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"Ikuto? Ikuto? Are you day-dreaming again?" Utau waved her hands in front of ikuto while cutting off his visions in his wonderland, he had been dreaming for quite some time.

"Really… what were you exactly thinking of? Could it be amu again?" She asked curiously while tilting her head to a side.

"Nothing much… I don't think you will get it too…" he replied while leaning back on the chair in his own room. "Huh?" she didn't seem to get his meaning, a question mark popped up on her head while she tilted her head more to the side. That's right, they're back home, their home.

Flashing back to the hospital, Ikuto woke by the warm sunlight shining onto his face, making his eyes uncomfortable from the direct sunlight. He opened his eyes and it was locked on the pinkette sleeping soundly beside him. Her hair was blown to aside by the gentle wind blowing by the window, he made his way up to her face brushing off the hair covering her face using his hands. A weird feeling then started bubbling inside his heart, it felt warm and ticklish, he don't get this feeling, what does it mean?

A picture of amu sleeping in her room popped up in his mind and followed by the gentle smile she gave after she woke up. "What is… this…" He mumbled lowly, afraid to wake her by his voice.

The door creaked open…

"Utau?" ikuto's vision was blur, he squinted his eyes to get a better view, instead, it got worse.

"What's wrong?" utau looked over to his direction and asked as she feels that something is going wrong.

"N-nothing…" he closed his eyes and lay back down on bed as he feel more comfortable that way. A few minutes later, amu woke up, she accidentally touched ikuto's palm and blushed in tomato red. I… touched him? Ah! No time for that! She thought. She then quickly get up and took her bag, seems like rushing for a train.

"Where are you going?" utau asked.

"Home, my parents must be worried that I wasn't home for a day!" she then rushed off with a mess of hair.

Utau sighed as she said. "We're the next one to go, you're discharging today."

"Yeah…" he gave a soft reply. That feeling he got, is something precious to him… he lost it, but the hope is gathering… amu… I saw you… it wasn't a dream…



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To be continued…