A/n: Hi! This is my first time writing a series and I am not sure if I would be able to pull it off successfully but I will try my best. This story was inspired by death note so you might sense some similarities. This fic will have NO pairings, but I might add a little if you squint. Please enjoy! ^^

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On a cold Christmas night, the lights on the street lamps flickered on and off as two shadows rushed past it. A man in his mid-forties turned round the corner of the large storage house while clutching his chest as he started panting heavily; sweat drops trickled down from his oily face. He was at his wits end. His legs were tired and sore; running with a bloodied and bruised body did not help much. He knew that this game of cat and mouse would soon come to an end as he could feel his energy depleting away and his purser's footsteps could be heard quickly approaching him from behind.

"Tap, tap"

With every step his purser took, fear slowly engulfed his whole being at the thought of his life taken away. He knew that although his purser was far more superior compared to a measly grunt like him but there was still a chance to take him by surprise even for him if he struck now. Even it was still small, the man still clinged onto his delusional hope and turned to face the direction of his purser-the infamous 'X'.

When 'X' reached within his area of vision, the man lunged at him hoping to land a hit on him but as he expected, 'X' managed to counter his feeble attack with one swift punch to his stomach. The man kneeled on the ground as he spluttered out fresh blood from his mouth.

It was foolish of him to ever think his attacks would reach him.

Lifting his head to see 'X's face, he was shocked, "who would ever think that someone like him could hurt a fly...much less a human being..." he silently thought as he bowed his head in defeat. Although he knew he was going to die, he did not fancy the thought that his murderer might never be caught so secretly, he left a hint for the police hoping they would notice it. Not noticing the secret action, X decided to end his victim's pathetic life for good.

"For the greater good..."was the final sentence he left for his victim before thrusting a knife into his victim's chest and burned his corpse. After putting out the flame, X flicked the crimson liquid off his knife-producing an eerie silver gleam before disappearing into the night.

Little did he know that by not inspecting the scene closely would lead to his ultimate down fall...

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