Uryuu slowly looks up and then blinks at the figure in front of him. She's wearing a pair of dark purple pants with a matching jacket and a red shirt underneath. Her orange hair is pulled back into a neat ponytail and her side fringe is brushed neatly. Her blue flower pins are symmetrically clipped in either side of her head. Her misty blue eyes are surrounded by beautiful black lashes. Her lips are curved into a smile. Orihime Inoue was actually standing in front of him.

"Orihime?" Uryuu whispers and she smiles while tucking a lose strand of hair behind her ears.

"It's been a long time hasn't it Ishida-Kun?" Orihime sighs and Uryuu just nods slowly. "I guess you're wondering why I'm here?" Orihime adds.

"Well yes… You moved to England to complete your studies." Uryuu reminds her.

"I did indeed. I wanted to study art and the amount of different artistic things in England are amazing." Orihime admits. "But now I'm home."

"That doesn't explain a lot. You left for England and none of us spoke to you. The time difference made it difficult enough but you never seemed to answer any calls or messages…" Uryuu says feeling a little frustrated. He loved this girl so much and he had to watch her be in love with Ichigo and then she left and he never saw or spoke to her.

"I don't recall getting any calls off you Ishida-Kun. I had missed calls off Rukia and Tatsuki. Chad and Ichigo rang to see how I was as well but I never got a call off you." Orihime points out looking slightly saddened. Uryuu just blinks and then sighs remembering that she is correct. After she left he couldn't bring himself to talk to her, it hurt too much to hear her ask about Ichigo.

"I became busy after high school." Uryuu sighs.

"I know and so did I. I missed you all a lot though." Orihime smiles and then reaches into the pocket of her pants and pulls out a mobile phone. She flips it open and turns it to face him. "See?"

"You actually kept it." Uryuu stammers looking at the picture of them all in high school. Ichigo is sat on the top step with Rukia next to him on the step lowers. Her head resting on his legs and a big grin on her face. Tatsuki and Keigo are knelt up behind Ichigo and Orihime no the top step. Uryuu smiles remembering just before the picture Orihime wobbled over and so when the picture was taken Uryuu looked very embarrassed and Orihime has her arms flung around his neck with a shocked smile on her face.

"Of course I kept it. It's one of my favourite picture, you look so cute in it." Orihime grins. "Even though I did nearly kill you." She laughs and then smiles at him warmly.

"Ok but that still doesn't tell me why you're here? In this building, I mean." Uryuu wonders and Orihime sighs but keeps the smile on her face.

"Figure it out Ishida-Kun. I became an artist and whose books need pictures to go with them?" Orihime asks and Uryuu blinks. Orihime was going to be the one drawing the art for his books? He gulps and blinks a few times, this couldn't be happening to him, the character looked and acted just like her with only a few alterations. What if she's already read the books, Uryuu thinks, I'm doomed.

"Are you serious?" Uryuu asks nervously.

"Yeah, as soon as I overheard about the job I knew I had to apply for it. I thought to myself Ishida-Kun's books are going to be great and I want to make great art for them!" Orihime grins.

"How nice of you." Uryuu tries to say enthusiastically. "Well I guess we should head up and I can introduce you to Ezra."

"That sounds great." Orihime grins and they both walk back to the elevator. Uryuu presses the button quickly and thankfully the doors open almost instantly. They wait while a few people step out and then step in the elevator. Uryuu watches nervously as the doors close. They stand in silence and Orihime looks around the elevator and watches the numbers rise and rise. She looks down and smiles to herself, she always knew Ishida-Kun would do well for himself. She glances at him to see him looking down. She sighs silently and then smiles, Ishida-Kun seems to have changed quite a bit. If she was honest he is much better-looking and is now taller than her and looks visibly stronger. If she was also honest she always thought he was cute anyway, the thing people called 'nerd' appealed to her. She liked that he was smart and kind. She blinks and blushes noticing she's still looking at him when the doors open onto the tops floor. She follows Uryuu down the corridor and he holds open the glass door open. She thanks him and steps into the room nervously.

"Orihime-San, it's great to meet you in person finally." Ezra grins and Orihime smiles. The two of them sit in identical chairs in front of the desk and look at Ezra.

"It sure is great to finally meet you too." Orihime smiles and Ezra shrugs and then turns to Uryuu.

"Uryuu I hope you've been nice to Orihime-San!" Ezra warns and Uryuu opens his mouth to protest.

"Ishida-Kun has been really nice to me. It's great to see him after such a long time. You see we went to the same high school." Orihime grins and Ezra drops her jaw for a second and then closes her mouth and nods.

"That's good then if he's being nice to you. Was he always so cold and depressed back in high school?" Ezra asks and Uryuu blinks and shakes his head.

"Let's get on with the business side of things please." Uryuu sighs and Ezra sighs before nodding.

"Right Orihime-San have you read any of Uryuu's books?" Ezra asks and Orihime laughs nervously.

"I'm afraid I haven't." She glances at Uryuu but he just blinks slightly relieved that she hasn't read about herself yet.

"Oh well if you're into dreamy romance these are your books. I'll admit myself I cried a few times during this series. Our Uryuu here has quite a gift." Ezra beams and Orihime smiles a little shocked.

"Well then I can't wait to read them. I'll start as soon as I have them." Orihime nods.

"Well take a copy from here. They have just black covers now with the names written on so maybe you could design some front covers as well?" Ezra wonders and Orihime beams.

"I'd love to. I've actually been looking for an interesting and fun job like this for a while." Orihime admits with a smiles and Ezra smiles back.

"Give me a second then." She picks up the phone on her desk and mumbles something down the phone before smiling and putting the phone down. "I've asked them to leave a set of books at the front desk for you."

"Thanks Ezra-San that's really kind of you." Orihime smiles and Ezra grins and then frowns turning to Uryuu.

"Right so we've got everything sorted. You happy with that Uryuu?" Ezra sighs.

"Why wouldn't I be? You wouldn't give me a chance to refuse and it sounds like a great idea. I'm fine with it." Uryuu says slightly teasing in his voice. Ezra shakes her head and then smiles at him. While working with him she became quite close to this strange man. He was always trying to hide feelings and build up a wall and unfortunately it seemed strong enough to keep her out. The only bit of pure emotion from him is his books. He seems to put everything into them and he never fails with them.

"Right well get out of here then." Ezra waves him off. "You might have to talk to front desk for a while. Our Kate's taken quite a liking to you." Ezra grins.

"How nice of her." Uryuu sighs as they both know he has no interest in the girl at the front desk that moved here from England at a young age with her parents.

"Be nice to her!" Ezra calls as he holds the door open for Orihime.

"Aren't I always? Kate may not get the hint that I'm not interested but then again she's beautiful and a lady right? She deserves my kindness at least." Uryuu smiles and then let's the doors close behind himself and Orihime, leaving Ezra shaking her head knowing his troubled but is too stubborn to admit it.

"Ready to head off then?" Keigo asks Rukia as she marks the last book. She looks up and smiles before nodding and closing the book. She picks up the stack of blue books and stacks them on her desk for tomorrow.

"Let's get going then." Rukia grins and they both talk casually as they walk out of the door and into the entrance to see Ichigo yet again leaning against the gate. Rukia beams and runs towards him. He stands up and steps towards her to close the gap between them faster. He wraps his arms around her waist and lifts her up into a warm embrace. Rukia giggles and kisses his cheek sweetly before grinning and kicking her legs until her toes touch the ground again.

"I thought I'd walk with the two of you today. Tatsuki's gone on ahead to the café." Ichigo explains and Keigo nods and then jogs past them both. Rukia grabs Ichigo's hand and they walk slowly side by side with their hands swinging between them casually. She looks up at him as she talks and he looks down at her adoringly sending her cheeks slightly red.

They walk into the café hand in hand and then both stop and smile as Tatsuki turns red noticing them both with her and Keigo's face only millimetres apart. Keigo laughs and kisses her on the lips quickly as Rukia and Ichigo both slide into the seats. Tatsuki and Rukia on one side and the guys on the other, they wait patiently for Uryuu before they order dinner.

"Thanks Kate I'm sure everything will be fine." Uryuu smiles glancing down at his watch and knowing at this rate he'll be late. It took half an hour for the books to be brought down to the front desk and then Kate ended up talking to Orihime about her work for an hour and a half and then finally Kate began speaking to Uryuu about the same old topics she always does which took up another hour and a half of their time.

"Oh thanks Uryuu. You're really good to talk to at times like this. I think I'll take your advice and stay." Kate grins and Uryuu nods and then grabs Orihime's wrist gently and tugs her to the door.

"Finally that's over. You've not got to be back right away have you?" Uryuu asks turning to Orihime to find her blushing lightly. Uryuu looks down at his hand holding gently onto her wrist and blushes before dropping her hand.

"No I haven't." Orihime replies.

"Haven't what?" Uryuu says quietly feeling a little embarrassed.

"Got to get back right away." Orihime smiles and Uryuu blinks and then nods.

"Yeah sorry. Well you'll come with me then won't you?" Uryuu asks nervously and Orihime smiles.

"I'd love too." She admits and Uryuu smiles and picks his phone out of his pocket before calling a taxi. Within five minutes the two of them are sat silently in the taxi. As it stops Uryuu pays and then walks around and opens Orihime's door. She thanks him and then follows him to the café door slowly. She blinks not remembering the place and Uryuu turns around to face her.

"Hey are you ok Orihime? You look a little confused." Uryuu admits and Orihime nods and smiles.

"I don't recognise this place." Orihime sighs.

"Yeah we never knew it was here until we all started out jobs and we had to find a place to meet up." Uryuu explains.

"What?" Orihime says a little confused still.

"Oh I'll explain later just come with me ok?" Uryuu smiles and Orihime nods following him through the door. She watches as he waves towards a table and all four figures already sat at it turn around and look past him to her. She blinks and then smiles as their faces all seem to change from pure confusion to filled with happiness.

"Orihime-San!" Rukia gasps and Orihime smiles glancing at Uryuu to see him smiling lightly as well.