Hello everyone, this idea just popped out of my head as I was relaxing from doing AP Physics C (this crap is so hard), FML. Anyways! I had to put this on paper, I simply had to...before I forget. Harry will be pretty badass in this so be warned, he's gonna be like a thousand times stronger than in canon. I have always hated canon Harry Potter, simply didn't like it.


The evening air was filled with the roars and snarls of magical creatures mixed with the shouts of men and women. Bright and sizzling flames were everywhere,

"Sectemsempra!" a heavily cloaked figure cried out with a downward slash of his wand, too fast for the human eye to see and the Death Eater was sent to the floor, a sickening gurgling accompanying the blood seeping out of the dying man's destroyed throat.

"Commander Potter!" The tall cloaked man turned to the voice.

"Report, Captain Cullen!" while sending an organ liquefying curse at another silver masked wizard.

"Sir, giants are attacking our flanks!" Cullen replied via his wolf patronus.

"Understood." Unspeakable Commander, Harry Potter replied. "Duro,Confringo!" He cried with a slash of his wand and the charging werewolf turned into stone before blowing apart.

Noticing that Death Eaters were surrounding him, Harry cried out with his wand pointed directly at the black sky, "Fulmen!" the sounds of thunder accompanied bolts of lightning came crashing down from the sky and struck the Death Eaters surrounding the cloaked figure. Helpless screams were all that were heard and with a smirk, the tall black haired wizard slipped his wand back in its holster once satisfied with the electrocuted corpses surrounding him.

Closing his eyes, the leader of the Unspeakables began chanting and soon black energy surrounded the wizard and with a deafening roar, the wizard expanded in size, his arms lengthening with razor sharp claws sprouting out at the ends of its hands, large powerful black wings erupted out of its shoulders. A large black tail covered with spikes with magical resistant plating shot out. Finally, its scaly, lizard like head emerged from the shadows along with its powerful jaw and razor sharp steak knife like teeth.

With another ground shaking roar, the large, ferocious black dragon took off to the skins, it located its targets and opening its mouth, unleashed torrents of scorching red flames on the giants who were overwhelming the group of wizards and witches. Landing violently amidst the wreckage, the large black dragon unleashed another jet of searing hot flames on the helpless Death Eaters, who were trying desperately to repel the lord of the skies but their spells did nothing to the flying serpent's scales. With a powerful sweep of its tail, the Death Eaters were floored like flies.

Crushing a Death Eater painfully with its claws, the black dragon arched its head backwards before releasing another torrent of fire red flames on the oncoming giants. Seeing that it was futile to resist, the Death Eaters plus their magical creature allies retreated with great disdain.

Slowly, the dragon turned its eyes towards the group of wizards and witches that he had just rescued and black energy engulfed the magnificent creature and like that of a whirlpool, the energy twirled around till it disappeared into the ground, leaving a heavily black cloaked figure in the center.

Dropping the dead and crushed Death Eater to the floor, the leader of the Unspeakables walked calmly towards the group; his glowing green eyes focused on only one individual. Even though with her face being caked with dust, and dirt, her clothes ripped at the sleeves and knees, Fleur Delacour was still the epitome of perfection.

Harry watched as she floated towards him, and when she was near enough, reached out and cupped his cheeks; her piercing, enchanting sapphire blue eyes staring straight into his hard, glowing emerald ones.

"'Arry…you came…" She whispered, her French accent making the sound even more exquisite than it already is.

"For you Fleur…always." Harry responded before he was pulled into a deep passionate kiss, pulling off his black gauntlets the young leader of the Unspeakables wrapped his strong arms around Fleur's slender waist and deepened their kiss, pulling her so close to himself that it seemed like the two were melded as one, the battle and dangers surrounding the pair all but forgotten.