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Clary leaned against the counter as Jace discussed with Magnus and everyone else, Simon noticed her thoughtful state and he walked toward her and leaned against the counter next to the red head.

"Are you okay, Clary?" He asked

She shook her head, crossing her arms "I don't get how he could care so much for a girl who lied to him about who she is…"

Simon shrugged "I can understand why she didn't tell him though," he sighed "It's like one of the reasons why I don't want to tell my mom, because I want to protect her from what I am."

Simon knew exactly what was going on through Mina's mind, but he didn't want to tell Clary he wanted to meet the girl, because she was from the 19th century and how she protected herself without angel blood.

He didn't want Clary to become more upset with the situation.

He really did not want that.

Clary rolled her eyes, she understood Simon's point, but she hated how this was happening. "He broke up with me for her, you know?"

Simon raised his eyes eyebrows "Really?"

She nodded "I didn't know her at the time, I didn't even see her either." She laughed bitterly "I didn't even know what the hell she looked like."

Simon looked at her as she stared at Jace. "Is that why you weren't going to the institute?"

She shrugged, but nodded "Yes,"

Clary walked into Jace's bedroom, it was late at night and Jace was already in bed. He looked up from his book to see his girlfriend standing there with her robe wrapped around herself.

"Hey, baby." She smiled and crawled next to him.

He shifted around making space between him and Clary, she noticed this and cocked her head in curiosity. She untied her robe, revealing the lingerie she had bought with Isabelle. Jace quickly looked away from Clary and sighed.

"What do you think?" she smiled seductively and leaned toward him.

Jace sighed again, uncomfortable. "Clary, we need to talk."

"What's going on, Jace? You seem so out of reach."

"Clary, I think we should break up…"

"What?" Clary exclaimed

"I met this girl tonight…I don't know what to say, Clary. There is something about her…" Jace trailed off sighing and scratched the back of his head.

"You're going to break up with me for a girl you met tonight!" Clary yelled

Clary couldn't believe what he was saying, tears welded in her eyes as she stared at Jace in disbelief. She got out of his bed and tied the robe tightly around her, before running out of his room with angry tears falling from her eyes.

Clary sighed, shaking her head and tuned into their conversation.

"Jace, look at this." Magnus said "I found this,"

Jace took the book from his hand, he glanced at the title and it said 'last Vinewood family' and his eyebrows were raised. He flipped through the pages and his eyes fell upon a photo of Mina.

Her curly hair was pinned half way with a crystal barrette, that was familiar to Jace – she still had that barrette and her face had no sign of make-up, her arms were crossed so her hands rested on his lap as she stared directly at whoever was taking the black and white photo and another thing that caught his eye was her dripping heart necklace.

She was beautiful.

"She is something," Magnus said in awe as he looked at Mina's vignette photo in the book.

Jace nodded in agreement "She really is…"

"You should bring her this," he said "It has many of her family pictures – she looks like her mother. Her brother, Dmitri, was handsome, but not as much as my darling."

Jace rolled his eyes and nodded "I'll bring it to her," Jace turned around to see Clary and Simon next to the cup of blood that Magnus had set up.

Jace had nearly had a fit when Magnus refused to mix a healing potion in the blood, but he had realized that Magnus had a point.

Mina could heal faster than everyone else.

Well she was a vampire…

Jace eyed them suspiciously "Whatever you two are planning, stop it."

Simon rolled his eyes "Whatever,"

Jace grabbed the cup, and the book, walking out of the kitchen to the spare bedroom where Mina was at. He opened the door and closed it; leaning against it as he took in Mina's half asleep state.

He walked toward the bed "Mina," he said softly

Her eyes fluttered open "Jace?"

Jace smiled as he heard her British voice "Hey, baby."

She closed her eyes as he called her 'baby', she missed it when he called her that and it had only been more than four hours since he had.


"Look what I have?" he held out the Vinewood family book.

She stared at it with a confused expression "What is that?"

"A last Vinewood family history book,"

"Really?" she whispered "Let me see it."

Jace handed it to her and she took it quickly. She stared at it for a moment, but then her fingers touched the rough old edges to the pages. She let out a hiss of pain and her hands went to her shoulder.

"Here," He said handing Mina the cup of blood.

She smiled faintly up at him "Jace, can I tell you something?"

He nodded

"Being a vampire isn't all it's cracked up to be."

He laughed, this was one of the main reasons he loved her, because she would through these lines at you, unexpectedly. That was a reason why Mina loved Jace also, he would say things that would shock her, but amuse her completely.

He watched her push her hair out of her face and she took a sip of the blood, suddenly she dropped the crystal glass and started choking and coughing. She started spitting up blood as she rolled over to the side of the bed.

Jace rushed to her side as she began to slip into unconsciousness.

The last words she heard was


Mina's eyes opened, she tried to sit up, but her stomach started hurting. Her eyes flashed around until they landed on Jace.

She managed to sat up, letting her feet dangle from the bed.

Mina stared at Jace, who was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed and a cold look on. Mina stared at him, obviously trying to figure out what to say. Her stunning blue eyes flashed around as she fiddled with her thumbs.

"Jace, I didn't mean to lie to you. I figured it was better you didn't know what I am."

Jace didn't know where that statement came from, but he decided to see where this was going. "You could have told me, instead of Ed."

"My brother's real name is Edgar and I didn't make him tell you, he must have thought I betrayed him or some sort. So he told you I was a vampire." Mina stated

"How long have you been a vampire?"

"Since 1840,"

"How old are you?"

"Two hundred years old,"

"When were you born?"


Jace's look darkens "Why were you turned into a vampire?"

Mina looked down at the Vinewood book that Jace had brought her "My father was a vampire. Edgar, my eldest brother, Dmitri and I were half vampires, because my mother was a human. My father decided it was time for everyone in my family to become vampires. One night he made Edgar, Dmitri, my mother and I drink blood, which were thought was wine, but it was really my father's blood. He took his knife and stabbed each of us in the heart with it."

She looked at him in the eye "He was not merciful about it either."

"When we woke up, he had brought one of my dear friends' and he forced me to bite into her arm, drinking her blood. I was overwhelmed by power and hunger I felt… I wanted more. She was still, because my father had compelled her to let us fed off of her. I was able to watch Edgar and Dmitri and my mother feed off of her without feeling guilt. The blood…it was powerful. It was amazing."

"What happen to your family?" Jace questioned

She flipped to a page of a picture of her family portrait, she ran her hand to smooth the creases of the picture.

When she was human, she thought her family was perfect.

But no, now she knew.

"My mother had compelled a girl in public, trying to get her to let my brothers and I drain her. A vampire, Niklaus, began to yell that my family was vampires. The people around us believed him. That night when I was almost dressed for bed, the police broke into my home and Edgar grabbed me and hid in the closet with me while they dragged the rest of my family out of the house. Edgar and I followed them to the center of the city and I watched as my family was tied to the wooden post and were burned. I tried to get to them, but Edgar grabbed me and I broke down crying. After the people left, we went to the ashes and I took my mother's dripping ring as Edgar took my father and Dmitri's dripping heart rings. They protected us from the sun so we took them. "

"Ever since then Edgar grew to hate humans and anything that wasn't a vampire… One of the many reasons he hates. But my mother did not deserve to die in such a way. She never did anything wrong. She was on a strict only-animal-blood diet." Mina stared at the family portrait and looked up at Jace with tears in her eyes. "It was all my fault."

There was still humanity left in her.

Jace's expression softened "Mina, what happened to your family isn't your fault."

As she started to cry, he pulled her into his arms as she cried. He was wrong; even though they were vampires… believe it or not they had feelings. Mina had feelings… Surprising that is wasn't only anger. She felt sorrow. Mina pulled away from Jace and wiped her tears away weakly. Jace noticed how weak and fragile she looked from being poisoned by vervain.

He thought for a moment "Take some of my blood, it's okay. I promise."

She hesitated "Jace, no."

"Mina, it's fine." Jace said with a teasing smile "Just don't suck me empty."

Mina pressed her lips against his, kissing him softly "This will not hurt you"

He nodded, watching as her vampiric face took over her beautiful one. She brought her mouth to his neck and bit, sinking her fangs into his flesh, sucking on the blood dripping from the cut. Jace was surprised that it felt like she was just sucking on his neck in a sexual way. He froze when she flicked her tongue against his neck.

Mina let out a moan as she let the red liquid flow down her throat.

It tasted great.

It tasted powerful.

It was angel blood.

They hadn't known Maia, Clary, Simon, Alec and Magnus had come into the bedroom, standing behind them. Maia reacted before she could listen to her friends. She lunged at Mina, phasing into a wolf, jumping onto Mina's back and sinking her teeth in Mina's shoulder. Mina let out a sharp scream as Simon and Alec grabbed Maia, throwing her off of Mina.

Mina collapsed on the floor, shaking and sobbing as the pain began to take over her body. Jace stared down at Mina in horror, he heard that a werewolf bite was lethal to a vampire and watching Mina now shaking and crying in pain, he knew it was true.

"I'm sorry!" she sobbed "I didn't mean to hurt anyone!"

"Why the hell did you do that!"


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