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Chapter 9: Start The Ball Rolling

Third Person P.O.V

Stepping into the room, the first thing that greeted him was the cold assault of the cooled air even before the view of the office registered in his eyes. The office was like an orderly maze with cubical neatly arranged in a fixed pattern on both sides of the room, forming a clear path straight up to his office. Even though the place was supposedly arranged in a neat manner, the walls of the cubical always seemed to remind him of the paths of a maze which at time he would stop to ponder on the various "routes" available but time was not on his side today as he had to report to Byakuran as soon as possible in order to spend more time thinking about what he had learnt in the day.

With brisk steps, Hibari intended to walk to his office, gather his stuff, report to Byakuran and go home but his perfect plan was ruined by a loud cheery voice.

"Hibari! Welcome back! Or should I say Mr. Hibari. Hahaha!"

Correction, an annoying voice.

"Yamamoto Takeshi." Hibari acknowledge before failing to block out the man.

"Maa, don't be so cold to me, I am second-in-command after all aren't I? Hahaha!"

'Unfortunately' but Hibari resisted the urge to add in the important detail.

"So how was your day Mr Hibari? Found any big bad wolf in the cattle of sheep?" the man said with a teasing grin and nudge which caused a tick mark to successfully form on the forehead of the usually controlled man.

"It is only the first day, I have not observed enough yet but there is a particular person who has caught my eye."

"Oh? A person has caught the Hibari's eye? Please remember you are a full grown man on a very important mission. It is best that you leave your feelings on one side and heck! Those kids are a bit too young for you aren't they? Tsk tsk tsk." Yamamoto mock reprimanded, swishing his index finger out with a playful seriousness.

"Yamamoto Takeshi…." Hibari growled in retaliation. He took pride at the fact that he was a serious man and would never allow feelings to take over him, it was unprofessional. Hearing this from a guy like Yamamoto was plain right insulting but the said man didn't take notice as he turned around grab some stuff on his desk. Not that it mattered to Hibari.

"So please tell me the name of the outstanding guywho has caught your eye?"

Hibari paused. Should he tell the name of the boy so early? What if he made a mistake? Now that would be a big blow to his pride.

"Or is the mean grumpy Hibari admitting that I was right and there was no way those innocent little kids could be suspicious? ~"

That's it.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi."

"…Sawada Tsunayoshi?" Yamomoto turned and faced him with a quizzed face. "Who's that?"

Should he tell him? If he did he knew that Yamamoto would start nagging about how innocent the boy is and how he can never be evil and blablahblah….but, he was technically the second-in-charge... technically

"He has spiky brown hair which defies gravity and big chocolate eyes-"


Hibari's description was cut by an ear piercing shout which echoed throughout the room, causing both Hibari and Yamamoto to wince. It has been awhile since he last showed up and people kind of forget how loud the man can actually be.

The man had short silver hair which spiked upwards and reached till his ears. Across his left temple was a nasty scar which never seemed to fade with time. He had gray eyes and a tanned complexion, on his nose bridge was his trademark item, a small bandage plastered across it. He wore an orange dress shirt and a black tie hanging loosely on his neck. He waved his hand in a friendly manner to greet the two.

"Oh, Hibari, Yamamoto, it has been an EXTREMELY long time since we last met. How extremely is the investigation going?"

"Hahaha! Ryohei! It has been a long time! The investigation is as usual meaning no leads."

"WHAT? That's not the extreme Hibari I know!"

"Ma ma clam down cause Mr Grumpy here has an intelligent guess that 'X' is at a school for smart people so he is going undercover as a teacher there."

"A teacher? That's so EXTREME! I knew that you had the extreme spirit to lead the extreme kids to an extreme future! I am extremely proud of you Hibari!"

'The extremely annoying pest came back'

"Hibari! What's with the long face? Let's go out for a drink to celebrate your EXTREME job."

"I'd rather not."

"What? Your senior here is asking for an extremely small drink after a long time and this is how you reply? Since when did you get so rude you brat!"

Technically, Hibari was older than Ryohei but instead of fighting back, Hibari opted for the easier option of blocking out the loud man which only seemed to enrage him more.

While Yamamoto was trying to calm his senior down, Hibari continued his initial path towards his private office. To him, Yamamoto Takeshi was finally useful for something so he left Ryohei to him while he gathered his stuff.

After finally taking all the stuff he needed, Hibari took the longer route to the lift lobby, in order to avoid the extremely annoying man who was supposedly his senior.


Hibari stepped out of the lift and instead of being greeted by Byakuran, he was greeted by his secretary, Chrome.

Chrome had short purple pineapple like hair which length reached her a bit over her ears. She has a single visible violet coloured eye while the other is hidden under an eye patch which was decorated with the picture of a skull. She wore an indigo dress shirt and a black tie tucked neatly under a suit and a matching black skirt.

" Mr. Byakuran is not in the office…"


"…I am not sure…he told me to ask you to leave a message…"

"Tell him that I've got a suspect."

"I understand. I will relay this to him when he returns." She gave a short, curt bow and turned to leave. At times he wondered if the quiet herbivore was actually processing his words but he had no choice but to leave this with her as he did not have means to contact his superior.

Now, he could finally retreat back to the comfort to his home. Lifting up his hand, the numbers "7.30" glared at him. It was already late and he better return home fast before that little herbivore starves to death.

Sitting on the couch, Tsuna glared at the orange file in front of him. For some reason, the file seems to emit and aura that says "you're screwed" and the brunette dreaded opening the file. He knew that it spelled trouble; in fact, anything that involved Reborn did just that. Resigning in defeat, Tsuna lifted the file and opened it. It was like a Pandora's Box that the poor little Tsuna had opened.


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