Title: How Will You Know

Pairings: Lucy/Natsu, some Mirajane/Freed, some Gray/Juvia, some Elfman/Evergreen.

Rating: I'm gonna stick with M just in case of later chapters.

Plot: Lucy has had a rough time since coming back from Tenrou Island. To make matters worse, her and Natsu seem to have crossed over the line of friends. Confused and hurt, Lucy goes on a quest to clear her mind, with Natsu hot on her trail. (Bad Summary) R/R NaLu.

Hi everyone! I'm Sakura Yosei / Eimii. Its been so long since I've published something here on ! I'm so nervous. I'm written a lot of random stuff here and there over the years but didn't have the courage or time to put up on here! This is my first anime fanfic! So excited. I love Fairy Tail so much. :D Please R/R! I enjoy all critism.

Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail. I just love it to death XD

Chapter 1: Friends

"When your lips touched mine something from deep inside. Feeling oh so shy, only you know how I felt that day. All I need is my old friend. Just thinking of you and I feel my heart stop" Friends by BECCA

Brown eyes slowly opened to the world to make out the familiar shapes of her ceiling. She closed and reopened them again slowly, trying to fight the horrible headache coming on. I knew I drank too much last night she groaned silently in her head and shifted her head to the right. Her eyes tried to pierce the semi-darkness in her room, watching the sun peak up from the forest slowly through her window. It radiating a beautiful blend of pinks and red, just like Natsu. Natsu…her cheeks flushed a bit and she quickly looked back up at the ceiling.

Almost on cue, the spirit mage felt something shift on the matress next to her and she felt a shiver go up her spine. Did Natsu sneak into my bed again? She pondered suddenly and attempted to close her eyes again, feeling her headache get worse. It so cold without Natsu…she suddenly realized as it was the middle of winter. Wait…why am I so cold… she peaked an eye open again and then quickly both eyes shot open at the realization she only had sheets and blankets covering her cold form.

Wait…wait a minute! Lucy, you are crazy…C-R-A-Z-Y. She glanced towards the end of the bed and saw someone sitting at the edge of her bed. She knew it was Natsu, she could make out the silhouette of his spiky hair. She watched silently as he ran a hand through his hair, scratching the back of his head.

Her eyes followed down to his neck and then his shoulders landing on his bare back. She noted he was missing his signature scarf from Igneel and she could make out a few scars marring his back. Lucy rubbed her fingers together slowly under the covers, remembering. "N-Natsu…" she had whimpered in slight pain as she clinged to his body tightly, feeling the slightly raised bits of healed skin under her fingernails.

Heat instantly rose in her cheeks as pieces came together. She glanced a bit further down to see in the shadows that Natsu was not wearing any more then she was. She quickly squinted her eyes shut, trying to calm down. I…slept with Natsu last night. Lucy, you slept with Natsu last night… no matter how many times she tried to tell herself she was still having a hard time believing.

The spirit mage heard a sigh come from the edge of the bed as some shuffling sounds were made. "How do I explain this to Happy… ugh I wish my head would stop hurting. I'll need to see Wendy later." The young dragon slayer's voice was quiet, almost murmuring.

More quiet shuffling could be heard and Lucy peaked an eye open to see Natsu was now fully dressed sans scarf. She quickly panicked though when she saw him turning around to face her, closing her eye again.

"Luce…" Natsu whispered quietly.

Lucy felt like such a coward, she just laid there quietly, pretending to sleep. Don't feel bad Lucy, you just need time to process this…you've had a tough time the past few days. her good Lucy smiled. You finally bedded the Dragon Slayer! Go you! Do it again! Don't think too much about what has happened recently! Her bad Lucy grinned. What am I even thinking? She groaned.

"Luce…" she heard Natsu whisper again. He let out a sigh for the second time that morning and continued. "Just…forget about last night. I'm sorry, it shouldn't have happened."

Lucy then heard the sound of her window being opened and closed. He was gone.


Lucy sat up in bed slowly, the sun now shining into her room brightly. She glanced around and remembered her room was now empty. Memories of the night were flooding back slowly as she saw her clothes thrown about the floor. Tears threatened her eyes as she recalled his words "Just forget about it". Glancing over to the empty spot next to her on the bed she noticed Natsu's signature white scarf on the pillow.

"How can you tell me to forget now. Its happened…" all emotion overcame her rational thoughts and she started to sob.

Her body was already regretting her choice to cry her heart out as she made the symptoms of her hangover worse. She grabbed the scarf and held it close to her body, dampening it with her tears. How am I suppose to deal with this? She despaired. She curled up into a ball under the covers and continued to cry into the scarf, her life had been nothing but a roller coaster the past few weeks.

Sorry for such a short chapter, it always seems longer in word XD So yeah, let me know what you think so far! The title of the story "How Will You Know" and the title of this chapter "Friends" are song titles by BECCA. You should look up "how will you know" on Youtube sometime. I like to think the lyrics are from Natsu's POV. Look up sometime on the lyrics wikia too! Anyways XD Please R/R, thanks for taking the time to read. Hope to see you guys in the next chapter!

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