Crow was tired. He was used to handling speed deliveries; in fact, he believed they were his forte. What wasn't his forte, however, was having to speed-deliver something on his legs. He made a mental note to himself that if anyone ever requested a speed delivery again, he would check if that person lived in a D-Wheel-friendly area first.
But at least he could now have some peace. Yusei was off repairing something, Jack had gone off 'to meet an old friend', Aki was having a ladies' night with Carly and Stephanie, and the twins were at a birthday party. It was time for some Crow-time, he happily thought, trying to decide what pizza he was going to order.

His happiness would not last long, however. There were unmistakably burning lights inside the garage when he arrived home.
Well, so much for Crow-time. He sighed. Oh well. He couldn't blame people for being home. It was just odd; he had been really sure that no one would be coming home this early. He was kind of curious who it was.

As he opened the door and parked his Black Bird inside, he directly noticed some things were off.

One, the place was even messier than usual.
Two, there were more bottles of alcohol than usual, and they were of a different brand than what they normally drank. As far as he knew, there weren't many brands with bright pink, almost phallic-shaped bottles.
Three, Jack's shirt was lying on the couch next to one that Crow vaguely remembered from somewhere.
And four, there was a really, really weird smell coming from Jack's room.

"I so don't wanna know" Crow muttered to himself as he took off his helmet.

"Honey, I'm hooooooome!" He shouted, looking for a pink bottle that hadn't been opened yet. He heard some noise upstairs, and the sound of a chair falling over.

"Crow? Is that you?" Jack's voice came through the door.

"Of course it's me! Who else were you expecting?" Crow answered, a little annoyed. He still had to find that one full bottle, and that was proving to be much harder than he thought. "Dude, how much have you been drinking? From this amount you should already be in a coma!" he added, as he heard a door open en footsteps on the stairs. "You should at least have left something for me! And how much did this cost? And where the hell is that smell coming from? And what the hell is that smell? Are those drugs? Zora's gonna kill-"


"I thought that we had just made that clear- wait, Kiryu, is that you?" Crow hadn't heard that voice for a long time. He finally looked up. Kiryu and Jack looked down, each a bottle in their hand.

"Why aren't you guys wearing shirts?"

X*X Aporia: This is a page breaker of despair X*X

Yusei was on his way home. He had decided to take an extra long route, because there were few nights so clear and peaceful. The city looked beautiful with all its colours, and for a change, you could see the stars above as well, and it was full moon. A perfect night for crossing some speed limits.


"… And that's how Kiryu and I ended up with all these bottles of free… alcohol" Jack finished, taking another big gulp from his bottle.

"I can't believe it." Crow looked around him. "So many bottles! And You guys drank all of it?

"Well, it sure is one hell of a liquid." The way Kiryu said it, and the look he and Jack exchanged, made Crow a little uneasy. It sounded a bit too much like Kiryu's original evil-plotting-voice. But it had made him curious.

"Well, can I have some?"

"We hid the rest."

"You HID the rest?" Crow jumped up. He had wanted to grab Jacks collar, but since he wasn't wearing a shirt, he just waved his fist in front of him. "Why?"

"Because it's so damn good" the giant answered. "Plus, you're not very good with alcohol, and neither is Yusei. Always been like that. Remember that night after we had conquered all of Satellite, when-"

"We swore we would never talk about that again" Crow quickly interrupted. He tried to suppress the memory with thinking about his friends' strange behaviour. Obviously, there was still something they didn't say out loud. He sighed. He was tired, he was sweaty, and he wasn't in the mood for a squabble with Jack now.

"Tch. Great. I work my ass off all day, and when I finally get home, some people THAT DO NOT PAY THE BILLS got some good stuff they don't even want to share with the people THAT ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MONEY THEY SPEND! I'm going to take a shower."

And with that, he stood up and marched upstairs, not noticing the second look that his friends exchanged. Neither did he see the demonic grin that spread over their faces.


Yusei could see their 'house' in the distance. He saw that the lights were already burning. Not only in the living room, but also in Jacks room. That meant that not only Crow was home, but Jack as well. And since Jack had gone off this afternoon to pick up Kiryu, it meant that their old comrade was there as well. Yusei sighed. As soon as he would get home, Jack and Crow would probably be fighting over the remote or something else incredibly stupid, and he would have to calm them down. Kiryu still hadn't lost his old habit of occasional provoking, so he would be the opposite of some help.

It would be such a waste of a beautiful night like this. With that in his mind, he took a wide turn and drove back to the highway. One extra lap wouldn't make a life-changing difference, would it?


"I LIKE THE WAY YOU MOOOOOVE" sang/screamed Crow at the top of his lungs. His friends had already gotten used to the fact that Crow liked to sing under the shower, and that nobody except strange company could keep him from doing so. Because he sang so hard, he didn't hear the door open and two pairs of feet sneaking in. And when he did hear a giggle and immediately turned off the shower, he was just in time to at least grab his pants back before Jack and Kiryu made their escape, cackling maniacally. Swearing and cursing, Crow quickly jumped into his pants and chased after them.


"That's what she said!" it sounded from upstairs, followed by loud, slightly drunk laughter. Crow cursed again and ran up the stairs, straight to Jacks room.

"How old are you guys, really!" he shouted angrily as he dashed into the room. The room that was empty.

"That sounds odd, coming from the youngest in the group" someone suddenly whispered in his hear. Crow quickly turned around, seeing Kiryu close the door- and Jacks face a few inches from his.

"Shit, Jack!" He stumbled backwards in surprise, tripped over another bottle, and fell on the bed. Kiryu held his stomach, howling with laughter, and Jack laughed along. Crow hadn't seen both of them laugh so much within such a short time-span, except that night that they had conquered Satellite and-

This wasn't the time for that.

Jack and Kiryu kept laughing. Crow was now completely sure that they were completely wasted. This was going to be a long night.

"Enough. Give me back my clothes." His demand was met with two misschievous grins.
Crow got more and more uneasy. He knew something wasn't right, and he wanted out of this room that smelled so sickly sweet. Not to mention, none of them were wearing shirts. And Zora had threatened to come in unexpectedly to check if they were being good boys. And who would be the one held responsible if she would find his two friends like this? Crow shivered, from the thought and the cold air that passed his naked skin. Jack and Kiryu finally stopped laughing.

"Crow, are you cold?" the first asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

"In fact, yes. I'm half naked, wet, and sitting in front of a window. WHAT DO YOU THINK?" Suddenly, Crow spotted his shirt and underwear lying on a toppled chair. This was his chance. Within one movement, he jumped off the bed, dived, grabbed his clothes while dodging Jack, and made a sprint towards the door. Out of here.

Then, a warm hand grabbed his arm. Pulled him back. Wrapped itself around him along with the other hand.

"Where are you going, little Blackbird?" Crow nearly screamed when Kiryu cooed this in his ear. He tried to free himself, but Kiryu was simply stronger, as he always had been. Jack meanwhile moved between him and the way to safety. And with moving between, he actually moved very, very close to Crow. Too close for comfort. Crow moved his head as far away from him as he could, but then there was Kiryu's chest behind him.

"Those won't be necessary." Painfully slowly took Jack the clothes out of his hands.

That made Crow snap back into reality.

"What the hell is this? Kiryu, let go of me! Jack, gimme back my clothes! Let go!"

"Now, now then" Kiryu whispered from behind. Crow now noticed that his breath smelled sickly sweet as well. He shivered.

"He's still cold, Jack." Jack nodded. Then he displayed a diabolical grin that sent a second shiver up Crows spine.

"Maybe you should warm him up a little?" Crow heard Kiryu chuckle from behind.

"I'd love to, but I've got my hands full" he said. Jack looked amused at Crow's desperate struggles for freedom.

"This is not funny! Let go of me! Stop! HEY! KIRYU! JACK! KNOCK IT OFF GODDAMNIT-"

"Not to mention, is this goes on, he'll wake up the entire neighbourhood" Kiryu dryly stated.


"Going fast makes me feel alive, my heart beats in hyperdrive…" Yusei could barely keep himself from singing along as he made his third extra lap with music blasting directly from the headphones he had integrated in his helmet. Aki wouldn't agree with listening to music on motorcycles, but it was the very last thing that made this evening complete.

If only I could come home and find peace and quiet...

But he really needed to go home now- It was far too late already, and tomorrow would be busy as hell again. With a sigh he steered his D-Wheel off the highway.

Goodbye, oh peaceful night. Hello chaos.



"Yup, hello chaos" Yusei muttered to himself as Crows screams reached him even through the door. Good thing Zora had gone to some family reunion on the other side of the Daedalus Bridge for a week, because she would never EVER have agreed with inviting Kiryu, after that one time where she found out he had taken Jack to a stripclub. When the two showed up at 4 AM, singing an off-key serenade about how they wanted to take him and Crow to a gay bar, under her balcony and vomiting afterwards on her pavement… It had been ugly. Though the part where she dragged Kiryu by his hair and literally kicked him out had remained a cherished joke between them.

In short, it was a good thing Kiryu was here after such a long time, and it was a good thing Zora WASN'T here (though he was the only one who knew she was away- Zora had asked him to keep quiet about her absence, 'to keep those two hot-heads a little tame'). It was just not a good thing that apparently Kiryu and Jack had teamed up and Crow was apparently trying to stop them from- whatever the hell they were doing. But Yusei was sure it wouldn't be such a big thing; As long as there was no alcohol involved, it would probably be just a little teasing, like in the old days.

"Ok, what's going on this time, guys?"

Silence. That was unusual. Normally, around now, there would be a huge 'HE DID IT' echoing through the building, but now it remained quiet.

"… Guys?"

"It's ok, Yusei!" Kiryu voice came from upstairs, sounding a little bit hasty.

"What was that noise all about? I could hear Crow from miles away!"

"Oh, nothing, we were just teasing!"

"Sure. Well, don't make such a fuss. The entire neighbourhood will wake up otherwise."

"Sure Yusei. If there's anything you need, we got some really nice booze. You can find it under the couch. Move the carpet away first though."

Yusei grumbled. Great. Alcohol. Kiryu and Jack would probably be drunk by the end of the evening. Though it was nice if they all had shared a drink. He let himself fall onto the couch with a few pancakes (Crow made them, so they were delicious even when cold) and turned on the tv. The programs were boring, but at least he had an excuse to let his mind drift off elsewhere, like how he was going to fix the previous tv that Jack had destroyed when he tried to dance on it. Yusei couldn't help but grin at the memory; it was always fun when you challenged The King to Truth or Dare. When he was drunk.

Speaking of drunk, he was a little thirsty now. Remembering the offer from Kiryu, he reached under the sofa and searched around for a bottle of that 'really nice booze'. It took him a while, he wondered why they had put such effort in hiding the stuff. He examined the bottle, that wasn't very special besides its… unusual form. The liquid itself was a bright pink. Yusei couldn't help but notice that the bottle reminded him of something… Freudian. He looked at the label and nearly choked on his pancake; this little flask containing a lot more alcohol than what Jack and Kiryu normally consumed.
There also seemed to be some sort of warning at the end, but someone had crossed the text with a huge marker. "...tain. .owe..ul aph...!" he read out loud. Well, it probably wasn't important, and he was absolutely not in the mood for word puzzles. He was in the mood for a drink. Which he took. Which tasted SWEET, as in capital, grotesque, flaming pink letters SWEET. Maybe the warning was about diabetes. Sweet as the drink may be, it wasn't that bad, spreading a subtle, warm and fuzzy feeling through his body. He suddenly felt a bit more active.

He wasn't the only one. From upstairs, he could hear a muffled scream, as if someone was calling for help while being smothered. It sounded like a Crow in need. There were sounds of chairs falling, of rushed footsteps towards the door that suddenly halted, and another muffled scream. This time, Yusei could hear his own name being called out.

He sighed. Crow should have been able to hold is own against those two by now, he couldn't always ask for help because he was the youngest. Yet, since Crow called out for him personally, he feared that Kiryu and Jack had gone too far. Now that he looked around, he saw that those curious pink bottles were scattered everywhere. Empty. He tried to imagine how drunk the two must have been by now.

That made him decide to check if they weren't going too far with whatever the hell they were teasing Crow with. He got up reluctantly and went towards the stairs. He decided to approach them silently, wanting to know what they were up to by now, to catch them in the act.
The sounds became more distinguishable; he could hear Kiryu laugh, and angry, protesting sounds that seemed to be coming from Crow. Those sounds made his decision definite. He had known the redhead long enough to be able to tell if he was just playing angry, being annoyed or was really mad. And this time, it was the last case.
Kiryu and Jack were obviously too drunk to tell that whatever they were doing was really upsetting their victim. Yusei now stood in front of Jack's room. He took a breath, put on his most serious and mature look, and without warning opened the door.

He froze.




He had not, repeat NOT expected even the least of the scenery that was unfolding itself before him.

First, they were all half-naked.

Second, Crow was trapped between his two older friends- Kiryu held him from behind, his arms locked around his chest and effectively making any arm movement for the victim impossible. Jack stood barely an inch away from the furious victim, holding his head still between his strong hands, making any movement from the head also impossible.

Third, Jack was passionately kissing Crow.

Sweet Ctulhu's underpants.

Crow noticed him first, his blazing eyes meeting his with a mixture of relief and shame. Then Kiryu, who, without letting his jailbird go, notified Jack with a short, awkward ahem. Jack opened his eyes, met Yusei's, and ever so slowly withdrew his lips from Crow's, letting a trail of saliva form itself between the lips before gravity captured it. He didn't seem awkward at all, the look he had on his face was more bold and provocative than ashamed or guilty.

There was a short, extremely uncomfortable silence.

Then Crow suddenly started to trash about uncontrollably,something that he from the looks of it had been doing a lot already. Kiryu and Jack were still distracted by Yusei's visit, and their loosened grip could no longer hold a wild Crow in place. Without looking at Yusei, the youngest dashed past him, ran down the stairs, grabbed his coat and within a minute Yusei could hear the sounds of Blackbirds engine grow fainter.

Kiryu and Jack just stared blankly at Yusei. Yusei blankly stared back.

Kiryu eventually broke the silence. He tossed a pink bottle at Yusei.

"You're going to need this if you want us to explain what happened."

Yusei opened the bottle on auto-pilot and took a few big gulps of the sweet liquid. He was still trying to process what he just had witnessed.


"Crow, it's midnight. Why are you here?" Martha asked, one eyebrow raised.

He had no idea what to tell her. "Can… Can I sleep here?" he asked sheepishly, knowing how idiotic he sounded. Martha thought so too. "Crow. You are far too old to come running to me if you can't sleep at home. Especially when it is in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT."

"I know, but I really, REALLY can't stay home at the moment" Crow pleaded, trying to suppress his memories of what had just happened there. Martha gave him an examining look. "Did you have a fight with the other guys?"

"You… could… put it that way, yes."

"Crow, you can't run away from your fights. You have to confront them, talk about your problems, and-"

"Please, Martha, this is a 'fight' that can't be talked about at the moment. I- just let me sleep here, I'll go back tomorrow." And kick their asses.

She still didn't seem convinced. "Tell me more about the fight first. What did you guys fight about?"

"Ehm…" Crow panicked. It wasn't his fault what had happened, right? So why did he feel ashamed? Why didn't he want to tell the person who was like a mother to him? "Well, Jack and Kiryu got drunk. Like, really drunk." Martha didn't give any reaction. She already knew about Jack's love for alcohol. "And they were really… annoying." Annoying. Sexual assault is annoying. Martha nodded expectantly. "Well, I know about Jack's behaviour when he is drunk, and I heard about what happened when he and that Kiryu got drunk together…" She stepped aside. "Come in. But only this time."

"Thanks" Crow said relieved, and he went into the cosy little place that had once been his home. He remembered how they always played here, the inseparable trio of Jack, Crow and-

His eyes widened. He felt the urge to smash his stupid head into the wall.

"Something wrong, Crow?" Martha said concerned. Crows mind was already in hyperdrive trying to process what he had done. "Yes, ehm, fine, I just…" He turned around and ran back to his Blackbird. He heard Martha call his name, surprised. "Where are you going?" she shouted. "I'm… I have… I'm going back!" Crow called out while starting his engine. "Why?" Martha shouted even louder, trying to beat the noise that his D-Wheel was making.

"I… I left something important at home!" the D-wheeler screamed before he raced back to the highway. I left Yusei alone with two drunk, horny guys who are twice as strong as him.


The first person to guess what the label on the pink bottle says("...tain. .owe..ul aph...") gets to request his/her (I think her XD) favourite pairing to be put in the spotlight in chapter 3. If none of you guess it... Well, I can always drop a hint:
The warning has something to do with Jack and Kiryu's... unusual sexual behaviour. Go figure.

I have no idea whether Jack and Kiryu are really twice as strong as Yusei, but this is a yaoi fic. Did anatomical details EVER matter in a yaoi fic? On that matter, I have no idea about the alcohol tolerance of those guys. But I figured that Jack with his massive ego must have build up some due to always accepting drinking games, Kiryu must drink alot because he's always so depressed and nuts, and Crow... Well, he's small. And he has cared for little children a lot. I don't think you can support a whole orphanage while drunk, so I think he doesn't drink a lot = not much tolerance.

As for Yusei... COME ON. HE ORDERED A GLASS OF MILK IN A BAR. HE MUST HAVE THE WORST ALCOHOL TOLERANCE EVER. Also, he doesn't seem the type to drink 'n D-wheel. Doesn't fit a YGO protagonist.