Hey everybody, this isn't an update; sorry if you thought it was. I'm gonna just come out with it: I'm on computer probation. Meaning that I will be torn from my computer, NOOK, and MP3 player until the end of the year. A whole FREAKING THREE MONTHS. That means no updates for... a long while. I know this is unexpected and cruel, but you can thank my mother for it. Any probation and lack of updates you can thank HER for.

It breaks my heart because I was so freaking close to making it up to a close point on a lot of my stories, but apparently my mom just LOVES to punish me. She says she's sorry, but I can see it in her eyes; She's not. She never is. I have just enough time to write and post this up because she just went to work.

Lately my brother and I have been nothing but disappointments to her. I don't mean to spill my whole life story to you guys; you don't wanna hear it. I won't be on here until 2013, or unless God decides I've learned my lesson, and makes my mother give me my stuff back.

If and when I ever get the chance to type or post a chapter on a story, I promise I will. I'll keep writing in journals, and stuff. At the chance, I will post. It won't be for a long while, yet, though, so don't get your hopes up. This is absolutely heartbreaking for me. I am so, so sorry. This is going on all of my fanfics, jsyk.

I'm going on a withdrawl on everything; Reading, Writing, Web-surfing, and worst of all, MUSIC. It's all gone. Just like that. I'm crying as I type this.

So, with that said, I say goodbye to you guys. See you next year.

-Alee V.