This is my first time writing a story about a couple other than SasuSaku, so please be nice. First few paragraphs are summaries.

It was the last night of the winter break, classes will resume tomorrow, and everyone will be back at the academy as well the day class arriving in the morning and the night class arriving at night. The guardians of Cross academy will be waiting at the gate to take notes of those who have returned and those who have not. Yuki Cross adoptive daughter of Kaien Cross and Zero Kiryu, Kaien's foster child.

Zero was placed under the care of Kaien Cross four years ago after the massacre of his family only he and his twin brother survived. Yuki was placed under his care when she was five which was ten years ago. The attack on Zero's family changed Zero's life forever, in more ways than one, he was bitten by a pureblood vampire and transformed into the very being his family swore to destroy, a vampire.

But everyday has become a struggle for him especially since the night class students are vampires as well, but he has to ignore his instincts to slay them because of the ideology of the headmaster of Cross academy Kaien Cross, who wishes for humans and vampire's to coexist.

The thing is only the hunter association, the head master, the guardians, some of the teachers and of course the vampire's do know about the secret of the night class.


Yuki was awoken from another nightmare about her past that was the second one since she went to sleep. She put on her robe over the top of her night gown and put on a pair of slippers before running out of the room and the girls dormitories and into the night air. She walked around for a little while and eventually ended up at Zero's bedroom door.

She was still a little bit jumpy about Zero; ever since she found out he was a vampire. Yuki has really always been afraid of vampires ever since she was five and was attacked by one. Kaname saved her on that night and brought her to headmaster Cross.

She sighed before knocking; Zero opened the door after the fifth knock, "Yuki?" He asked, she pushed past him into the room, "Yuki? What's wrong?" he asked closing the door, Yuki didn't answer instead she just stared out the window, "Did you have another nightmare about your past?" Yuki nodded, Zero was the only person Yuki has told about her nightmares.

Zero walked up to her and turned her around before pulling her into a hug, "Is it the same as the others?" again Yuki nodded, before looking up at him, they stared at each other for awhile before Zero leaned down and kissed her, Yuki was taken aback by his actions but leaned into the kiss and opened her mouth and Zero slipped his tongue in.

He pushed her back against the wall, Yuki took off his shirt and he removed her night dress, before placing her on the bed and straddling her hips. "You sure?" he asked as she was undoing his belt, she looked up at him before nodding. Zero removed his pants the rest of the way, he then removed her night bra, before sucking her nipple, Yuki gasped before moaning and gripping the sheets, Yuki looked down at him, he smile at her before pulling down her panties. Yuki gasped as the night air hit her now naked body.

Zero smirked before removing his boxers, he pushed her legs apart before entering her and breaking through her innocence, Yuki screamed, thanking kami-sama that no one else was in the dorms, and the headmaster had been called away on business to the association headquarters.

Zero stayed still within her, before Yuki bucked her hips against him, signaling he could move, and he began to gently thrust in and out of her. Eventually his speed increased and Yuki felt a knot in her stomach, and it kept getting tighter and tighter with each thrust Zero made.

Eventually it burst and she came, Zero coming shortly after he collapsed on top of her before pulling out, Yuki layed her head on his chest before finally falling asleep, knowing she had just committed the greatest sin imaginable. Lost her virginity to a vampire.


The next morning Zero was taking record of the day class male students and Yuki was taking record of the female day class students, then later that same day they took record of the night class students.

Kaname stopped in front of Yuki, and she froze. Yuki slowly looked up at him, but couldn't bring herself to look him in the eyes. Kaname cupped her cheek, before it was snatched away Zero, "Don't touch her Kuran" Zero said calling Kaname by his last name. Kaname just stared at him blankly before walking off to the night class dormitory.


Two weeks have passed by and Yuki and Zero were out on patrol again in their usual spot, "You ok?" Zero asked suddenly, "Huh?" Yuki said snapping out of her trance "Y-Yeah, I'm going to patrol the grounds ok?" she asked, Zero nodded and Yuki jumped down on a tree branch before jumping off onto the ground and running off. Zero watched until he could no longer see her.


Yuki stopped at the fountain before sighing "Yuki" Yuki flinched before spinning around, "K-Kaname?" she asked, "You scared" she said placing a hand over racing heart, "Did I?" he asked walking over to her. "I'm sorry" he said in his usual mellow voice.

He cupped her cheek, "H-How was your w-winter break?"She asked "It was fine thanks for asking, how was yours?" he answered Yuki took a hesitant step back, "F-Fine" she replied, he walked closer to her before pulling her into a hug.

Yuki tried to push him off, feeling a little uncomfortable, 'He knows about me and Zero she thought of course he knows'." Let her go Kuran, you of all people should know what happened on winter break, Yuki and I had sex" Kaname turned around to face Zero.

"Of course I do" he replied slackening his grip on her, and Yuki managed to break away from him, Zero walked over to her before taking her hand and pulled her away, Kaname stared at the forest where they just disappeared. He clenched his fists and a small crack appeared the fountain.


"Zero!" Yuki shouted trying to pull her hand away, "Zero! Zero stop!" she shouted and almost crashed into his back when he stopped abruptly, "Do you regret it?" he asked, and Yuki looked at him in surprise, "What?" she asked.

"Do you regret what we did?" he asked looking down at her, Yuki didn't answer right away, "Why are you asking this?" she asked. Zero sighed, "You do don't you? I knew I should of restrained myself more" he said, "I'm sorry" he said turning away and began walking off Yuki ran up to him and pulled his arm to make him turn around, and crashed her lips onto his.

Zero was shocked at first but ended up pulling her closer and wrapping his arms around her waist, and Yuki encircled hers around his neck. "If I was going to regret it, I wouldn't of done it!" she shouted "And I would never do anything I knew I was going to regret, and not you nor the headmaster or Kaname can change my mind Zero!" she said taking a step back, but kept her hands on his chest, "And if I could, I would go back in time and do it all over again!" she shouted again breathing heavily.

Zero stared at her for a few seconds, before he pulled her into a hug "Same here" he whispered into her ear, Yuki smiled before returning the hug.


It's been two weeks since the incident with Kaname, and Yuki's tried her best to avoid him, but no longer can cause right now she was standing at the front of the night class, with Zero and the headmaster and Yagari, in a skirt and sandals and a shirt since she didn't have to go on patrol today.

"Ok, so you all understand the rules?" Kaien shouted, he was re-explaining the rules for the annual ball coming up, the ball was held every year and both night and day class students attend. Just then Yuki felt a sharp pain shoot through her lower abdomen and she winced, "Yuki? You ok?" Zero whispered to her, she nodded "Y-Yeah, I'm fine."

Then suddenly all the vampires in the room began to stir, "Blood" Zero whispered, Yuki looked at him, before she felt something trickling down at him, she looked down only to see blood, her eyes widened, before she suddenly felt light headed and collapsed. "Yuki!" Kaien shouted.

Zero caught her just before she hit the floor. Kaname was at her side in an instant. "What happened?" Yagari asked "I don't know but let's get her to the infirmary" Kaien said.


Zero ,Yagari ,Kaname and Kaien were all standing outside the infirmary, while Yuki was inside with the nurse, a few minutes later the nurse walked out "She's gonna be fine, she just needs some rest a week at the most" she said with a smile.

"What was wrong with her?" Yagari asked, the nurse's smile fell into a frown, "I don't know how to tell you this" the nurse began "But Yuki has just miscarried" she said, the air became tense, and Zero stood there frozen, "I don't know exactly when it happened, but it looks like a little over a month a, my guess is over winter break" the nurse said crossing her arms over chest, "The stress of being a guardian and running around and being only fifteen could be the cause of the miscarriage" the nurse said.

"Thank you" Kaien said, the nurse nodded before leaving. "Kaname" he said turning to said person " Can you go back to the classroom and settle things down and send everyone back to the dorms" Kaname nodded , before leaving. "Well, I'm going to bed, night" Yagari said walking off.

"Zero" Kaien said placing a hand on Zero's shoulder, stopping him from walking away "We need to talk" he said seriously.


"Zero" Kaien said, lacing his fingers together and placing them under his nose, "was that baby Yuki carrying yours?" Zero nodded Kaien sighed, "When and where did you sleep with Yuki, Zero?" he asked "On the last day of winter break, in my bedroom" Zero replied, again, Kaien sighed "So you and Yuki had sex, while I and no other student were on academy grounds?" Zero nodded.

Kaien sighed for the third time tonight, "Ok, the nurse said that Yuki shouldn't go to school for a little while, and that there's a possibility that she will vomit, because she didn't during her pregnancy and your job is to help her through it" Zero nodded, Zero she's in one of the guest rooms now, I don't think she wants Yori to see her like this" Zero nodded before leaving.


Yuki was lying down in her bed in the guest room, staring at nothing in particular, before she sat up abruptly and grabbed the bucket on the nightstand next to the bed and began to throw up. Zero walked in and quickly walked to her side and held back her hair. Once she'd stopped he placed a clean bucket on the nightstand and handed her a bottle of water, before taking the vomit filled bucket out of her hands and leaving to clean it.

Yuki sighed, it's been two weeks since she last went to school, two weeks since the miscarriage, and she was still vomiting every morning. The nurse said that it'd eventually stop and she'd be able to leave this god forsaken room and go back to classes. She sighed again before falling asleep.


Crimson. Crimson red. Blood. It was everywhere. It was all she could see. It was all over the floor, the walls and on her hands and clothes. She saw a light and ran for it, hoping to get out of that crimson covered room. T he only problem was, she didn't seem to be moving at all. Movement flashed before across her view, she looked ahead of her, a vampire stood in front of the light. It's fangs bared and glaring at her it attacked her and she screamed and tried to run away, but it caught her and sank it's fangs into her neck.

Yuki woke up screaming, another nightmare. "Hey, hey Yuki, it's ok" Zero said cupping her face. She was covered in sweat tears flowing down her face. He pulled her into a hug, one she gladly returned, hugging him for dear life, trembling like a leaf in the wind. "Shh, Yuki, it's ok, I'm here, I won't let them hurt you" he said tightening his grip and stroking her hair, "I promise" she continued to cry into his chest, until she fell asleep.


Yuki was on her way to the gates, that was the entry way to the sun dormitories that hosted the night class, for the switch over with Zero, and the fangirls were already there screaming. She ran till she was at the front of them all, the gate behind her, Zero was standing beside her as always. "Get back! Everyone get back!" she shouted her and Zero both trying to push the girls back. Then, the gates opened up and the girls split up into two straight lines with a gap between, so the night class could walk through.

Yuki was staring at all of them, until she caught Kaname's gaze, which was directly on her, well her stomach. She flinched before stepping behind Zero, "Yuki?" he asked, "He's staring at my stomach again." She said looking down at the ground. Zero stared at her for a few seconds, before his gaze shifted to Kaname, who was now facing the other way heading towards the classrooms. "Ah, Yuki, Zero, there you two are" Zero and Yuki looked over at the headmaster, "Headmaster? Did you want something?" Yuki asked Kaien nodded.


"I have an assignment for the two of you" Kaien said sliding an envelope that was on his desk in front of him, towards them. "You mean me and Yuki?" Zero asked, "Yuki and I" Yuki mumbled in correction, Zero glared at her, before turning back to look at the headmaster, "Yes, you two are to hunt down a level E." Kaien said getting up and walking over to the window, "You'll have one week, before we hand it over to the night class" he said handing both of them a yellow folder and the envelope. The both of them nodded before heading towards the door, "Zero, Yuki" Kaien called out still staring out the window; the both of them stopped at the door and looked back.

"I trust the two of you; I don't want Yuki coming back pregnant." Zero stared at Yuki, "Yes headmaster" was Zero's reply before he and Yuki left. Kaien sighed taking off his glasses and rubbing his temples. 'Kaname's never going to forgive me for this' he thought.


Yuki was waiting on a chair in the hotel lobby, while Zero booked the only room left. They went upstairs to the room 12 on second floor. Yuki sighed before sitting down on the bed and lying back, Zero took off his jacket before walking over to the window and closing the blinds the sun was hurting his eyes. He then walked over to Yuki and climbed on top of her and rested his chin in between her breasts. "You ok?" he asked she nodded; he sat up and took off his shirt before rolling off of her and lying beside her.

"Zero" Yuki said, Zero looked at her and arched a brow "Yes?" he asked. "The headmaster said he didn't want me coming back pregnant right?" she asked, turning her head to the side, Zero sat up Yuki did the same, "Yes?" he said wondering where this was going, "So if you wear a condom, we can still have sex right?" she asked blushing, Zero nodded, before pulling a small box out of his pocket and turning it over. Yuki read the label and blushed, the label clearly said CONDOMS in bright colours.

"I brought these after you miscarried" he said, Yuki looked down at the floor. Zero cupped her cheek, "We don't have to if you don't want to, you know" he said. Yuki smiled at him before moving so that she was sitting on her knees, before she pushed him down on his back, and straddled him, she then removed her shirt and threw it on the floor, and bent down and kissed him on the lips.

After a few minutes, Zero and Yuki were both naked and Zero was thrusting in and out of her.

-x-x-x-x-x-x- (At Cross academy)

Kaname stood outside near the fountain, staring up at the night sky, with a blood red rose in his hand and was held up level with his chest, twisting it back and forth. Classes had just finished and the sun would be rising in three hours. He stopped twisting the rose in his hand and instantly it turned black before withering away with the night air. "Kaname?" Takuma asked walking up to him, "What's wrong?" Kaname turned around and started walking back to the sun dorm, "Zero Kiryu has a death wish" was all he said and Takuma knew it was best not to push it any further, or he'll risk his life.


Zero layed propped up on his elbow string at Yuki as she slept. The marks from his fangs were clearly visible in the lighting of the room. "Zero stop staring at me while I'm asleep" she said , with her eyes closed, she opened her eyes and turned so that she was laying on her back and pulled the blanket up so that it was covering her naked back, "It's weird" Zero chuckled and bent down and kissed her.

Yuki smiled into the kiss and kissed him back before curling up into his chest, Zero held her closer to him, as if someone would come and take her away from him.


The next morning they set out and split up to gather information on the level E they'd come to kill. It only took them an hour to learn that it was male and that it was hiding in a abandoned warehouse on the east-side of town. Zero and Yuki traveled there as fast as they could and reached the warehouse by sunset.

Zero pulled out his Bloody Rose and Yuki pulled out Artemis. They walked and split up. Zero walked around till he reached a dead end, he turned around and started to walk another way until he heard Yuki scream, "Yuki!" he shouted and turned around and ran to where the scream was coming from.

When he reached her, she was cornered by the level E, Artemis behind it on the floor, Zero raised the Bloody Rose till it was level with the back of the level E's head, and pulled the trigger resulting in the level E turning to dust. Yuki jumped to her feet and ran into Zero's awaiting arms and cried into his chest, "Shh, Yuki's its ok, you're safe now" he said rubbing her back.


"Yuki seems to have settled down, but she's still a little shaken up" Kaien said to Zero and Kaname, who were both standing in front of his desk. "So she's gonna be ok?" Zero asked, Kaien nodded, "Yes the nurse said she'll be just fine". Zero nodded before leaving.

"I'm sorry, Kaname, I had no choice but to send her" Kaien said, Kaname stood his fangs protruding and his eyes blood red. "Who issued the order?" Kaname growled. Kaien sighed "The Association and the Senate."


Zero headed towards the guest room he knew Yuki was staying in for the time being. He opened the door, but there was someone else in the room. "Oh! Zero, you frightened me" Yori said, "Sorry" Zero replied, staring at Yuki who was asleep, "Oh, yeah" Yori said picking up a book that was on the bedside table, and walking over to Zero.

"I copied down the lessons from the board that you two missed" she said walking to the door, and then leaving without another word. "Yuki she's gone" Zero said, Yuki slowly opened her eyes and sat up. "Why'd you pretend to be asleep?" Zero asked "Because I didn't want her to ask questions I couldn't give answers to" Yuki replied, Zero nodded, and opened the note book Yori gave him.

"She takes better notes than you do" Zero said, "Shut up!" Yuki shouted back, Zero chuckled, before sitting on the edge of the bed, Yuki looked at him. "Kiss me" she whispered, Zero chuckled before leaning down and kissing her on the lips. "Ahem" someone said, Zero and Yuki quickly pulled apart and Yuki blushed before looking down when she found out the person was staring directly at her, "K-Kaname" she said shyly.

"Am I interrupting something?" he asked, arching a brow, "No of cou-"Yuki began, but Zero cut her off "Yes, actually you are", Kaname glared at him, "Well sorry, but I'm pretty sure the headmaster doesn't want Yuki to become a mother just yet" Yuki blushed and Zero growled, before smirking.

"We'll just do what we did at the hotel, use protection." Kaname glared at him, "You really do have a death wish, don't you?" he asked rhetorically, but Zero decided he would answer just to piss him off, so he shrugged and simply stated "I'm a vampire hunter, it kinda comes with the job description"

Kaname snarled before leaving, making sure to slam the door behind him, "Weirdo" Zero muttered, Yuki punched him in the arm before jumping on him giggling, which caused the both of them to full to floor and kissed.


Zero and Yuki both shot up when they heard someone knocking on the door, they quickly picked up their disregarded clothes up off the floor and had them on in seconds. Zero unlocked the door and Yuki sat in the bed. "Why was the door locked?" Yagari asked, walking into the room. He looked at Zero, "I hope your wearing protection" he said, "I am" Zero replied, Yagari smirked before slapping Zero on the back, Zero did the same, Yuki just rolled her eyes 'Men' she thought to herself.


Yuki was walking around the academy doing her daily rounds, when she saw movement in the corner of her eye outside the gates; she ran and jumped the gate and pulling out Artemis. A person appeared in front of her, "Who are you?" she asked, the man opened his mouth to reveal his fangs, before they were embedded in her neck and Artemis was on the ground behind him.

Yuki started to scream, but the vampire covered her mouth. But he covered it too late. He was pulled away from Yuki and looked up into the blood red eyes of Kaname Kuran. "Yuki?" he looked back to the girl, she was in the arms of Zero Kiryu.

Yuki looked up at Zero, "Z-Zero?" she whispered out, her eyes half lidded, she was feeling incredibly tired because of the blood she'd lost. "Yuki!" Kaien shouted as he and Yagari came running over. Yuki's eyes began to slowly close, before they shut completely. Kaname was at her side immediately the vampire from before was nothing but a pile of ash and clothes.

"She's pale" he whispered just loudly enough for everyone to still hear, he placed his hand on hers, "She's cold too" he said before turning to Kaien, "It's now or never" he said, Kaien nodded. "What's going on?" Zero asked, "Yuki and Kaname are brother and sister, Zero" Kaien stated not taking his eyes off his daughter, who was still in Zero's arms.

Zero froze, "What?" he asked, his gaze flicking between Kaname and his girlfriend, before it settled on Kaien. "Yuki was born a pureblood vampire. But on the night her Kaname's parents were murdered, they sealed her powers and memories and turned her into a human to keep her safe" Kaien said, before sighing "But we all knew that at some point in time Kaname was going to have to turn her back into a pureblood, or the vampire in her would eat her from the inside out and kill her."

"Knowing that, Zero" Yagari said calling his attention, "Do you still love her?" Zeros gaze shifted to the girl in his arms, "Yes" he said pulling her closer, "More than anything" Kaname stared at him before sighing, "Even knowing that you still love her," he said, then his eyes narrowed, "but what if I have to awaken her vampire powers now in order to save her?" he said, "Nothing will change my feelings for her" Zero said without hesitance, his gaze on Yuki.

Kaname nodded and extended his fangs and sank them into Yuki's neck, Yuki arched her back and tried to push him off, "Zero you need to hold her down!" Kaien shouted, holding down her legs, Zero did as he was told. After a few minutes Yuki stopped moving, "Ok, she's completely drained now" Kaname said, before biting his own wrist, and sucked his own blood till his mouth was full.

After that he leaned down and opened Yuki's mouth before covering it with his own, Zero tensed and grinded his teeth, 'it's for her, it'll save her life' he continued to tell himself. Blood trickled down her chin, and suddenly her hair began to grow and didn't stop till it at least reached level with her tail bone. Kaname pulled back and stared at Yuki and watched as she stirred before finally opening her eyes.

"Do you remember now Yuki?" Kaname asked, Yuki sat up slowly and cupped his cheeks with her small hands, "B-Big brother?" she asked, Kaname placed his slightly larger hands over hers and smiled "Yes" he said leaning into her touch, she looked around at everyone before her gaze landed on a smirking Zero, "Zero!" she shouted and jumped on him but he managed catch himself before he fell backwards.

Yuki buried her face in his neck and smiled before freezing, Zero pulled her back a bit and stared at her, her eyes were blood red, he smirked, "Z-Zero, I can see you veins" she said tracing one, Zero chuckled, "That's because you're thirsty" he said and pulled her onto his lap, he pushed her head towards his neck and simply said, "Drink" and she obeyed sinking her fangs into his neck, Zero didn't even flinch, Zero looked over at Kaname and smirked, this time it was Kaname's turn to grind his teeth.

Yuki pulled back and yawned, like a baby would after being fed, and snuggled into Zero chest and fell asleep, Zero licked the blood off her chin and stood up with her in his arms and headed towards the boys dormitory, the headmaster and Yagari and Kaname's gaze on his back till he could no longer be seen.


Zero layed his sleeping beauty on his bed, it's been exactly six months since they had been together in his room, and five months since the miscarriage. Zero sighed before taking off his jacket and hanging it on the back of his desk chair. He sat at the edge of the bed and stared Yuki; he reached over and ran his fingers through her silky long strands.

Yuki stirred and opened her eyes hers and stretched, Zero thought that she looked adorable with her long hair and her hands balled up in fists and level with her head. "Zero?" she asked blushing, Zero continued to stare at her.

Yuki slowly sat up and leaned in closer to him and kissed him, Zero kissed her back deepening it and pushed her down on her back. After a few minutes they were both naked and Zero was thrusting in and out of her. Yuki was trying to control her moaning because this time was different than the last time they sex in Zero's room, because this time they weren't the only ones in the dormitory.

The other male students in the day class were also in the dormitory. Zero felt himself coming, so he crashed his lips down on top of Yuki's, and exploded, her lips muffling his moans of pure ecstasy, Yuki came a short while after.

Zero collapsed on top of her panting, trying to control their breathing; once they did they smiled at each other. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, both figure's froze, the second knock snapped them out of their frozen state and they quickly broke apart searching for their clothes. Yuki found hers first they were o the side of the bed; she picked them up and began to quickly dress.

Another knock resounded out into the room, "Zero? Can I come?" 'Shit!' Zero thought to himself 'The dorm president' Zero quickly sat up and pulled the blanket back and froze, Yuki sensing his frozen state turned around to see what was wrong, only to freeze as well once following his gaze to his penis, his uncovered penis, the penis which was not covered by a condom.

The knocks got louder, causing them to quickly break out of their frozen states and Yuki quickly finished getting dressed and kissed his cheek before jumping out the window. Zero got up and quickly got dressed, and opened the door, "What is it, dorm president" he said, a little annoyed, "I'm sorry to wake you Zero, but the night class dorm president Kaname Kuran said it was important" with the day class president left.

Kaname pushed his way past Zero, and Zero closed the door, "What do you want Kaname its la-!" before he could finish his sentence Kaname had slammed him against the wall, baring his fangs, Zero did the same. "Your job is to protect her! Not have sex with her!" Kaname shouted, Zero growled, "What I do and don't do with my girlfriend is none of your damn business Kuran!" Zero snarled back.

Kaname growled Zero had him there; the two had been officially dating since the night of the incident at the fountain (A/N see paragraphs seventeen to twenty four, if you have forgotten) Kaname pulled him away from the wall only to slam him against it again, and growled with his eyes glowing blood red, "Well then I suppose I'll just have to kill you" he growled, "No!" both males froze before their gazes shifted to the girl standing in front of the window.

"No big brother, please!" Yuki pleaded, running over to the two and Kaname and pulling him away from Zero before standing between her older brother and the man she loved, 'Please don't kill him!" Kaname stared at her and sighed, he never good deny a request from her. "Fine, I'll make a proposition with you, Yuki" he said, cupping her cheek, and smirking.

Zero tensed, and pulled her away from Kaname's touch, "No way in hell I'm allowing that to happen!" Zero snarled, understanding exactly where Kaname was leading to with this. Yuki cocked her head confused, "Allowing what to happen?" she asked, not understanding what was going on, Kaname looked at her, and smiled a smile that could be passed off as a smirk and simply stated "If you really don't want me to kill Zero, then sleep with me." He said staring at the now wide eyes girl who was frozen to the floor.