Okay... So this is a ficlet based from the scene where Darren takes a bath with Mr. Crepsley..

And Darren is a genderbent here. His... (or her?) name is Darla.


"There are no other bathing facilities in Vampire Mountain." Mr. Crepsley announced while we are standing in front of two beautiful, cascading waterfalls in the Hall of Perta Vin-Grahl. I started to protest, but he just laughed and got rid of his clothing before immersed himself in the spray. I watched Mr. Crepsley's well built behind, and blushed when I caught myself staring a bit too intensely at Mr. Crepsley's butt.

"If you are shy to expose your feminine features - that is, if you have any at the first place - in front of me, you can take your bath at the other side of the fountain." I turned red upon Mr. Crepsley's tease. How could he mock me like that? I admit, my boobs aren't as big as most girls my age, but they still have the right shape and size! I stared down at my breasts, and squeezed them together with my hands. "Yeah, it certainly got stuffier the last time I checked." I muttered to myself, and I heard hollering coming from the waterfalls.

"You cannot make them bigger no matter how hard you push them together, silly brat!" Mr. Crepsley is obviously trying very hard to contain his laughter, and I quickly loosened the grip on my boobs as fast as my eyes who are trying to peek at Mr. Crepsley's abs. It's not that I have never seen them, in fact, I already saw it when we're on the way up here to Vampire Mountain. But this is different. The trickling water makes all the difference. I hold back a squeal when I saw his wet abs, before forcing myself to shout at him, "Just you wait, Mr. Crepsley! I'm going to crush you to death with my boobs someday!"

"I hope that I can have bones strong enough to enjoy that, if you ever achieved that." Mr. Crepsley said, scratching at his scar, "Or at least lived long enough to see it." Mr. Crepsley laughed for a while before I royally decided to avoid taking the vampire head-on at quarrels to stop embarrassing myself. I huffed as I took off my clothes, timidly looking back at the vampire after I had removed everything that is covering my body. He already has his back against me. I let out a sigh of relief before making small, rapid steps to the edge of the pond. I tested the water with my toes, and started to shout for my mentor.

"Mr. Crepsley! The water is freezing!" I shouted, uncertain to dip my body in the cold water. "Only weak vampires fear the cold, Darla. Or do you actually want me to hug you as a source of heat?" I feel pissed all over again, but blushed uncontrollably when the mental image of Mr. Crepsley hugging me - and the both of us are naked - surfaced in my mind. I shook my head, attempting to shake the image off.

"No can do!" I shouted back and leaped forward, letting the harsh waterfall ravage my body. "OH MY LORD!" I roared with ice-cold shock, "THIS IS TORTURE!"

"Now you understand why so few vampires bother to wash while at Council!" Mr. Crepsley shouted back from the other side of the waterfall.

"IS THERE A LAW AGAINST HOT WATER?" I screeched, furiously scrubbing dirty spots away from my body like a mad person, in a hurry to finish with the shower.

"Not as such." Mr. Crepsley replied, stepping out from his waterfall, and I can see him running his hand through his wet hair, shaking out excess water as he continued, "Cold water is good enough for nature's other creatures of the wild, so we prefer not to heat it. Well, at least not here, not in the heart of our homeland."

I got out from the waterfall, stammering from the ice-cold water as I wobbled towards the rough, prickly towels that seemed extremely comforting after the shower. Once again, Mr. Crepsley already had his back facing me, all his clothes back on his body.

"Feel better now, after the cold shower?" Mr. Crepsley asked as I am still trying to get to the towel, which sits on a stool just behind Mr. Crepsley. I laughed dryly, before answering, "Yeah, way better."

"But nothing feels better than being able to sneak up to you and not getting noticed, Larten!" Gavner appeared behind Mr. Crepsley all of a sudden, a small knife pressed onto Mr. Crepsley's neck, but they all know that this gesture is harmless. What's critical right now - as I realized it after a few moments - is that I have nothing on right now, and if Gavner turned around, that will be the end of me! I quickened my pace towards the stool.

"Gavner. What are you doing here?" Mr. Crepsley asked, trying to get his attention to let me have enough time to get to my towel.

"Nah. Just checking up on you. I see that you have had your bath." Gavner said, turning his head to the left and to the opposite direction, "Where's Darla? I'd like to say hello to the clean maiden." He heard footsteps - my footsteps - behind him, and as he turned around, Mr. Crepsley made his move.

"Do not look." Mr. Crepsley warned sternly as he swished his wet towel across Gavner's eyes, momentarily disturbing his vision. He grabbed my dry towel and appeared in front of me, holding the towel in front of me like a curtain. Mr. Crepsley did all that very quickly, just right before Gavner managed to move the wet towel away from his eyes.

"What, Larten?" Gavner tossed the towel aside angrily. "Tossing your towel at me, seriously?"

"I have to." Mr. Crepsley answered calmly. Gavner saw the towel that Mr. Crepsley is holding.

"Who are you hiding?" Gavner asked, taking a few steps forward towards Mr. Crepsley.

"Darla. She has not get into any clothing yet. And I will suggest you to stay where you are." Mr. Crepsley said, looking away from me when he caught sight of me looking at him. "So that's why I have to do all those things to you." Missing the look of shock on Gavner's face - which I did not because I popped my head out to wave at Gavner happily while having my body covered by Mr. Crepsley and his towel - , Mr. Crepsley continued, "I cannot risk letting you see my assistant's body. And Darla, stop waving at Gavner."

"Okay, chill, Romeo." Gavner teased, and waved back at me happily. "Get your Juliet dressed and we will meet outside." With that, Gavner was away within seconds.

"Wear your clothes." Mr. Crepsley grunted as he wrapped the towel around my body, tucking the ends together so that the towel stayed intact around my body. He walked away hastily. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, partly it's because of the comfort the towel gave me, and the other, Mr. Crepsley. To be specific, Mr. Crepsley's actions. Sometimes I wished that he is my boyfriend, with his gentle moves and whatnot. I grinned stupidly to myself as I slipped into my clothes.

"Okay, I'm done." I said when I got my short skirt around my waist. Mr. Crepsley turned around and looked at me, before leading me towards the exit of the Hall.

"Wait." A plan formed in my head. I quickly rushed back to retrieve the stool from earlier, settling it down beside Mr. Crepsley. I stood up on the stool, making myself stand face to face with Mr. Crepsley. Before Mr. Crepsley could question my actions, I pecked him lightly on his cheeks, which still feels cold, but soon reddened with blushes.

"You.. What do you think you are doing, Darla?" Mr. Crepsley asked, his eyes averting away from mine. I grinned, before pointing towards the exit, where Gavner stood with his mouth wide open. "Claiming my Romeo with a kiss."

"That hurts, Darla." Gavner said, clutching his chest with his hands. "I am supposed to be your Romeo!"

"Well, nice try, Gavner. But Mr. Crepsley is my preferred choice for Romeo." I circled my arms around Mr. Crepsley, nuzzling my head against his neck while smiling happily.

"I will have to snatch you away by force, then." Gavner said, and scooped me up from the stool, dashing towards the exit. He stopped when he reached the exit, and as I struggled to break free from Gavner's grip, he shouted back to Mr. Crepsley, "I shall claim Juliet in the name of love! Come and get back her, Romeo!" Gavner disappeared along the corridor with me in his arms after declaring the challenge to Mr. Crepsley and letting me squeal for help for a few heartbeats.

"Kids." Mr. Crepsley sighed as he walked slowly to the exit of the Hall, before starting to chase Gavner down.

And thus, I am debating whether if I should make an extra for this or let it be..

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