"Shit not again…" Uryuu murmurs looking at the alarm clock on his desk. Yet again he's fallen asleep while working. He shakes his head and saves the word document on his laptop before shutting the computer down. He gets out of the black leather chair, his legs waist brushing against the wood of the desk, he yawns and turns around.

The living room is a simple layout. Against the wall is a black leather sofa with a glass coffee table in front of it. On the wall opposite the sofa is a flat screen TV. There is a wooden cabinet with glass doors under it full of different DVD's and odd videos. In the corner to the right of the TV is a black leather chair. In the other corner is the desk he was currently working at. There is a big window along the same wall as the desk and it fills the room with the soft glow of the street lights outside.

Uryuu frowns while pulling the plain white blinds closed. He walks to the door (on the left of the sofa) and flicks the light switch off. There wasn't much point sleeping now but he had to try. He walks into the corridor. To the left is the bathroom. The two rooms on the opposite side of the corridor are the kitchen and a spare bedroom. At the very end to the left is the front door. To the right is a spiral staircase. That was one present his father gave him. He bought Uryuu a two floor apartment though Uryuu only used the upstairs for his own bedroom and bathroom and other then that it is a big open space. Uryuu trudges up the spiral stairs while yawning.

The wide room has two doors to the right and the whole back wall is made of glass. There is a small black marble topped kitchen against the left wall. In front of the glass wall is a black leather corner sofa with a wooden coffee table in front of it. On the other side of the coffee table is a black leather sofa which can seat two people. He stretches heading to the second door on the right.

The room is simply designed. The double bed is to the right with plain green bedding and small bedside tables either side. The wardrobe takes up the whole right hand wall and there is a full length mirror on the wall opposite the door. There is a long window along the left hand wall spreading a dim light over everything. Uryuu sighs again and changes quickly into the baggy grey top and baggy black pants on the end of the bed. He throws his other clothes in the washing basket to the left of the door and then drops back onto his bed. The bedside tables are wood with one draw and then two shelves at the bottom with a glass door. In one the few books he's wrote are on the shelves. On top is a lamp. Uryuu leans over the edge of the bed and opens the glass door to the bed side table on his side of the bed. He reaches under and then pulls out a picture in a dark wooden frame.

He sighs at the beautiful face smiling back at him. The picture was taken just before graduation from high school. Her orange hair is falling over her shoulder in light waves. Her right cheek is full of food and her smile is slightly lob-sided because of it. Her blue eyes are happy and beautiful. Uryuu smiles tracing over her beautiful face lightly with his fingertips. It was the same routine almost every night. In high school he fell in love with the most beautiful girl he's ever met but she could never love him. She was always in love with his good friend Ichigo Kurosaki. Part of him still loved the girl but after they graduated he didn't see her as much. They both went on to do different things, she went to study in England and he went on to university in Tokyo. He finally arrived back in Karakura two years ago at the age of nineteen but he hasn't seen her at all. After she went to England that was it, he never saw Orihime Inoue again. Uryuu frowns putting the picture away again and then rolling over and closing his eyes shut tightly, ready for the little proper sleep he'll get.

"Hey baby." Rukia says running her fingers through thick orange hair with her head tipped back to see his tired face. Ichigo grumbles and then wraps his arms around her waist tightly from behind and pulls her body to fit against his. He buries his face into her black hair and she laughs and struggles to pull away. She rolls over to face him and slaps his hands away playfully. Ichigo grins and shakes his head before propping himself up onto his elbow. He looks down at her and she rolls onto her back and looks up at him smiling. He leans down and rubs his nose against hers teasingly. Rukia smiles lifting an arm into the air and twisting her fingers into his hair as she drags his lips to hers. The kiss is soft but passionate, with her tongue rubbing over his bottom lip playfully. Ichigo smiles and then gently bites the tip of her tongue. Rukia shakes her head and lets him pull away slightly.

"Good morning to you too." He whispers and Rukia beams before letting go of his hair and stretching.

I was around the last few months of high school when Ichigo finally asked Rukia to be his girlfriend. Over the past four years the two of them grew closer and closer but only bought an apartment together three months ago. Byakuya wasn't very happy at first but he knew for a long time Rukia would eventually move to the world of the living to be with Ichigo. Ichigo is now working as a manager at an estate agency and Rukia is a teacher at the main primary school in Karakura town. The two of them are still good friends with Uryuu who lives in the apartment block on the other side of town. They also all hang out with Tatsuki who now works for the police force. The two of them couldn't be much happier for their friends. Chad moved to Tokyo and is currently working as a vice-manager at a big lawyer's branch. Keigo is Tatsuki's current boyfriend. They've been going out for eight months and Keigo works with Rukia at the primary school as the teacher for the year below her.

"Let's get ready now. We don't want to be late." Rukia chimes. The two of them, Tatsuki, Keigo and Uryuu normally meet up every morning at a café which is nearly exactly at the centre of all their work places. They all have a coffee their and then one by one head off to work.

"Or we could just call in sick and stay in bed all day." Ichigo suggests while pinning both her arms down with his hands. She lies under him laughing and shaking her head. She reaches up and plants a brief kiss on his lips before falling back onto the bed with a grin.

"No we can't. We both get Sundays off and our holidays overlap so we can spend as much time in bed then but its Monday. I have kids to go teach and you have houses to try and sell." Rukia points out and Ichigo pouts slightly.

"Technically I don't sell the houses." Ichigo grins.

"Fine but you have to send people out to sell the houses and deal with all the paperwork and whatever else you do there." Rukia laughs.

"Not to mention helping defeat hollows once and a while." Ichigo sighs and Rukia smiles.

"Well there's the two of us as well as your dad. I'd say we do a pretty good job." Rukia pushes Ichigo off her and slides off the bed. The room is light with a big window above the desk opposite the bed. The door on the wall with the bed to the right and the desk to the left. With the wardrobe to the right of the door. The bed pushed against the right wall. Ichigo sighs as she walks to the bedroom door (wearing one of his shirts) and says she's going for a shower.

"Maybe I could join you?" Ichigo teases climbing out of the bed and chasing Rukia out of the room with her laughing happily.

Tatsuki yawns and sits up in her double bed. The door to her room is opposite the bed with the wardrobe to the left and a few shelves to the right. She scrambles out of bed wearing a baggy blue jumper and dark grey shorts. She walks into the corridor with the front door to the right. The bathroom door straight ahead and the open plan living and dining area to the left. She smiles hearing the kettle boiling and she walks down the hall happily.

Around the corner to the right is a TV against the wall with a wooden coffee table and a sofa facing it. To the back of the sofa is an oblong wooden table with two seats both side and then one on each end. Around the corner to the left is the small kitchen with clean white marble tops and light wooden units. Light floods into the room from the full length window the same width as the 'living area' and the window above the sink in the kitchen. Tatsuki grins as Keigo pours boiling water into a mug. The two of them normally have a coffee now and then a cold drink at the café.

"Good morning. It's good to see you put that key to use." Tatsuki smiles and Keigo grins.

"Might as well." Keigo walks to the edge of the hall to greet her wearing a stripy light blue and white shirt with navy blue pants. He smiles at her. "Don't you look as sexy as usually in your nightwear?" He teases weaving his arms around her waist. Tatsuki grabs the two ends of his shirt collar gently and tugs him closer to her.

"Aren't you just the hot teacher?" Tatsuki teases back kissing his lips briefly. He raises an eyebrow and smiles. Her hair now falls to her chin in neater bangs but she was still as fierce and energetic as in high school. Keigo rests his chin on her shoulder as he hugs her tightly and then he kisses her bare neck causing her to blush lightly and smile.

"We should do something this week after work." Keigo suggests and Tatsuki nods while smiling.

"We should but I should probably get changed quickly. I'll drink my coffee as soon as I'm ready, ok?" She grins pulling out of his arms. He nods and walks back to the two mugs as Tatsuki jogs back into her room to get changed into her uniform.

The café is on a corner with two of its walls being glass. Inside the theme colours are black and red. There are booths along the left and right wall with black tables and red padded seats. There are a few tables in the centre in the same colours. Opposite the glass door is the red counter with black stripes on it. The uniform is black pants and red shirt for men and black pants/shorts/skirts and red shirts for women. Uryuu pushes the door open and heads to the table where they always sit.

This particular table is on the right hand side and is a different shape to the others. The table is a 'U' shape with seats either side the table as well as along the glass. Tatsuki and Keigo are already sat with their backs to the glass at the table. They give Uryuu a small wave as he nods and heads to the counter. He puts his wallet on the counter and orders the same as usual. A black coffee with one sugar to the usual table. He walks over to the table and then slides into the seat next to Tatsuki.

"Nice choice today." Tatsuki comments and Uryuu smiles and shrugs knowing she was commenting on his black jeans and light green blue shirt.

"You don't look much different." Uryuu replies with a smile referring to her police uniform. She grins and shrugs before putting the red straw in her mouth and taking a gulp of her banana milkshake.

"Here they are. Late again." Tatsuki sighs as the door opens. Uryuu looks up and Keigo turns around to see their friends. Ichigo walks behind Rukia wearing a black suit with a white shirt and no tie. His arms are wrapped around Rukia's waist from behind and he playfully whispers into her ear. She smiles squatting him away as he tickles her sides. Rukia herself is wearing a yellow top with straps an inch thick, three quarter black pants with a jacket to match and plain black shoes with a small heal.

"Are you surprised? They both have Sunday off and pretty much do the same thing every Sunday night." Keigo laughs. "I'm surprised they don't already have five kids."

"They obviously use protection." Uryuu adds to the joke and all three of them laugh as Rukia slides into the seat next to Uryuu and Ichigo into the seat next to Keigo.

"What's funny?" Rukia wonders.

"We were just explaining why you two are always late on a Monday that's all." Uryuu says honestly and then smiles as a waitress hands him his cup of coffee. He thanks her and she walks away with a small smile.

"I don't get it." Ichigo frowns.

"Oh you know the routine. Spend all Sunday together, have a few drinks and then you two will be up until dawn…" Keigo starts but cuts off laughing receiving a slap across the table from Rukia.

"That's not funny and we don't anyway." Rukia protests causing the three of them to laugh more. She frowns and shakes her head turning deep red. Ichigo sighs and gives each of his friends a quick glare.

"Oh shut it you three. Anyway how're things with you and Nemu?" Ichigo asks and everyone turns to Uryuu. He takes a gulp of his coffee and shrugs.

"I called it off on Saturday." He says lightly.

"Why? She was really nice Uryuu!" Tatsuki sighs.

"She was pretty too." Rukia points out and Uryuu shrugs.

"She looked like a good kisser too Uryuu!" Keigo sighs and Uryuu grins and then shrugs again.

"Yeah she was nice and pretty and a good kisser but everything was the same. I knew most things about her and I never learnt anything new. She was a pretty basic character." Uryuu explains.

"So what's your type then?" Ichigo frowns.

"Girls who have things about them which always seem to surprise me. I like people who are exciting and have lots of different sides to them." Uryuu admits.

"Did you sleep together?" Keigo asks and Uryuu chokes on his coffee and shakes his head.

"We went out for a week." He stammers.

"Exactly, she could have been great in bed. She could have been awesome at skiing. There are lots of things you could have found out about her." Keigo sighs.

"Your point?" Uryuu says flatly.

"You don't stay in relationships very long so we're guessing you never got over her." Rukia explains and Uryuu blinks knowing who they mean already.

"There was nothing to get over was there?" Uryuu says quietly and then shrugs and smiles as Ichigo and Rukia get their drinks brought to them. Rukia ordering her usual milky tea with two sugars and Ichigo with his espresso.

"I guess…" Ichigo murmurs too tired to argue about it now.

"Anyway how's work going for everyone?" Uryuu asks and they all smile to themselves and start to discuss work despite knowing he was just trying to change the topic. That was the thing about Uryuu, he didn't need to talk about it because they all knew the answers really, they just wanted them confirmed.