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Everything has a story, everything has a meaning and everything has an ending.

Jace Wayland knew that all too well, but when it came to Mina Vinewood. It was as if when he was around her, he would think what if everything doesn't have a story?

That was impossible, he was well aware

But the thing with Mina Vinewood, it was as if she started right then and there at the institute six months ago after he found her, clothes ripped, blood everywhere, in the alley behind a club.

Demon attack

She never spoke about what had happen to her that night; it wasn't hard to figure out what happen to her though. Other than that it was as if before he found her, she was a nameless person with no records of anything. He knew that wasn't possible, but no one knew her background expect Izzy and he was her boyfriend for God's sake. He remembered not liking her when she settled in, living in the institute, because of her mysterious behavior but he grew fond of her, after training and spending time with her.

They grew fond of each other, Mina didn't seem to have a problem with becoming a couple, and neither had he, but she was distant. She didn't like being around him when he was angry.

Jace liked her, not just because she was beautiful, but because she would rather see other people happy than herself.

That was a genuine.

Jace was like in a certain way, but he would never admit it. He didn't want to admit he was a nice person.

Mina had secrets that no one knew about.

Mina wasn't the person they thought they knew.

She wasn't a lot of things they thought about her.

Jace didn't know that and quite frankly Mina preferred it that way. Jace wasn't the type to say I love you and Mina hadn't heard that word those three words since her family had died, leaving her and her only living brother alive.

The only thing Jace knew about her past was that she was born in London and lived there till less than a year ago. She had the accent and the looks of a british person.

One of the many reasons he was attracted to her.

Jace often notice that she didn't eat when they had dinner, but then again when Isabelle cooked he didn't want to eat it either. She would wear a bleeding heart pendant when she would go outside, she would stay away vervain herbs also.

She looked so pale when standing next to Jace.

Her skin remained him of porcelain, expect of her slight freckles.

There were no words to describe how they felt for each other, but neither would admit how deeply they felt.

Sadly, that is.

Mina and Jace spent about three months in secrecy of their relationship, but then finally Isabelle got to the bottom of their secret when she had seen Jace sneaking out of Mina's bedroom late at night and once she thought she saw Jace's hand on Mina's behind, but then Jace had noticed her staring and removed his hand before Isabelle could confirm what she saw.

Maryse hadn't liked the fact Jace and Mina were already sleeping together, but she decided it was best for to leave that issue to them, considering they were both eighteen years of age now.

Mina nearly fainted when Maryse came into her room to speak to her about protection and not letting Jace use her for his own needs.

She blamed Isabelle

As did Jace

Mina's eyes opened to the sound of Isabelle screaming at Jace, not much to her surprise though. Her startling eyes flashed around the room to see her clothing she wore the night before scattered around the room. She propped herself up on her elbows and laughed softly at herself as she noticed a bite mark on her shoulder.

Bloody Jace

She got out of her bed, walking over to the dresser, pulling on lace underwear and a lace bra. She pulled on an oversized light grey sweater with ripped leggings, she yawned as she shoved her feet into black combat boots.

She made her way out her room and to the kitchen, she saw Jace cooking. She smirked and walked over to him with his back still turned to her, she smacked his behind.

"What's cooking, sexy?" she asked sitting up on the counter.

"Bacon and eggs; do you want some?" he asked

She shook her head "No, but thank you."

"Since when are you polite to me?" Jace questioned

"She's been polite since she woke up six months ago, Jace." Alec said as he walked into the kitchen. "Something you won't know."

Mina stifled a laugh and Jace shot her a glare, rolling his eyes.

"So I suppose your mother didn't name you after the word love." Jace said rolling his eyes.

Mina stopped laughing and frowned slightly "No, she named after the character, Mina Harker, who was occasionally drained by Dracula in the book."

The two young men stared at Mina with curiosity as she looked at them innocently, obviously not seeing the harm in what she had just said.


"Was your mom a vampire or something?" Jace asked sarcastically

She glared at him "Shut up!"

"What's wrong, Mina?"

She glared at them both "Don't talk about my mother in an ill manner."

Jace raised an eyebrow at the way she spoke "Ill manner?"

"It means in a bad way, Jace."

"I know what that means, Mina, but I didn't know they still spoke that in London."

"Why does that comes as a surprise to you?" she asked curiously, knowing her boyfriend would simply either brush her off in a harsh manner or would answer her in his usual cynical, sarcastic, jackass manner.

"It doesn't, I suppose it would be different like it is here." He stated as Alec rolled his eyes toward him and removed the bacon and eggs off the stove and onto plates.

"You know Jace, if you are going to cook, do you mind not starting a fire?" Alec said leaning against the cabinets.

"Kiss my ass, Alec." Jace growled

"What's up your ass, Wayland?" Mina questioned

"As you know, I'm usually remarkably good natured. Try me day of the week that doesn't end with a Y."

Mina smacked his arm "Really, Jace?"

"Speaking the truth,"

"Alec, you know what I think we should just stop talking to him." Mina said tapping her chin, giving a false thoughtful look.

"I think we should."

"Should what?" Isabelle asked walking into the kitchen

"Stop talking to Jace, because he's being an arse." Mina answered and he got her glare and she reflected it.

"Since when is he not?"

"See Jace, you piss everyone off!" Mina teased him

"Nice to know you love me."

"I do love you!" she smiled wrapping her arms around his neck and giving him a soft kiss on the lips.

"Ed is coming over today by the way." Mina said sitting back on the counter.

They all groaned, Mina's icy eyes shot daggers at them.

"He's my brother!"

"Yeah? Well he's a douche bag,"

Jace hadn't liked him when he found out that he and Mina were fighting physically. Ed was a bigger person than Mina; he had black hair, brown eyes and porcelain skin. Whereas Mina had dark brown curls that lingered to her mid back, stunning blue eyes. But they shared the same skin color, but Ed did not have slight freckles as Mina did.

Jace didn't notice them until he was inches away from her face, so he always called them 'fainted freckles'.

Both Ed and Jace did not like each other, but Jace always notice that Mina and Ed were close as if they were holding onto each other for life, but Ed was rude and cruel to Mina.

Jace hated him.

"He's not a demon, I don't get why you guys hate him so damn much! It's really stupid." She defended her older brother

"We don't hate him, because he would be a demon, we hate him, because –what did you call me? Oh that's right a wanker." Jace hissed

Mina rolled her eyes "You three are childish, truly." She hopped off the counter and smiled.

"If you three are done scolding at me for something unnecessary, I would prefer if you do not speak of my brother in such a way. He is my god forsaken brother, if you will please do not speak of my brother in an ill manner." She stated with her head held high.

Jace raised an eyebrow once again from the way she spoke "You okay, Mina?"

"I'd rather not speak of it," she said quietly

Isabelle noticed the slight change in Mina "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, I promise."

With that Mina walked out of the kitchen and to her bedroom again, she laid on her bed and took out a picture of her mother.

So beautiful and elegant.

The picture's quality changed drastically.

She missed her mother

She missed her second brother

She even missed her father

She heard a knock on her door, she quickly put the picture away and looked at the wall as she laid on her side.

"Come in," she said softly

Jace walked into the bedroom, closing the door and laid next to her. He knew exactly when and if something was wrong with Mina, there was something in her voice that changed.

It sounded broken and lost.

Not the usual confident, determined to drive Jace insane voice

"Baby, are you okay?"

She rolled over so she was facing him "I'm just upset that's all."

He watched her lay her head on his chest and he ran a hand through her hair.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

She shook her head "It's best not to speak about the past, because the past is the past and you're my future."

Jace was shocked by what she had said, she was no one to come out with their feelings, but when she was upset she would say whatever was on her mind and not actually care.

"You're the same for me."


"Yeah, Mina?"

"Do you ever wonder why people are alive?"

He shook his head "I know that people are alive for a reason. Good or bad."

She nodded against his chest "I wonder why people have to go, why people have to stay and what they did to make them go without an unknown cause."

"Why are you worrying about that?"

"A lot of things cross my mind that you wouldn't want to know."

"Anything that has to do with me?"

She nodded thoughtfully "I would tell you, but I don't want Ed to become angry at me."

Once again.

Jace hated Ed Vinewood.

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