The galaxy had been enjoying a time of peace of prosperity, despite a growing distrust of the Galactic Freedom Alliance, built out of the remains of the once menacing Galactic Empire. The treaty between these two governments has been uneasy, at best, and has been threatened by the assassination of former Chief of State: Leia Organa Solo, and her husband: Ambassador Han Solo.

Five years have passed, but rumors continue to run amuck, that the GFA was responsible for the assassination, and the number of Senators joining the cause for war is growing rapidly. The Jedi's investigation has led them to track down a bounty hunter about to do business with a smuggler on the hot and dusty planet of Tatooine.

Chapter 1

The desert sands of Tatooine were scorching hot by mid-day; the two suns were unrelentingly beating down on the sandy surface. Only those who were native to Tatooine had the resistance to endure the extreme heat. Those who had not grown up here, especially humans, had to keep covered from head to toe.

Walking through the village of Mos Eisley were your average scum and villains. The rotten smell of exhaust from speeders and the different animals was the common aroma here. Hundreds of giant beasts could be found roaming through the dusty streets at all times of the day.

A hooded figure drifted between the crowds as swiftly as the wind. As he passed a doorway leading to docking bay 12, a slug-like alien stepped out from the shadow. His wobbling yellow eyes focused on the other figure and with its slimy right tentacle-like hand, brought his communicator up to the tiny slit below its two nostril holes. He radioed his status in his native tongue and followed after his target.

The hooded figure continued on his way, either unaware of alien trailing him, or deeming him to be of little threat. The fact was that, he too, was following someone: a bounty hunter, who was responsible for the deaths of a couple very important people. The bounty hunter appeared to have the need to do some business with a smuggler; what he was purchasing from him, the hooded figure could not tell, nor did he care.

The hooded figure found the perfect spot to watch the transaction, without being noticed. He had no interest in killing the bounty hunter or the smuggler; he had to find a way of capturing his target without anyone getting hurt in the process. Disarming both men before shots were fired was going to be very difficult; the commotion that they were going to cause was going to make things worse, if this was not done swiftly and precisely.

The Bounty Hunter was in the middle of the dusty road, waiting for the smuggler to arrive. This was a puzzling move; a wise thug tended to do their business in a more secluded location, that or in a very busy cantina. The only reason for this was if he was luring the smuggler into a trap. The bounty hunter had to be planning to kill him. This became more apparent when two of his Trandoshan colleagues stepped out of the shadow.

The smuggler, apparently, was not intelligent enough to realize this, as he came to their agreed spot. In his hand was a steel case that was big enough to fit an droid's head. Despite all the signs that this was a trap, he was still going through with this deal.

The bounty hunter had a grin on his face as the smuggler placed the case on the ground between them."You've brought the shipment, excellent! You really do live up to your reputation, Gideon Mars."

"I take pride in my work, Ty-kra'. It doesn't matter what it is; if you want it, I can get it."

"So I've heard." Ty-Kra nodded to the man on his right, who reached down for the case.

"Hey, you don't trust me or something? I'm hurt!"

The bounty hunter hissed. He was a Trandoshan with a very bad attitude; get him riled and one could lose a limb. The only other species that could match their ferocity was a Wookie. It came to no surprise that the two species did not get along together. Many believed their bad blood went as far back as the clone wars, maybe even earlier.

"Like I said, you live up to your reputation, but there ARE rumors that you are nothing more than a con-artist."

"Now, Ty-kra', you can't believe everything you hear? Besides, with our last meeting, has not my shipment of hand generators been legit?"

"Yes, they have," Ty-kra' admitted as he glanced over to his man who opened the case and inspected the cargo. He held up a small Coraxian crystal. He nodded his approval as he tossed it back into the case, shut it closed.

"These, indeed, appear to be genuine."

The hooded figure stood ready to pounce from his hiding place. If the trap was going to be unleased, then it was about to happen, now that the exchange had taken place. He was posed to make his move when the alien that had been tailing him made his move first. The slug-like alien pointed his blaster just inched from the back of his head. In his native language, he issued his demand for his surrender. "(Hands up, slowly!)"

The hooded figure flicked his wrist upward, and the next thing the alien knew, and invisible force ripped the gun from his hands. "(You're a Jedi!)"

Without replying the Jedi flicked his other wrist, which threw the slimy alien into a wall. Returning his attention to the task at hand, Ty-Kra' and his two henchmen already had their guns drawn.

"Now wait just a minute! Let's be adults about this; the price is certainly up for negotiation," Gideon stammered as he took a few steps backwards with his hands raised over his head.

"Sorry, but we're being paid quite handsomely to make sure you don't leave here alive; besides, the galaxy would be better off without scum like you."

Before he could pull the trigger, the gun fought against him and flew out of his hands. He and his comrades spun around to see the hooded Jedi standing before them. He stood there with his face and hands hidden in the cloak. His posture served as their warning to surrender or face the consequences of their actions.

"He's a Jedi! Kill him, you fools!"

His two fellow Trandoshans fired their blasters at the Jedi, who instantly had his lightsaber in hand and reflecting the blasts to the side with his violet blade. Raising his right palm, the two Trandoshans had their weapons abandon them as well. "Sorry to break it to you, boys, but this Jedi is not a 'he'."

The Jedi ripped off the cloak to reveal a young human woman on the other side of the violet blade. Her icy blue eyes stared down at all three of the Trandoshans without a single ounce of fear to be seen. The smirk on her face displayed a tinge of cockiness; there was no short of confidence in her demeanor. The color of her blade reflected brightly off her silky pure-black hair, which lightly swayed in the Tatooine sandy breeze.

"Ty-Kra, by the authority given of the New Republic, you are under arrest."

"How did the Jedi find ussth?" The Trandoshan to Ty-Kra's right whispered in his weaker grasp of the Galactic Basic language.

"Silence," he snapped harshly. He eyed his gun laying in the dust just a leap away. There was no way he was going to allow the Jedi to capture him alive.

With nothing to lose, Ty-kra' pounced for his gun and fired frantically at the Jedi. With her quick reflexes, she easily deflected all three shots. Reaching out with the Force, she ripped the gun out of his hands, yet again, and throwing it up onto the rooftop of a two-story, sandy-stone hut.

The two Trandoshan henchmen charged the lady Jedi with their giant muscles bulging, and their razor sharp claws stretched out. The one to her right came out swinging, trying to rip the Jedi to shreds. Instead, she side-stepped the attack with ease.

Ty-Kra' hissed at the sudden turn of events. Trying to avoid capture from a Jedi Knight was near impossible. Next to a wrathful Wookie, a fully trained Jedi Knight was the only prey that Trandoshans tend to stray from. He must be cursed to have had to run into one right when he was in the middle of working towards acquiring the biggest bounty in his professional career.

While his partners had the Jedi distracted, Ty-Kra' thought this would be the perfect time to kill the smuggler. He spun around to position himself for a lunging kill, but his prey was nowhere to be seen. In the distraction of the Jedi's arrival, the coward had slithered away. This was not good; his employer was not one to forgive failure.

The two henchmen started to get their act together and synchronize their efforts in hopes to overwhelm the Jedi. However, even that proved to be futile, when she just used the Force and to throw them away from her. A physical fight against her was not going to give them any better of a chance of escaping.

With no current need for her weapon, the Jedi turned off the lightsaber and attached it to her belt. With the guidance of the Force, she leaped into sky, landing between the two stunned Trandoshans, who were still on their hands and knees. The one to her right went for her shins with a wild, but violent swipe of his sharp claw. To save herself from a potential devastating attack, she did a mid-air cartwheel over the attacking Trandoshan. Landing on his other side, she kicked him in the ribs with just enough strength to put his face back in the dust.

The other Trandoshan was nearly back on his feet by this time. To correct that, she stepped on the back of the Trandoshan on the ground and leaped towards the other, who only just realized that she was coming at him. As she flew towards his other side, she smashed her elbow into his scaly snout, stunning him long enough for her to land and kick the back of his knee cap. He collapsed backwards onto the ground.

The Jedi turned her attention to Ty-kra'. "Now, you are going to come with me to Coruscant.

Ty-Kra' hissed, knowing that he was beat. If this young, female Jedi could take on his two comrades, then he had very little change against her, alone. To have been manhandled by just one being was very dishonoring. He'd never be welcomed back to his home world again.

Just as fast as fate had dealt him an unfavorable hand, the tide had turned once again. Storming towards them was an army of Galactic Freedom Alliance forces. As long as he was not their target, he may have a chance to get out of this and complete his job. He had done nothing to offend the GFA, so he could not image that he was their target, but again, The Jedi seemed even less likely.

The Jedi turned to see an entire battalion of GFA soldiers positing themselves in front of her and the bounty hunter. She had to assume that they were after Ty-Kra' as well. She raised her palm in front of her. "I'm Lady Jada, Jedi Knight. This is official Jedi business; please step down."

"Kill the Jedi!" the order came from amongst the battalion.

The moment those words hit her ears, she had her lightsaber in hand and ignited. A barrage of red blaster bolts came in her direction, and she had no choice but to defend herself. She reflected the shots away from her, puzzled by their orders to kill her. This was a provocative move on the Freedom Alliance's part. Could it actually be true that they were the ones behind the death of the former Chief of State?

From the corner of her eye, she saw Ty-Kra' crawling away to avoid being shot. She had no choice but to let him go as she continued to defend herself. With more and more soldiers getting into position, she saw no other way but to retreat. She could not defend herself much longer with this many soldiers coming at her.

Reflecting one last shot, which hit one of the soldiers on the front line in the heart, she used the Force to leap up onto the rooftop of the closest hut. Running on the rooftops, she made her way to her ship.

"After her!" The order came from the captain of the battalion. All of the soldiers stowed their blasters and ran through the dusty streets, following the direction the Jedi had gone. They ran past their dead fellow companion who had just been killed, showing no emotion as they did. The corpse's human shape started becoming staticy as if it was nothing more than a holo-projection. The projection completely disintegrated, and in its stead was a droid. Printed on the metallic head was the symbol of a race of people, long thought to be extinct: the dark lords of the Sith.