Wish Upon a Star

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Chapter Four

Academy Shenanigans

The next day

Hinata awoke with a smile on her face. "I slept well," she mumbled to herself, only to blush horribly and backpedal off the bed when she saw a sleeping Naruto right in front of her. Looking up from the floor, she saw Hanabi giggling as she stood there.

"You're really shy, aren't you, Neechan?" the small brunette giggled.

Hinata nodded. "Y-yes...Do you need something, Hanabi-chan?" she asked, getting up and brushing herself off.

The smaller girl shook her head. "Nope. I just came to make sure you two got up in time to get ready for the Academy," she explained, then shouted, "Naruto-niichan! Teuchi-jiisan and Ayame-neechan are going on vacation for a few months, and you can only get more ramen from them for another hour before they leave!"

The blond sprung out of bed, shouting, "Ramen-chan! Wait for me!" He then realized where he was, and that Hanabi had probably just said that to wake him up. "That's not funny, Hanabi-chan! Don't joke about stuff like that-ttebayo!" he scolded.

Hanabi and Hinata both found themselves giggling. "You should have seen the look on your face, Niichan!" Hanabi laughed.

"I have to a-admit, it was quite comical seeing you g-get all worked up," Hinata stammered.

Naruto sighed. "So, Hinata-chan and I have the Academy to go to today. That's what you woke us up for, right, Hanabi-chan?" he asked.

Hanabi nodded. "Yup! Also, Father got you some decent clothes, since we can't have Konoha shinobi going around wearing bright orange, and your wardrobe has been destroyed for the most part anyway, so don't be too surprised when you find a nice-looking outfit to change into after you get out of the bath. Father says not to worry about paying him back, since he's sure you'd have nice clothes already if the shopkeepers would have treated you respectfully from the start. Now, we all need to get ready for the day, so why don't we get going?"

Naruto and Hinata nodded, and the three of them left the room.

Later, at the Academy

Naruto grinned at Hinata, who seemed somewhat hesitant to enter the classroom. "Don't worry, you'll be fine, Hinata-chan. You're already a gennin, so you don't have to worry about answering questions or tests or anything!" he excitedly encouraged her.

Hinata shook her head. "It's not that...I'm just worried that people won't like me..." she mumbled.

Naruto smirked. "That's what you're worried about? They'll love you, Hinata-chan! And if people do give you trouble, I'll beat them to a pulp-ttebayo!" he exclaimed, punching his palm.

Hinata giggled, suddenly feeling better. "Thank you, Naruto-kun. I know I can count on you, at least," the blunette replied happily. With that, the two of them entered the classroom.

Naruto went to take a seat, while Iruka gestured for Hinata to come over to him. She handed him a note from the Sandaime, and after reading it, Iruka addressed the class.

"Class, this is Hinata Hyuuga. She's been ill for a long time, and unable to join the Academy because of it, but she's recently recovered, and is going to be with us for the rest of the year, so please treat her well," Iruka explained.

Hinata bowed slightly. "A-ano, I look forward to learning here," she said to the class.

Naruto smiled. "Good job, Hinata-chan! I only hope I can remember your cover story well enough that I don't slip up at any point," he thought to himself.

Before reaching the Academy, Hiruzen had sent an ANBU to give them information on Hinata's cover story, along with a note for Iruka. It would be bad for Hinata if the wrong people found out about where she came from.

Hinata walked up the row to sit next to Naruto, who sent a smile her way. Ino, who was seated behind Hinata, decided to speak her mind. "So, Hinata, was it? I'm Ino Yamanaka. How come I've never heard of you? I'm pretty sure I would have seen you around town at some point, but that's not the case," the Yamanaka heiress asked.

Naruto frowned. "It's because the elders of her clan are jerks. She's from the Head Family, but since she was born so weak, the elders didn't want people to know she existed, since they thought it would make the clan look bad. The only reason I didn't tell anybody about her is because Hinata-chan didn't want me to get in trouble with them. She's really sweet, and she recovered really well, so she's pretty strong right now, too," he explained, grinning near the end.

Hinata smiled softly. "The only reason I wasn't s-sealed is b-because I'm the eldest child of the clan head," she explained.

Ino nodded. "Yeah, I never really agreed with the whole idea of that seal your family uses," the blonde admitted.

Hinata nodded as well. "I hate it. It's a disgusting tradition that I wish would just go away," she replied, meaning every word she said this time.

Naruto frowned. "Yeah. I made a promise to Hinata-chan, Hanabi-chan, and Neji that I'd do everything I could to get rid of the damned thing when I become Hokage," the former jinchuuriki said, his voice full of conviction.

Shikamaru, who was sitting nearby, sighed. "Come on, Naruto. Even if you do become Hokage, those old windbags won't just let you push them around. Then again, if I heard correctly, your name is going to hold quite a bit of sway by the end of the week, so you might at least get that hat you've always wanted," the shadow-user said.

Ino frowned. "What do you mean? Do I hear some juicy gossip? Come on, Shikamaru, cough up whatever info you're hiding!" the girl said, grabbing Shikamaru by the lapels of his jacket and shaking him violently.

"Ahem!" Iruka coughed from the front of the class, gaining the four kids' attention. "Save the chatter for lunch break, please. We're having class right now."

The four gave their various apologies, and class resumed.

Later, at lunch

Naruto and Hinata sat together, enjoying their lunch, which Izumi had been happy to make. As soon as the lunch break had started, Ino dragged Shikamaru away somewhere to grill about what he'd let slip in class, and Chouji, being their friend, decided to follow in case things got messy between the two. Ino and Chouji didn't know it, but their minds were about to be blown.

"Mmm! This is good! Auntie Izumi always makes the best food!" Naruto exclaimed.

Hinata giggled. "Y-yes, her food is very tasty. I can cook some of her meals too, though. Maybe next time I should cook your breakfast!" the blunette suggested, then grasped Naruto's hand, and telepathically told him, "I forgot to tell you a couple of things. When we're touching like this, we can speak to each other telepathically. Also, I wasn't kidding about being able to cook some of Izumi-sama's dishes. Anything she can do right now that my body is capable of mimicking, I can do as well. It's one of the reasons I was able to use the Rotation technique the night I was born."

Naruto smiled, then looked down at his and Hinata's hands and grinned. "Ne, Hinata-chan! You're suddenly very bold! Holding my hand like that out of the blue!" he replied. Hinata blushed heavily and took her hand back, putting it to her chest as she tried to keep from fainting. "Hehe! Now that I have an idea of what makes you turn red like that, it's kind of fun to make you blush-ttebayo!" the blond exclaimed.

"Hey, dobe!" a voice exclaimed. Naruto and Hinata looked up to see Sasuke Uchiha and his fanclub had approached them while they weren't paying attention. "What's a loser like you doing with a Hyuuga from the main branch? A clan-less orphan like you has no right hanging out with a noble like her," he said, then turned to Hinata and added, "Why don't you hang out with somebody more successful in life, like me?"

Inside of Naruto's mindscape, Kushina growled. "Who does that little brat think he's calling a loser-ttebane?" she shouted, then raised her fist and yelled, "Mikoto-chan would be ashamed of you, Sasuke-chan!"

Minato smiled sheepishly. "Um, you realize he can't hear you, right, dear?" he asked nervously.

Kushina turned to Minato, a vicious glint in her eyes. "After school, you and I are tutoring Naruto-chan so he can take that Uchiha butthead down-ttebane!" she exclaimed, leaving no room for argument.

Meanwhile, outside of Naruto's brain/soul/whatever, Naruto had stood up, and pointed at Sasuke angrily. "Hinata-chan can hang out with whoever she feels like, Teme! Also, she just so happens to be my girlfriend!"

Sakura, who had been standing at the front of the crowd, laughed. "As if! Nobody would date a moron like you, Naruto!" she crowed.

Hinata, who had been sitting silently this whole time, suddenly stood up. "Hinata?" Naruto said quietly, dropping the honorary suffix out of nervousness.

Sasuke smirked. "Hn. Seems like she found somebody better to spend time w-" whatever he was going to say was interrupted when Hinata roughly pushed past him and walked straight towards Sakura.

Sakura gasped. "What the heck?! Why did you push Sasuke-kun like that?!" she shouted, then raised a fist with the intent of clobbering the smaller girl.

Hinata caught the rosette's fist in the palm of her hand. "You don't know what you're talking about, Sakura Haruno. Naruto-kun is a wonderful boy, but you...You beat him up all the time, just because he shows you affection. I really don't like that," she replied darkly. Hinata then gave Sakura a quick punch to the gut, and the pink-haired girl fell to the ground in a heap.

Sasuke, who was ticked off when Hinata pushed past him like he was nothing, came at the blunette from behind. Hinata, sensing his approach, flipped him over her shoulder on instinct and slammed a palm into his stomach. Then Hinata realized the scene she made. She began turning redder and redder by the second in embarrassment, then shouted, "I can't believe I did that! I'm so sorry!"

"What's going on out here?" Iruka called out, having come over shortly after the crowd of Sasuke fan-girls had gotten too close to where Naruto was sitting, worried about his sort-of-younger-brother.

Several of the girls immediately pointed at Hinata, and told Iruka how Hinata had knocked out both Sakura and Sasuke. Iruka sighed. "Why would you do that, Hinata?" he asked.

Hinata frowned, feeling ashamed. "I'm sorry, Iruka-sensei. I shouldn't have reacted so violently," she said softly.

Naruto, seeing what was going on, decided to stand up for Hinata. "Hinata-chan only got so angry because they were saying mean things about me-ttebayo! I don't know if her hitting Sakura and Sasuke was right, but you know, Sakura hits me all the time for a lot less, and I haven't seen her get in trouble for that! As for Sasuke, well, I think that was Hinata-chan acting on reflex. He was right behind her, about to do something to her, and she flipped him over her back and knocked the wind out of him-ttebayo! It might have been a little violent, but I don't want to think of what the teme would have done if she hadn't noticed him behind her-ttebayo," the blond explained, wanting to keep Hinata out of trouble.

Iruka frowned. "What were they saying that got you so upset, Hinata?" the scar-nosed Chuunin asked.

Hinata frowned. "A-ano, it's more that what she said w-was a single straw on top of a large bale of hay...I've heard how Sakura-san has treated Naruto-kun for the longest time from my mother, and occasionally from Naruto-kun himself, and I g-guess I've been a-angry at her for a very l-long time. As for what she was saying this time, w-well, she was saying how nobody would date Naruto-kun, referring to him as a m-moron in the process, and Sasuke-san had said before that that Naruto-kun was a...ano...c-clanless o-orphan...and that h-he had no b-business associating with me," she explained, not enjoying the amount of attention being paid to her.

"Well, he is!" one of Sasuke's fan-girls quipped.

Iruka's frown deepened. "Tell me, class, what is it that Konoha values among its shinobi the most?" Iruka asked.

Nobody seemed to know where Iruka was going with this, but a guess from Hinata and Naruto in unison seemed to get Iruka to brighten up.

"Teamwork?" the two said together, then blushed and looked away from each other with small smiles on their faces.

Iruka grinned. "Well, it looks like these two, who don't exactly have the best scores at the moment, have beaten the rest of you out! Yes, teamwork is an important part of how our shinobi work. Now, as unlikely as you all probably think it is, Naruto here will likely be one of your fellow shinobi. If you all treat him with such cruelty, what do you think that will do to your teamwork? I'll answer this myself; your teamwork with him will suffer, and it will be of no fault of his own. Naruto is actually quite friendly, in case none of you noticed, so a lot of your verbal and physical assaults on him are unprovoked. Yes, he pranks a lot of us, but let's face it, those pranks are harmless, and teach us to pay attention to our surroundings," he explained.

One of the kids frowned. "My mom says he shouldn't be a shinobi in the first place. She says his parents left him because of what a freak he is, and that he's a menace to society," the girl said.

Suddenly, Naruto's body jerked. He seemed to be having trouble with something for a second, and then his hands formed a single hand-seal. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" he shouted, and then suddenly, Kushina appeared next to him, and Naruto's struggling seemed to be over.

Kushina flexed her arms for a second. "What do you know, it worked-ttebane!" she exclaimed, then turned her gaze on the girl who had been speaking a few seconds earlier. "Let's get this straight, little missy. I did NOT leave my baby boy alone all these years willingly-ttebane! I wanted to raise him, play with him, feed him...I even wanted to change his diapers! But I was killed by Kyuubi, along with Minato-kun, and now I'm back! The two of us wanted one thing, one little thing when we died, and that was for our son to be treated well. And your mom, and so many others, SPAT ON THAT WISH! If Naruto-chan wasn't born, you wouldn't be alive today, you little jerk!" she shouted, then got down to the kid's level, applied a little killing intent, and said, "Now tell me where you live, so I can have a chat with your mother."

The little girl nearly wet herself, and mumbled her home address. Kushina was off in a blur of red.

Iruka stood there, gaping like a fish, when a hand landed on his shoulder. "Don't worry, Chuunin Umino. My wife likes you. After all, even though you didn't like him at first, you've become one of my son's few friends, and for that, you have my thanks and respect," a voice said from next to him.

Iruka turned to face the speaker, and his jaw went from gaping to dropping to the ground. Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, stood before him. Iruka then looked at Naruto, who seemed in awe, then back to Minato, then repeated the process a few times. When he was done, he face-palmed. "Why didn't I see it before? It's RIGHT THERE! I look at Yondaime-sama's face every morning when I leave my house and see the monument on the way to work!" he exclaimed.

Minato grinned. "I suggest you get these kids back in class, and give them a lesson on the Uzumaki Clan, which Naruto is a part of. I'm sure they'll find it...enlightening," he said, then looked off in the distance where Kushina was still leaping from rooftop to rooftop and added, "My wife and I will be busy for a bit." With that, he vanished in a yellow flash.

Hinata frowned, and looked at the assembled children and the few teachers that were around. "If any of your parents are attacked by those two, I can only say that they brought it upon themselves," she said, then added, "Let that be a lesson to any of you that think it's all right to make fun of orphans. I can assure you that even if their parents don't somehow come back and deal with you, Kami-sama will when you pass on to the afterlife."

Hinata wasn't kidding. She'd seen Her do it.

Iruka sighed. "Well, that was crazy, but Minato-sama has authority over me, and since that man used Hiraishin, he was most definitely the real deal, so let's get inside and get class started again," the scar-nosed Chuunin said.

And with that, the kids were herded inside, all while Kushina and Minato were out making people believe in ghosts.

A few minutes later, in the classroom

Iruka frowned. "Now, this lesson is from before my time. The other teachers and I were taught about it back in the day, but in the past decade, it's been taken out of the curriculum by the civilian council for some absurd reason, and we teachers were forbidden from teaching it. They told us that we weren't allowed to teach it because it was a shameful part of our history, but thinking back, I get the feeling they just didn't want Naruto here to know how special he is," he said, feeling ashamed that he helped keep the existence of one of the greatest clans in Konoha's history a secret.

Sasuke, who was finally awake, asked, "What's so special about the dobe, then?"

"Yeah!" Sakura asked, "What could be special enough about Naruto's family that it was in history books? He's just some no-good orphan!"

Ino looked at Sakura with a horrified look on her face. "Have I really treated Naruto that bad all this time?!" she wondered out loud.

Sakura looked at Ino like she was crazy. "Why do you care? It's just Naruto!" she asked.

Shikamaru groaned. "Sakura, shut up. You weren't awake to see Naruto's parents appear as shadow clones, so you don't know how stupid you and Sasuke sounded just now, but don't worry, you'll get your minds screwed with like the rest of us when Iruka-sensei is done with his lesson," he said, then sat back in his seat and told Iruka, "So get with the lecturing. I want it done with quickly so I can get back to my nap."

Iruka looked baffled. "You're staying awake for this lesson? Willingly?" he asked incredulously.

Shikamaru sighed. "Naruto's mom sounds like a troublesome woman. She'd probably get on my case if I didn't listen to the story of her clan, and this happens to be one lesson I've not read in a book before, so I can't use the excuse that I've already gone over the material if my mom asks about it. Women really are troublesome sometimes," he explained, sounding very bored, then yawned and added, "Try to make it interesting and/or quick, Sensei."

Iruka shook his head, sighed, and got to it. "Now, the Uzumaki clan was not one of the founding clans belonging to Konoha, but that's only because they had their own nation and shinobi village back then, Uzu no Kuni and Uzushiogakure no Sato. They put together the framework for the government our village is run by, and even gave us many of the seals used to protect our village, being masters of a lesser known but highly valued form of jutsu, called Fuinjutsu, or Sealing Jutsu. Even today, our village's walls are reinforced by their techniques, and we even use their techniques to detect intruders entering the village.

"The Uzumaki clan have always been allies of the Senju clan, long before the founding of Konoha. The clans themselves were distantly related to one another, and helped each other through hard times. And that continued after Konoha was founded. Mito Senju, the Shodai's wife, was originally Mito Uzumaki, one of the great-granddaughters of the clan head at the time. She lived to the ripe-old age of one hundred thirty-two, until she died of old age. You might think that she lived a long time, but the fact of the matter is that there were many of their clan that lived to be over two hundred, so she actually died kinda young for an Uzumaki. While members of their clan weren't immortal or anything, it was really hard to take them down, something our enemies learned many times the hard way. They had a passive bloodline that gave them huge longevity, along with the ability to heal from things that would kill most of us. Heck, it even gave them the stamina to run for days without stopping! But the thing most visible about an Uzumaki clan member was their fiery red hair. Obviously, Naruto got his father's hair, but almost all of the clan members had hair as fiery as their tempers," he explained.

A lot of Naruto's classmates were looking at Naruto like they never had before. Shino, despite how introverted he was, raised his hand. "Please, Iruka-sensei, tell us of some of the accomplishments of the Uzumaki clan during their time," he said, startling some people who forgot he was in the room.

Iruka sighed. "There were so many things they did, from what I remember. But I only remember two lessons that were taught to my class well enough to relay them to you. I'm sure we'll be learning about more of them once Naruto's mom gets the council to change the curriculum, but I'll tell you of the tales I know about.

"During the second great shinobi world war, most of our forces were out in the field, fighting the good fight. Many of the great hidden villages were vulnerable during this time, but it was an unspoken rule that the main forces of each army leave the villages themselves be until the war was over, so we weren't too worried. Unfortunately, Iwa decided to break this rule, and sent a large force to Konoha. Uzu got word of this, and sent a huge number of their shinobi to our village. Now, I've been to the ruins of their village, so I know how far they had to go to get here. It takes five days to get there at normal shinobi speed, taking into account the time spent resting during the night. Iwa was already at our doorstep throwing Doton techniques at our walls when Uzu reportedly started heading out. Only a day later, Iwa's forces were caught between our forces, who were relatively fresh, and a large group of angry redheads, who were just as fresh despite having run straight here all of the day before. The Iwa group was routed, and then one of the Uzumaki managed to make one of the Iwa survivors tell them that there was a group headed to their village as well, and they all ran back for another day and defeated the Iwa forces at their village gates the next day.

"And the other lesson I remember is how the Uzumaki clan was defeated. Now, there's something you should know about shinobi life in general. When you're feared enough, people will want you gone. Fear of the Uzumaki is what drove Iwa, Kumo, and Kiri, along with several smaller nations, to amass an army of ten thousand some shinobi, and wipe Uzushio from the face of the earth. Even now, shinobi I've come across from enemy nations who survived that assault refer to the Uzumaki they saw that day as 'laughing, redheaded demons'. As I said, there were over ten thousand shinobi in the enemy's forces. The Uzumaki had somewhere around five hundred able-bodied shinobi. Everybody else was evacuating, heading to Konoha. As I said before, it's a five day trip for normal shinobi to get from Uzu to Konoha. The Uzushio refugees were almost all civilians, so they took ten days. Uzushio was unable to send for help from us due to their enemy shooting down any messenger birds that left the place, so we only knew they were fighting when the first of the refugees got here. I don't remember all the details, but before the fighting over there was over, the generals of the enemy's forces were bargaining with the remaining Uzumaki to join them. The Iwa-Kumo-Kiri group went from ten thousand-some shinobi to five hundred-some, and the remaining twenty-seven Uzumaki clan members reduced that number to two hundred-some with an attack that took their remaining lifespans and turned them into fuel for a bomb.

"The last Konoha saw of the Uzumaki clan was an enormous explosion off in the distance the day the refugees arrived, and the only reason we know how it went down is because before going out with a bang, the head of the Uzumaki clan used a special fuinjutsu to seal his memories of the past two weeks in a scroll that was given to Naruto's mother, Kushina Uzumaki, by the refugees. We had to wait a full day after the scroll was received for all the memories to transfer to the scroll before she could open it, and the clan head at the time, Arashi Uzumaki, named Kushina the new head of the Uzumaki clan. Ever since we learned what happened there, the white swirl on the backs of our flak jackets, which has always been the symbol of the Uzumaki clan, was replaced with a red swirl, to represent the blood of our allies, and our shame for being unable to save them," Iruka finished, then turned to Naruto, bowed, and said, "I'm very sorry you had to learn about your family like that, Naruto. I'm sure, though, that they'd be very proud to call you one of their own. Even without the red hair, you are most definitely an Uzumaki!"

Naruto couldn't believe it. He was sad to hear that they were dead, even in tears over it, but he was so proud to know his family was such an awesome bunch.

Hinata nudged Naruto, worried. "A-are you all right, Naruto-kun?" she asked quietly.

Naruto shook his head. "No...but I will be," he said, smiling softly at the end of his statement.

In a flash of yellow light, Minato appeared with Kushina in his arms. Putting his wife down, the shadow clone of the Yellow Flash shook Iruka's hand. "I'm very happy to have a man like you teaching the future generation. I hope you don't mind, but Kushina-chan and I need to borrow Naruto and Hinata for some official business. I assure you they'll be back tomorrow, and if they have any homework that needs to be done, they'll do it," he said, then turned to Naruto and reiterated, "Isn't that right, Naruto?"

Naruto sighed. "The two of you live in my head now. Do you really think I can get away with not doing my homework anymore?" he joked.

Kushina interrupted anything else her fellow former jinchuuriki had to say by grabbing his and Hinata's hands. "Come on! I wanna brag about my son in front of the council-ttebane!" she exclaimed, dragging the two of them out of the room.

Minato gave the class a grin and left after his wife.

Sasuke picked his jaw up off the floor. "The dobe's the Yondaime's son?" he asked incredulously.

Iruka nodded. "Yes. But that doesn't mean class is letting out. Now everybody, let's review the Transformation Jutsu," he said.

And so, class continued, unfortunately for Iruka's students...

End Chapter Four