they were last seeing each other.

''I'm seeing someone.'' he bluntly stated. Unfortunately Ben was better known for his honesty then his tact.

Something dark flashed through Elena's eyes before she paused and took a deep breath to recollect herself. ''I see.''

''It's complicated, there's more to it.'' he stated as he began explaining to her about Charmcaster's spell and his purpose for being there.

"You must be joking." Elena remarked with a scandalized look. "You can't really be going along with this."

"It's not like I have much of a choice in the matter." Ben argued.

"She's magically influencing people Ben. How are you even sure your cousin or this Julie girl would have agreed to this otherwise?" She turned away, trying to keep her emotions under control. She wasn't quite as outrage as she thought she would be and that made her wonder. Was it because that was exactly how she felt or was it this spell influencing her? "I don't even know if I can trust how I'm feeling right now?"

"Elena…I." what was he supposed to say? Fighting, intergalactic villains, cosmic threats, and the occasional ancient evil monster were things that became the norm to him. A woman's feeling on the other hand, well what guy knew the answer to that? "Elena I know this difficult for you to understand, this isn't something I completely understand myself. I keep questioning whether or not Charmcaster and the other girls are with me because they want to be with me, but she assures me that the charm isn't make them subservient to me. If there's anything I've come to learn after all these years then it's to have fate in other people and their abilities."

"This isn't just a matter of having fate Ben." She remarked, crossing her arms together as she turned to face him. "You just don't get it Ben. It's about perception and how our societies handle things." She paused, trying to figure out a way to clarify her point. "Ben, do you remember when you first met that villain, what was his name? Darkstar."

A scowl formed on the Hero's face. How could he forget? That pretty boy had suckered him and the others with his smooth words and technology. "I don't see how that has anything to do with this situation."

"Humor me…what was he doing when you first discover he was a villain."

"He was draining the energy from several girls. They were almost like zombies, "a look of disgust formed on Ben's face. "You should have seen them. It was like he had them under some sort of spell." As soon as the words left his lips the implication hit Ben.

"It's not so pretty when you look at it from another perspective Ben. What makes what they did so different?"

Ben had to admit, Elena's reasoning was pretty solid. Though as he continued to think about, there were a few things that came to mind. "You're right, it does look pretty bad when you think about, but despite the selfish intentions behind the spell, Charmcaster did have some good intentions as well. Think about it Elena, if the spell was making you servient to me would you have questioned the spell or made it clear how much it bothered you?"

"I…I suppose you're right." She admitted. "Still, sharing you with other women? I don't know, I'm not the sharing type. I'm sorry if that disappoints you Ben."

"No, I wouldn't want to force you into anything you don't want." He soothingly replied as he placed a hand on her shoulder. Elena turned to face him, an indecisive look on her face.

"I'm sorry Ben; I need some time to myself."

"I…okay," He couldn't help but feel hurt at what was essentially Elena's rejection. Then again, he would have felt worse if he had hurt her. He returned to Ledgerdomain only to be immediately ambushed by Charmcaster. He could feel the charm's power flowing through them as Charmcster passionately sucked on his tongue. The kiss broke, leaving him breathless.

"You're hurting." She simply said. "It's my fault Benjamin. So let me make that pain go away." She remarked as she pressed Ben onto the bed. He didn't object as Charmcaster claimed his lips again. He definitely needed to get his mind off what happened earlier.

Their pants and undergarments were soon pulled down to their knees as Charmcaster mounted Ben. She shifted her hips back and forth as she rode him in reverse cowgirl position. Ben gritted his teeth as she held onto her hips. Moans escaped her lips as she worked him harder.

"Hah hah huh!" She breathed hard and her body was becoming sweaty, her rocking hips now started bouncing frantically on top of him, the feeling of being repeatedly penetrated was getting her closer as well.

Some time passed after their romp of passion finally ended. The two of them cuddled together in Charmcaster's bed. Both were content and spent. "I am sorry things with this Elena girl didn't go well." She replied as she nuzzled into the back of his neck. "The charm wouldn't have honed on her unless she cared about you. At the very least your friendship should survive this."

"I hope you're right." He replied. The sooner this was over the better. He decided to go with someone who wouldn't be so emotionally draining. Helen Wheels.