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Rose's POV:

"Ahh," I sighed contentedly while lying down atop a tree branch. The tree which I had chosen to settle down gave an overlooking view of the distant town. Treasure Town, the very town I hated. I wondered why it made me smile. Was it because of my most recent successful theft, or the sweet satisfaction of having done the act to get even with the world?

I smiled and counted the number of coins I managed to acquire from my latest victim. I opened up his bag or Explorer Kit (whatever those pathetic Exploration Teams call it) and found 148 coins and a Reviver Seed as a bonus. I smiled again; Reviver Seeds were worth at least 800 coins.

How gullible can they get? I lightheartedly thought while chuckling sinisterly to myself.

My name is Rose. As you can see, I'm a Gardevoir. Now, when you think of a Gardevoir, the first few words that come into your mind are "gentle, beautiful, and courteous", am I right? While the second one is true, the other two? I'm not like that. I'm... different.

It's true that I am a Gardevoir, but I'm also a thief, an outlaw. Yep, you heard me right. My reasons? Well, you'll have to read my story to find out.

I grinned contentedly thinking of today's victim. That Swampert fell so quickly for me, it's not even funny. Heck, even someone that dumb couldn't have gone down that quickly. All it took was a couple of captivating words; I didn't even need to use Attract. While he took the opportunity to flirt with me, I obviously didn't waste my opportunity locating his Exploration Kit. When he let his guard down, I quickly knocked him down and grabbed his bag. All I would have to worry now is if an Exploration Team would come to apprehend me. After all, I'm on top of that most wanted list.

Maybe this town isn't so bad after all. Its residents were perfect victims for me, and I'm probably benefitting from them as they were like seedlings that got choked from the thorny stems of a rose. I chuckled lightly, a rose, that's what I am. Under this pretty face lies the thorns that would eventually choke them.

I yawned. Well that certainly took everything out of me. I silently stared at the moon, with its gentle silver rays of light making my eyes drop. I allowed them to drop and promptly fell asleep.

I looked down. I was locked in a dream... But the dream seemed familiar. It reminded me of... my past.

The sky was gloomy; rain kept dropping heavily on the ground. Thunder crackled in the distance. There, hiding under the bush was a young Kirlia, crying.

I knew that this was me, and I knew that this was just a dream, but I don't know why these "dreams" always made my heart race, made me feel... scared.

"H-help, me..." cried the small fading figure of the Kirlia.

The previous scene faded. Now, I was looking down at a Ralts. It was mainly a sunny day, yet I knew that the young Ralts would soon find out that she would soon carry a horrible burden.

She seemed so happy, basking in the morning light. Now, since when had I last smiled like that? The scene soon faded back into a dark, gloomy forest.

I remembered that day clearly. The day I evolved into a Gardevoir.

The young Kirlia trudged down in a dark forest. The dimly lit path was obscured by the tall pine trees. The place was very dark as the scrawny and crooked pine trees didn't allow a single ray of moonlight to fall on the main path. She was lost, confused in the maze of Midnight Forest.

She slowly sat down, crying. Then, the Kirlia immediately stood up as if she saw something. Two red eyes and a malicious grin jeered from a distance. The Kirlia knew well what that meant. She immediately tried to conceal herself in some bushes but a voice called out to her.

"Hey you!" the voice croaked.

She froze.

The grin came nearer and it was revealed to be the face of a Gengar. She wanted to run, but her legs were frozen in place.

The Gengar approached her, "Well, well, well... Look what we have here... A little girl. Lost, eh?"

The young Kirlia shivered with fear.

"Mmm?" the Gengar taunted, "too scared to talk, little girl?"

The Kirlia didn't reply, she was too weak to even open her mouth.

"Oh, a cooperative one, eh?" the Gengar grinned maliciously, "Since you're out here all by yourself, why don't you spend the night with me?"

The Kirlia didn't respond, she wanted to just yell and run but all she could do was just stare at the Gengar, his eyes twinkling with malice. Then, she reminded herself not to look at his eyes, he might simply choose to use Hypnosis on her and hold her captive.

"Silence means yes then," he said, his malicious grin widening, "Come on then, come with me."

The Kirlia's heart raced, she was scared of the way his eyes twinkled, as if they were watching her every move.

The Gengar advanced forward and grabbed her by the arm.

"Come, let's go now. Don't keep me waiting," he gleefully croaked, his crooked grin growing wider with each word he croaked.

I closed my eyes; I remembered this scene very clearly.

First my parents, next I was made an outcast, and now this? the Kirlia thought, holding back tears, I don't even want to know what he means by 'spending the night with him'.

:Hurry up!" the Gengar yelled, now dragging her. The Kirlia waved his hand away but he immediately subdued her with both his arms before she could run.

I... I HATE THIS WORLD! The Kirlia thought, her anger reaching its peak, Get... Your... Dirty... Hands... OFF ME! NOW!

She broke free of his grasp. The Gengar was about to subdue her again, but she started glowing, which startled him. She underwent the process of evolution and her form changed into that of a Gardevoir.

"This one's a real beauty!" the Gengar exclaimed after recovering from his shock.

I did nothing as I watched myself use Psychic in disgust of the Gengar and sent him flying.

I looked at my own eyes, and I somehow knew that beneath those eyes lay a deep pool of loathing.

I jolted up from my sleep, and after realizing the whole thing was a dream, sighed in relief.

Another restless sleep.

I shook it off. I wasn't supposed to be like this. I remembered that the day I evolved, I promised myself that I would show no sign of emotions. In other words, I've sealed it off. But why are these dreams coming back to haunt me? Was it guilt?

"No, don't think like that," I reassured myself, "Besides, I've got much more on my hands today."

I looked below the branch I slept and noticed a Kecleon. They were known for being great merchants in Treasure Town.

I slowly grinned. I simply loved merchants; they carried lots of equipment, and even useful information.

I slowly crept up to the end of the branch and waited for the Kecleon to pass under me. According to others, the Kecleon in these parts were insanely strong, but I was confident in my abilities for I knew that even if I failed, I still had a failsafe solution, a solution or trick that worked especially well against males.

The Kecleon continued to just walk down the path, humming some tune. He was obviously unaware of my presence.

The moment he began to approach the path under the branch, I began calculating the best time to subdue him. I had to be efficient, after all, nothing beats efficiency. I closed my eyes and meditated on the perfect time.

Then, exactly 1.23 seconds after that, I jumped down at him. According to my calculations, I would land on him in a manner that would make him fall forward and easily give me access to his midsection. My calculations didn't fail me.

The startled Kecleon screamed before he was shortly pinned down by me. I immediately hugged his midsection, embracing him. He continued to struggle and try to break free.

I smiled as I let loose a strong shock wave of electricity, Thunderbolt, I hoped that it would paralyze him but somehow he didn't get paralyzed. What was worse was that there were a couple of pointed rocks floating around aiming at me.

Ancientpower... Now THAT would hurt... IF it had hit. Before he was able to fully finish his attack, I let loose another Thunderbolt. This time, I managed to Paralyze him. But he still wasn't finished, he attempted to hit me with another Ancientpower attack but his Paralysis prevented him from doing so. I gracefully turned around and snapped my fingers, unleashing a powerful Psychic attack at him.

I turned around to see him on the ground. Several of his limbs were twitching and he had a face that just screamed the meaning of utter defeat. I immediately grabbed his bag and his belongings.

After I had confiscated all his goods, I left him there and put an Oran Berry in front of him, to compensate for any of his wounds.

As much as I hated others, I had learned to show at least one emotion to them: Pity.

I immediately run off until the fainted Kecleon was out of sight. I found a tree and I settled down under its shade.

I quickly ripped open the bag and rummaged through it. I found several berries, and a huge assortment of TMs. Just my luck!

I was astonished to find that these disklike machines also contained powerful attacks such as Earthquake and Shadow Ball which meant that I could sell them for a higher price.

As if that wasn't enough, he also left his money in his pouch. I was happy enough to see that inside was a whopping 1200 coins. He must've been busy.

I was about to put everything away when something else caught my eye, a newspaper at the bottom of his bag. I took it and read the recent happenings.

Blah... Blah... Blah... New rookie Exploration Team? Boring. Missing Azurill needs rescue? Tell it to someone who cares. Two famous Explorers recently wed? Never mind...

I kept scrutinizing the newspaper until I found what I wanted.

An article "New Dungeon Discovered" immediately perked my interests. I read all the details and immediately took out one of my most precious belongings, my Dungeon Map. I had it for as long as I could remember.

I jotted down notes on the location of the newly discovered dungeon. I knew that dungeons like these possibly held valuable treasures... or maybe even the very thing I craved.

I closed my eyes; I was going to need to get busy today.

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