As many of you know, the admins on this site have taken strict action on the fact that there are fics with lemons in them, and MA rated content in many of authors fics.

Going so far as to instantly delete user accounts for this, even though there have been lemon fics around for a long time now.

Personally, I wish they would jsut make a option to allow this rating content with only users that are 18+ being allowed to access fics that fall under this rating, but we can't all get what we want.

Because of this, I am going to stop writting my lemon fics on this site until further notice, in the event that things may change, though I will probably be taking down some of them to prevent my account being terminated.

I am looking into other fiction sites, like the hpfanfictionarchive site, and the adultfanfiction site, to possibly post my fics there from now on , but I have to understand the guildlines first for them, as I know that there are some fanfiction hosting sites where you have to pay for posting stories.

If I do move to these sites, I'll still be using the same username or something similar, and my fics will still be titled teh same. in case some of you are looking to continue reading them.

I post this also so that those of you that dont constantly check the main home page often are aware of this new development, and have some kind of heads up about the future of your own accounts if you are a lemon writter.