Title: Courting Assassin's

Disclaimer: I don't own AC

Warnings: yaoi and an annoyed Malik

Authors Note: There's no sex in this chapter and I've left it alone for long enough that I'm not sure I'll even write the sequel so for now I'm going to leave it as a oneshot and if I get down to writing Altair raping Desmond on a rooftop I'll post it.


"Desmond what are you doing up there?" Malik called lazily not even bothering to look up at the young assassin hanging from the ceiling.

Silence and then a sheepish answer of, "Um, hiding?"

His eyebrow twitched slightly upwards. "In the bureau, so late into the night no less?"

"Well, you see Altair-"

That caught Malik's attention as well as his ire. He cast a quick annoyed look up to the time traveler. "Do I look like I care what that novice did or said?"

A sigh fell from scarred lips. "Well no," he said quietly, "but he-"

"I do not care I said!" The assassin yelled gesturing with his good arm as he glared up into the shadows where he knew the fledgling to be hiding. "Now remove yourself from my ceiling or leave."

"Fine." Desmond said in a defeated tone. There was a quiet shuffling and a vague movement in the shadows before Desmond fell to the floor, landing in a crouched position. As he stood he stretched his arms above his head. "If he finds me," The boy grumbled leaning against the counter behind which Malik was working. "I blame you."

Malik scoffed. "Do not blame me for your own incompetence."

The American rolled his eyes at the older man's words. "You're so cold Malik." He said resting his chin in the palm of his hand and regarding him with eyes so similar and yet so different to his once friend's. "You really should lighten up."

"What do you take me for, the sun?" He waved his hand dismissively. "I am fine the way I am. How long do you plan to linger here? I grow tired of your presence"

Desmond whistled. "Ouch, really? I've only been here for like three minutes."

"Longer than I allow most to stay."

The time traveler shrugged, accepting those words as truth. "Well I'll probably either be here until Altair finds me or gives up. Hopefully the later."

"You are deluding yourself." The Arab told him shoving a small scroll onto a shelf and pulling another down. "He does not give up, his only good point."

Desmond sighed again. "Yeah, I know, so probably not much longer. In fact , I should find somewhere else to hide. I've already been here too long."

Malik glanced up and rolled his eyes. "I am afraid it is too late for that." He said not bothering to hide his disgust.

The American's eyebrow's furrowed and then he paled. "He's right behind me isn't he?"

"Indeed." A smooth familiar voice murmured into his ear Desmond jumped, thrusting his elbow out in an attempt to catch his ancestor off guard only to find it caught and held behind his back. He grunted and almost jumped again the Arab's other arm wrapped around his stomach, dragging him back against a hard tan body. "Now are you going to surrender," he bit a pale ear earning him a hiss from the younger male, "or must I chase you all throughout Jerusalem?"

Desmond chuckled though there was pain in his voice. "Like I'd give up that easily."

Golden eyes narrowed behind the assassin's hood. "So be it then." He pressed forward bending the American over the counter and holding him there with his own body. "Concede Desmond, I would prefer to not knock you unconscious"

"Go figure," Desmond grunted, "me too."

"As much as I hate to interrupt," Malik cut in testily and the two relatives looked up to see the one armed man glaring at them and grinding his teeth together. "If you two are going to continue seducing each other than kindly get the hell out of my bureau!"

There was a short silence quickly broken by Altair's nod and consent. "Very well." The assassin agreed reaching into his robe and pulling out a length of red cloth. He quickly used it to bind his descendant's hands in front of him before tugging him up by the back of the neck With a barely noticeable bow to his 'friend' he shoved Desmond out of the room. "Attempt to escape again," Malik heard him mutter, "and you will regret it."

Once they were gone he sighed slapping his forehead. As if one of them wasn't bad enough.

Author's Note: Again, if I write the next chapter, I'll post it. Though if nobody likes it, I probably won't bother. –shrugs- Whatever. I hope you enjoyed this story.