Wish Upon a Star

Disclaimer: I disclaim all that is used in this fanfiction. The basic idea behind it isn't mine, either. Kudos to Kage Bijuu for coming up with such a great idea for a Naruto fanfiction. I hope both our fics can be successful. That being said, this will not be a carbon copy of his fic, and a lot of things will be different, but the basic idea was thought up by him, unless there is somebody else who thought it up as well that I'm unaware of.

Chapter One

A Birthday Wish

At Naruto's apartment, October tenth, twelve years AK (After Kyuubi)...

Naruto was sad, once again. It was his birthday, but nobody seemed to care, like every year. How could they? After all, this was also the day Kyuubi attacked so many years ago. Today was a sad day, so why should anybody have to celebrate his birthday? He couldn't ask people to forget what happened that terrible day, just to celebrate his birthday, right? "They could have done without the dirty looks, though...I lost just as much as them that day, after all," he thought to himself.

There were some people who tried their best to make him happy on his birthday, though. They were few, but it made him happy to know there were people who cared. "I really can't wait for Auntie Izumi and Hanabi-chan to come with the cake! They always make the best cake for me! And Uncle Hiashi might be a grump sometimes, but it would be awesome if he came too!"

Just as he was thinking that, there was a knock on the door, and a sweet voice called out, "Naruto-chan! It's me, Izumi! Are you home?"

Naruto grinned, and rushed to the door. He pushed a little chakra in a special locking seal near the doorknob, and called out, "I put my chakra in just now. You know the drill, Auntie Izumi!"

Izumi did what she was told, then frowned sadly for a moment while the seal on her side reacted with the one on Naruto's side, unlocking the many locks on the other side of the door. "It's so sad, that he has to take such measures to protect himself..." she thought to herself, somewhat upset at the fact. As soon as Naruto was taught to be able to put his chakra into seals, the Sandaime had a special seal made to keep intruders out of the boy's apartment. It created a powerful barrier that kept people out, and only a select few besides Naruto himself were capable of entering the residence without Naruto's permission, herself being one of them. Naturally, though, she would always ask permission before entering, as it was polite to do so.

As soon as the final lock unlatched, and the barrier fell, Naruto opened the door. "Hi Auntie! Heya, Hanabi-chan! Did you get taller while I wasn't looking again?" he greeted.

"Naruto-niichan!" the smaller of the visitors cried out, then pounced on the boy. "I missed you, Naruto-niichan! I've been training a lot, but there's nobody to play with at home when I'm taking a break! It's boring!" she complained.

Naruto laughed as he got the girl off his chest, where she had landed. "Are those Hyuuga Elders still trying to ban fun from the compound?" he joked.

Hanabi pouted. "It sure seems like it sometimes!" she huffed.

Izumi smiled at the two kids' antics. "Hanabi-chan, you're supposed to wait politely for your host to invite you in before you enter," she scolded lightly, then asked Naruto, "May I enter, Naruto-chan?"

Naruto nodded as he got up. "Sure thing! Uncle Hiashi couldn't come this time, then?" he queried.

Izumi sighed. "No, he was held up with the council. He sends his best wishes, though. You understand, don't you, Naruto-chan?" she explained, entering the boy's home as she did so.

Naruto looked down, somewhat saddened. "Yeah. The council waits for no one, I guess," he replied.

Izumi smiled sadly at the boy, then gestured to the plastic container with the homemade cake in it. "Well, let's eat this ice cream cake while it's still cool! We wouldn't want it to melt before we can enjoy it, right?" she suggested.

Naruto gasped audibly. "You made ice cream cake for me?! Thank you so much, Auntie Izumi!" he shouted happily.

The older woman simply smiled at the boy, happy he was having a good time.

And so, the three went over to the table to eat the cake...

An hour and one cake later...

"Whew! I'm stuffed! Everything you make is wonderful, Auntie Izumi!" Naruto exclaimed.

"I helped make it too, Naruto-niichan!" Hanabi said happily.

Naruto grinned. "Well, no wonder it tasted so good, then! Two of my precious people helped make it, rather than just one!" he laughed.

Izumi smiled at the boy's explanation, then asked, "How was the academy today, Naruto-chan?"

Naruto calmed down a bit, though he kept his smile. "Iruka-sensei went easier on us than usual today, and went over subjects that don't bore me. I think that was his way of showing he wished me a happy birthday. He called on me a few times more than usual, too! But..."

Izumi frowned. "But what, sweetie?" she asked.

Naruto sighed. This was what was eating at him earlier. "I asked Sakura-chan out on another date, and, well, she hit me, but this time she said something really mean..." he murmured.

Izumi's frown deepened. "What did she say, sweetheart?"

Naruto was almost close to tears now. "She...she said she wished I hadn't been born, or that the kyuubi had killed me with my parents..." he said, then broke into sobs.

Izumi went from her seat to the boy's side, Hanabi close behind her. The older woman pulled Naruto into a hug, allowing him to loose his tears upon her kimono, not caring about the potential stains it would bring. "There there..." she said softly, kissing the top of his head through his sun-colored hair. "Let it all out..."

Hanabi frowned while, on the inside, she planned on getting revenge on the pink-haired girl for hurting her niichan so badly. "Oniichan might not be able to get away with hitting back, but I sure as heck can! That kunoichi wannabe is going down next time I see her!" she plotted silently. And she could pull it off, too. Hanabi was very strong for her age, and skilled in Juuken.

Almost half an hour later, Naruto was mostly done crying, though Hanabi was definitely still plotting vengeance. Izumi picked the undernourished boy up in her arms, and cradled him like a baby. "Naruto-chan, I want you to stop asking Sakura out on dates, and to not interact with her, if you can help it. It's not emotionally healthy for you to let somebody treat you like this, and Hokage-sama has shown me your medical records enough for me to realize that those punches she lands on you are damaging your brain little by little, even with that weird healing ability of yours. I know you'll find somebody better eventually. You're a good boy, and I'm sure your mother and father up in heaven are proud of you, so don't feel so bad. I'm sure someday some lucky girl will realize how amazing you are, and will love you for it," Izumi said with confidence.

Naruto sniffled a little, then looked up to Izumi hopefully. "Really?"

Izumi nodded. "If Hanabi were a bit older and didn't already see you as a big brother, I'm certain she would be happy to be your girl, and even marry you. You are one of those boys that only comes around once in a lifetime, and I can only hope Hanabi-chan finds a boy half as good as you when she grows up, because if she doesn't, I may try to arrange a marriage between you two, to ensure that she will at least be well taken care of. Right, Hanabi-chan?" she explained.

Hanabi turned slightly red, then said, "Boys are icky, but Naruto-niichan isn't like other boys, so I might be okay with that..."

Izumi smiled. "You see, Naruto-chan? You've at least one pretty girl who thinks you'd be a nice husband, so that's got to count for something, right?" she said.

Naruto nodded, then wiped his remaining tears, and replied, "Thank you, Auntie Izumi, Hanabi-chan..."

Izumi nodded, then turned for the door. "Hanabi-chan and I have to leave now. You have enough food for the night, right? I don't want you to go out for ramen if it's getting late. You know what tends to happen when you do that...especially tonight," Izumi asked, then warned.

Naruto nodded. "I have enough instant ramen to last a while, so I should be okay," he answered back.

Izumi nodded, then walked over to the boy, lifted his goggles away from his forehead, and placed a small kiss where the headgear once was. "Get plenty of rest tonight. You may not have class tomorrow, but that doesn't mean you don't need the sleep. Turn the TV off after eight, remember to brush your teeth, and if anybody tries to break in, you activate your emergency seal, okay?" she reminded the boy.

Naruto nodded, laughing lightly at how Izumi fussed over him like a mother hen. "I know, I'll remember. I hope you and Hanabi-chan have a good time at the festival," he said softly, a true smile on his face.

Izumi smiled. "If you want us to, we will gladly stay here and keep you company," the Hyuuga Matriarch offered.

Naruto waved his hand, shooing her a little. "Don't bother. You two deserve to enjoy yourselves tonight," he chided.

Izumi nodded, then picked little Hanabi up in her arms. "Come along, Hanabi-chan. We have to get ourselves cleaned up before we go out!" she said.

Hanabi giggled, then leaned down and kissed Naruto's cheek before her mother moved away. "We'll see you later, Naruto-niichan! Happy Birthday!" she called out happily as the pair left the small home.

Naruto smiled, waving after them. He knew the kisses they gave him weren't out of romantic love, but getting kisses of familial love and filial affection made him happy too. After they had left, Naruto went to his bedroom and turned on the TV, hoping to find something good on...

An hour and a half later...

After watching the last of an old black-and-white movie called Beauty and the Beast, Naruto was feeling somewhat tired, and...something else. His heart hurt a little, and he couldn't seem to ignore the feeling completely. "Well, at least the Beast was able to find love...If he can, then why can't I seem to find somebody for me?" he asked himself sadly. He looked up at the night sky, and upon seeing a shooting star, he figured he'd try that wishing trick Izumi told him about a few years back. "Hey, shooting star up there? I know this is kind of a selfish thing to ask of you, but I wish there was a girl who loved me, that I could love in return. Maybe make her like Auntie Izumi, but more my age, like Hanabi-chan? That would make me really happy..." he said softly. The star seemed to twinkle extra brightly in response. "Thank you, wishing star..." he murmured, smiling before he went to his bathroom to brush his teeth, closing the door behind him.

A few minutes later, while Naruto was still in the bathroom, a deafening crash was heard, and the foundation of the apartment building shook! Naruto opened the door of his bathroom to find that almost the entire place was destroyed, and the floor and walls were gone, with a crater at the ground level beneath where his floor had been! The boy coughed as dust blew in his face, and he ventured out into the hole that had been made, to see what had caused this.

He finally climbed down to the bottom of the hole, to find a beautiful girl with indigo hair, apparently the same age as him, coughing lightly as she struggled to get up. The weirdest part about it, though, besides the fact that the girl seemed to have fallen from the sky, was that she was STARK NAKED!

The girl rose from the ground, finally, then looked at Naruto and smiled warmly, revealing pupil-less lavender eyes, obviously Byakugan eyes. "H-hello, Naruto-kun...A-ano...K-Kami-sama told me to say, y-your wish has been granted..." the girl said softly, stuttering slightly.

Naruto nodded dumbly, then looked away, embarrassed. "I guess I should have wished for some clothes for you, too..." he said nervously.

The girl looked down at herself upon hearing this, then turned bright red and let out a sound like a squeak before fainting. Noticing what happened, Naruto quickly caught her before she hit the ground, then gently laid her down. Spotting one of his jackets nearby, which seemed to have survived the blast, he quickly grabbed it and put it on her, zipping it as soon as it was in place. He smiled softly at the girl in his arms, and picked her up gently, hoping to get her somewhere where she could rest comfortably. Unfortunately, the mob of people that had come to investigate the crash had other ideas.

"Hey, demon brat! What the hell did you do to make that star fall out of the sky?" somebody asked angrily. Naruto turned his head, carefully hiding the girl on the opposite side of his body, hoping the darkness of the night would help keep what he couldn't fit behind him invisible to the mob's eyes.

"Wait a minute! The little monster summoned a meteor from the sky! We should kill him before he brings more of them down, and destroys our village!" somebody else shouted.

Naruto knew enough to know what would happen next, so, with the girl still in his arms, he bolted, with the mob on his tail.

"After him!"

And the chase was on...

Half an hour later, near one of the training grounds...

Naruto panted slightly, a little winded. The girl wasn't heavy, but carrying her made maneuvering through the village a little more difficult than usual. "First thing's first. I've gotta hide this girl somewhere safe before they get here," he said to himself. Noticing the Heroes' Memorial Stone off a ways near the edge of the training field, Naruto carried his new friend over there. Putting her down, he noticed she was starting to stir.

"Unnnhhh...Naruto-kun? What's wrong?" she murmured, noticing the boy's nervous face.

Naruto quickly put his finger to his lips. "Shhh. Be quiet and stay here. You'll be safe," he said softly.

"...Safe...?" she asked softly, feeling confused as the boy put her down. She watched as the boy moved away from her and ran out into the open.

"There he is!" somebody shouted, startling the girl. She couldn't see Naruto from where she was, so she activated her Byakugan and watched as a huge crowd emerged from the forest on the other side of the clearing, and surrounded Naruto.

Naruto stared back at the crowd, knowing to keep silent, if not for his sake, then for that girl's.

"You little brat! You gave us quite a chase, but it's over now!" one of them said, brandishing a glass bottle.

"We're going to kill you, and finish what the Yondaime started!" another shouted, holding a pitchfork that he had found somewhere.

Naruto simply stood there, staring back at them, Slowly, the true monsters moved in, getting ready to end the blond prankster once and for all...

With Izumi...

The Hyuuga Matriarch had activated her Byakugan and found Naruto as soon as she had gotten Hanabi home. "Oh, Kami-sama, no! They've already surrounded him!" she shouted, a group of ANBU following her as they headed to do their job and, on the Sandaime's orders, protect Naruto and arrest the mob. "I hope we're not too late..." the Hyuuga Matriarch said softly, clutching her right hand on her kimono over her heart and deactivating her Byakugan to save energy as they leapt quickly across the rooftops towards the scene of the crime...

With the mysterious girl...

She watched, for a moment, her eyes wide with horror, as the crowd surrounding Naruto closed in, and began to beat, stab, and bludgeon him. For a moment she watched, but no more after that. She couldn't stand and watch the boy she loved get hurt like this. Standing up, and not caring about the fact that she wore nothing but Naruto's jacket, she rushed into the crowd, pushing through the group until she got to the center, pushing the people closest to Naruto away. "I won't let you hurt Naruto-kun anymore!" she shouted, startling most of the crowd into silence as they moved back to get a better look at this girl.

"No! What are you doing?! There are too many of them for you to take alone!" Naruto shouted, worried for his new companion.

The pale-skinned girl breathed in a bit, smiling lightly. "I'm just being selfish," she said softly. "I don't know how, but I KNOW you, Naruto-kun. I...I've only just been born, but I've watched you for years...I've always wanted to be with you, to walk side by side with you. Your smile, and your wish, gave me life, and meaning! That's why I'm not afraid to fight for you, or die for you..." she continued, then softened her voice so only he could hear, and said, "That's why...I love you, Naruto-kun..."

The crowd, growing angry and impatient, began advancing again. Just as they were about to reach the two children, though, the girl grabbed onto Naruto, wrapping her arms around him and embracing him tightly. She then began spinning, and emitted a huge amount of chakra.


The dome grew and grew, knocking every single member of the mob back, and sending them flying. The dome grew until it was easily seen from beyond the forest the training ground resided in. Despite its great size, though, it did not harm the three training posts or the Heroes' Memorial Stone, stopping before its great energy touched them.

This is the scene Izumi and the squad of ANBU came upon when they got to the training ground. The massive sphere of chakra dispersed, and Naruto and the girl landed in the crater it caused, the former of the two fully healed somehow. The girl, weakened from using so much chakra, fell a bit, held up only by Naruto's arms.

"Hey, are you okay?" the blond jinchuuriki asked, panicking slightly.

The mysterious beauty in the boy's arms nodded. "I'm just really tired after using so much chakra...Before I fall asleep, though...Could you name me, please?" she asked tiredly.

Naruto smiled softly, a lone tear of happiness falling from his eyes. "Hinata...I'll call you Hinata...for the sunny place you brought me to," he said softly.

Hinata smiled. "I like my name, Naruto-kun...Thank you...I love you, Naruto-kun..." she said softly.

Naruto nodded. "I think I love you too, Hinata-chan," he said warmly, laying the girl down on the ground as he passed out next to her...

End Chapter One