Neko shoujo: *Writing stories about ikuto and amu again"

Ikuto: … what you writing?

Neko shoujo: ikuto, this time the story is different from others! You are going to lose your memories!

Ikuto: huh?

Amu: let's just shut up and read it…

Ikuto: yeah fine, she owns nothing except for the story

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Ikuto: you! *points at Neko Shoujo* cut it out!

It was a normal afternoon on Sunday. As always, the kitty cat boy walked along the street, hanging around with his neko partner, Yoru. Yoru was sitting on his right shoulder, feeling the breeze being blown to his face while ikuto was looking away into some shop's displaying window that interest him.

Another elementary girl, whose hair was bubblegum pink, walked along the street with her three little friends, floating right beside her while chit-chatting with each other. She was helping her mother to do some shopping for tonight's dinner but she was pulled away by her charas and was lost. She was struggling to find a way back home but did not succeed. Instead, she arrived at this street now she was wandering at.

In a moment of flash, the bubblegum pink hair girl, bumped into the midnight blue hair boy. Amu stopped walking and stared up to the tall boy she had bumped into, she then frowned when her eyes met the boy's face. "ikuto! What are you doing here!" ikuto smirked "you should've apologize if you bump into someone" he placed his hands into his jean's pocket while staring into amu's honey eyes as she blush in bright pink.

"What's with the look!" she yelled slightly as she turn her face to a side, making him chuckle at the reaction she was making. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her along as he told her that he was bringing her to somewhere fun. He tried to cross the road and suddenly, amu struggled, trying to free her trapped wrist in his hand.

Just when they weren't paying attention to the place they were standing, a drunk driver who was driving a taxi, were rushing towards ikuto and amu. The driver couldn't stop in time and the head of the taxi was about to contact with ikuto and amu's body. Ikuto saw the taxi just in time when he pushed amu to the side of the road. Amu wasn't sure of what was happening, she yelled at ikuto's sudden action "what are you doing!". followed by a loud 'bang', she opened her honey eyes and saw pool of blood on the road and the midnight blue hair boy, lying on the road, being unconscious right beside the taxi.

She felt as if her heart skipped a beat and she suddenly scream "no… no… NO!" people around the scene was staring at amu and the boy who was lying in his own pool of blood. Amu's mind was blank; she did not know what to do. Pearls of tears ran down her strawberry cheeks, she stood rooted to the ground, too shocked to do anything.

Luckily, a kind young man took out his mobile phone and phoned for the ambulance. Crowds started to gather around amu and ikuto, surrounding the taxi as well. Amu then ran forward, she kneel beside ikuto and started mumbling sentences into his ears while placing his bloody body onto her lap.

After a minute, sirens of ambulance could be heard tearing down the street. The paramedics placed the victim onto the stretcher while amu went along into the ambulance while sitting right beside ikuto, grabbing his cold hand while crying into his blood stained shirt. She blamed herself for not paying attention to what they were doing earlier. The police officers then drove their car towards the scene. They arrested the taxi driver for against the law; drinking while driving.

The ambulance then arrived at the hospital as the paramedics sent him towards the emergency room while amu signed on the emergency surgery form as she waited impatiently for ikuto. She then phoned utau and informs her about it when amu broke into tears again while telling utau about ikuto's accident and told her where the location she was at now. She then heard utau screaming almost every word that she said to kukai while utau suddenly hang up.

She mumbled lowly "why…does this have to happen… why!" her pearled tears then continue rolling down her cheek. "amu-chan…" ran spoke, which made amu's heart jump. She had forgotten about them. She then faced her three treasures and sobbed. "We are always here with you when you are in trouble, be strong amu-chan!" miki comforted her as three of them hugged on her face soaked with tears. "amu-chan! Suu, and everyone is with you desu!" suu was the last to speak, truly, when amu was together with them, it made her heart at ease and felt better.

What she was hoping now was that ikuto could be alright and safe from the injuries he suffered for her. She prayed hard to the goddesses and gods with her whole heart, wanting ikuto to be safe and will be recovering soon.

"A…amu!" she then heard footsteps, deep and fast breathing closer to her. She looked up with her honey eyes and was surprised to see utau and kukai rushing over here in a fast speed. Utau's face was full of worry .kukai stand right beside utau, slightly bending and panting while looking up at amu.

"What happened to ikuto? Where is he now?" utau stared into amu's eyes full of worry and suddenly, amu flashed back the scene of the accident and broke into tears again. She couldn't speak, it felt as if the words were stuck at her throat, she wanted to say it but she couldn't. She could only stare up into utau's eyes blankly while her tears keep flowing down her cheek. "ikuto met an accident. He is in the emergency surgery room nya…" the neko spoke. The tears mark on his face was clear, his eyes was red and swollen from the crying he had just now.

The green clover chara floated beside yoru and tap on his shoulder lightly. Soon, followed by the pink heart and blue spade charas. Ran, miki and suu gave a bright and warm smile at yoru, he was close to tears, he had always made them angry and sad, yet they still treat him the same as normal friends will do. His heart was full of words but some how, it was stuck in his heart, unable to describe them.

Utau then spoke, it broke the atmosphere between the four little friends. "is that true? Yoru! Is what you say true?" she then turn her face towards amu and gave a deadly stare. She walk forward and gave her a stingy slap on amu's face, a loud slap could be heard echoing through the hallway. Amu's face was turned to a side by the slap utau gave. Utau's tears welled up in her eyes "I gave you the responsibility to take care of him… I gave everything of him to you! I knew that you could take care of him,I trusted you of everything! And you… how could you!" her pearl of tears slowly flowed down her cheek. Kukai then walk forward and comforted her, he then spoke lowly, afraid to hurt her further more "utau…". She turned around, burying her face into kukai's body, sobbing and crying loudly.

Amu then lean her back against the wall, she slide down the wall and sat down, staring blankly at kukai and utau, reminding her of ikuto and her, playing with each other when he was still with her.

The emergency light was off, doctors pushed open the door and walked towards the hallway. Amu stood up, ready to receive the answer from the doctor about ikuto. "who is the relative of tsukiyomi ikuto-san" the doctor hold up the clip board from his hands while utau look up at the doctor and answered, "I am…" . The doctor then asks her about ikuto's health and if he had suffered from anything from the past. He then ask them to wait at the waiting room while the nurses transfer him into a proper room. They sat down on the sofa in the waiting room, amu and utau wipe away the tears they had and settle themselves down.

"Tsukiyomi-san's relatives please proceed to room number 8983, Thank you" the announcement speaker called, as they took the lift and towards the direction given to ikuto's room. "I'm glad he was alright nya…" yoru then gave a sigh of relieve. "hnn…" amu nodded, she couldn't smile at times like this, she kept thinking that all of this is her fault, everything was made by her.

They then made their way to ikuto's room, utau opened the door's room, surprised to see ikuto awake. He had bandage on his forehead, he pressed his hand on his forehead while squeezing his eyes shut, looking painful. He opens his eyes upon hearing the door open "utau…" he spoke weakly after taking a glance at the shadow in front of him. "ikuto!" she suddenly ran forward and hug him tightly while she broke into tears. "Hey… let me go, whats wrong?" ikuto was unclear of the situation, he grab utau and pull her away slightly.

"so you're fine as always huh?" kukai lean against the door, staring at ikuto. "Yeah soccer boy, where am I? What is this place…" he asked while looking up at the boy with the brown and messy hair. Amu's tears tickles down her cheek, she ran forward and hug ikuto "I'm glad… I'm glad that you're alright… ikuto…" she mumbled into his ears but she was pulled away by ikuto, he gave a weird look at amu and pointed a finger at her and asks utau "who is she? Why does she know my name?"

Her mind was blanked by the words told by ikuto. "There's no time to joke! She was worried you know!" kukai said laughing at ikuto. "I'm not joking! Just tell me who is she already!" ikuto was impatient, he then slightly yelled. Utau was shocked by the sudden words from ikuto, he had never had this kind of jokes before "kukai, get the doctor!"



Kukai knew that something bad had happened, before it got worse, he has to be hurry and he left to find the doctor. Amu, standing beside ikuto was too shock to do anything, tears welled up in her eyes and she yelled at ikuto before she left the room "ikuto you idiot! The worse moron I had ever met!"

The door slammed hard, leaving the two siblings in the room. "What are you going to do…" utau asked. "What do you mean what should I do, I don't even know who she is, are you guys picking a joke on me?" ikuto asked curiously. "You… really don't know who she is? She is the one you had loved… your most treasure…" utau's eyes was then filled with water again. She is ready for the answer the doctor is going to give after then.

Footsteps could be heard coming nearer to the room, kukai ran in the room, breathing heavily while the doctor came into the room.

"Tsukiyomi ikuto-san?" the doctor asked.

"Yes" ikuto answered.

"Please come with me, we are taking a check up on you."

They then took ikuto and follow the doctor to the check up room. The doctor lead ikuto into the X-ray room and took a check up on ikuto while the others wait outside the room. After the check up, the relatives were asked to go in while the doctor will explain the things and problems the patient had. Utau sat down infront of the doctor, ready to receive the check up's final answer.

"So this is tsukiyomi ikuto-san's relative?"


"During the accident of ikuto-san, he had some brain damage, that might cause memory lost, this might be the reason he had forgotten one of your friend"

"No way… how can he recover from the memory lost?"

"This depends, most of the time, patients had 5% of recovery on the memory while the other 95% might not, but for him…" the doctor said as he shook his head.

"This can't be! Are there any more options?"

"Depends on him if he wanted to recover his memory that he lost, we doctors can't help with it, I'm sorry"

The doctor then took the report and left the room, ikuto overheard the conversations, he stood up and walk towards utau and pat on her shoulder, comforting her. "I'm going back to my room, be back earlier" ikuto said as he walked back to his room and settle down. "kukai… what should I do…" she hugged on kukai and cried on his shoulder, not knowing what to do, not even prepared for this day, so as amu.

Amu wandered around the street, her mind was repeating the words that ikuto had just said 'who is she? Why does she know my name?' "ikuto… you… biggest idiot ever… you don't even remember what fun days we had? You mean you had never seen me, and we never met before?" she continued wandering around the street with her mind blank, with her tears continue flowing within her broken heart, like the river that never ends flowing.

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Amu: I am NOT YOURS!

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Amu: I DON'T! *blushing really hard*

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Amu: I am not!

Ikuto: you are

Amu: I am not!

Argument continues

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