Darkness. Nothing but darkness. He couldn't see a single thing. There wasn't a sound or noise that made him open his crimson eyes. He was just sitting there in his black leather chair. He didn't know if it was morning or if it was still night. This was how he usually felt after pulling another all-nighter. He was an informant and he loved his humans. He would do anything to know everything about everyone in his city. He was Izaya Orihara after all and he couldn't give up just because of a stupid thing called sleep.

His crimson eyes shot open at the sound of knocking on his door to his office. His eyes met bright sunlight and it annoyed him. How long had he been passed out? He blinked a few times to really wake up, before he stretched his arms high above his head, yawning. He had completely forgot about the person outside his door, right up until he heard the loud knocking on the door again. He grumbled something to himself, as he finally left his black leather chair. His stomach made a funny sound the second he stood up on the floor. He hadn't been eating much lately. But that didn't stop him from observing and watching his lovely humans.

When he finally made it to the door, he just quickly opened it. A sleepy smile spread across his face slowly when his crimson eyes fell on the underground doctor, his high school friend. "Good morning, Shinra~"

Shinra stared at the informant, who looked like he hadn't been eating anything or getting any sleep for days. "Good morning, Izaya-kun," he said in his not so usual serious tone. Without asking, he walked inside the raven haired man's office/apartment. "I have something to talk to you about, that's the only reason I'm here." He sat down on the couch and looked up at the thin man, waiting for him to sit down too.

Izaya sighed shortly and just placed himself down on the couch, his crimson eyes locked on the underground doctor. "What is it?" he asked curiously. He didn't really have to ask. He had the feeling that it was about how little he took care of himself. He barely did take care of himself.

"I know just by looking at you, that you don't get anything to eat and that you barely sleep," Shinra started in a rather serious tone. "And it's not healthy. I know you will never agree to do anything about it unless I force you to it. So I've found a bodyguard, who can take care of you, so you don't just die suddenly." As the doctor opened his mouth to continue speaking, he was interrupted by the informant.

"What... so a bodyguard is going to take care of me?" Izaya stared at the doctor, not believing anyone would even agree to do that job. "So basically that bodyguard is my butler? No one will ever going to agree to do that, Shinra. And by the way, I can handle this myself. I don't need to be taken care of. I'm fine."

Shinra took a deep breath in, before he started talking again. "I know you don't think you need any help, but trust me... you do. I bet you didn't even go to bed last night. And the bodyguard just lost his job and needs something to do, so I think he'll be perfect to take care of you." He paused shortly, thinking it maybe wasn't a good idea anyway. But he had to do something and this was the only thing to do. "He might be a little angry at first, but once you two get to know each other better, I'm sure it will go just fine."

Izaya sighed and rolled his crimson eyes shortly, before he looked back at the doctor. "Okay, fine. I'll agree to it. But one question; who is it?"

Meanwhile in Ikebukuro...

Shizuo sighed and forced the smoke out of his mouth, as he dropped the now done cigarette down on the ground. He had just lost his job as the debt collector, Tom Tanaka's bodyguard, since Tom moved out of Ikebukuro a few days ago. But he had already got another job. A job that Shinra had given him. All he had been told was that he had to be a bodyguard and protect the person, plus he had to make sure the person got something to eat and got some sleep. To him, it sounded like a butler's job and not a job he could do very well. He would probably get fired on the first day.

He started walking towards the building, where Shinra said he and the person would be. He didn't notice, that it was Shinjuku he was heading towards.

Back in Shinjuku...

Izaya widened his eyes quickly and stood up from the couch, staring down at the underground doctor. "Are you insane?" he yelled loudly. "Shizu-chan is not going to be my bodyguard! He'll freaking kill me! And I don't even know how the hell you got him to agree on this!"

"Now now, Izaya-kun," Shinra started, trying to calm the informant down. "He doesn't know it's you who he's going to take care of. And I'm going to tell him not to kill you or he'll not get any money, once he gets over here. He-"

"He's coming here now?" Izaya interrupted in another loud yell. "Are you planning to end my life today?" He opened his mouth to continued yelling at the doctor, but was interrupted by a knocking at his door. "Shit!" He quickly ran to his desk and crawled under it, trying to hide even though he knew it didn't matter.

"That must be him," Shinra said and stood up, walking towards the door. "And get out from there. He won't kill you." Without hesitating, the underground doctor opened the door, making Izaya believe this was going to be his last day alive.

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