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The Doctor had had his suspicions that Rose was in labour since she'd complained of backache at dinner, however, it was not until almost two hours later when her waters broke that his suspicions were confirmed. Everything was a bit of a blur after that, and everyone seemed happy enough to allow Jackie to rush around and order people about. At some point, they had all made it to Pete's Mercedes Benz and they were now speeding along the road to the hospital. Somehow, Mickey had been caught up in the panic, and he was now sat in the back of the car in between the Doctor and Jackie, both of whom were trying to calm Rose down, and both causing Rose to panic even more. Rose, for the best part, seemed the calmest out of everyone, right up to the point where her contractions started to become more painful. Mickey sighed. He had a feeling it was going to be a long night.


The Doctor practically fell through the doors of the Maternity ward at St James Hospital, Rose in his arms. He hurried to the reception desk, Jackie and Mickey close behind him. Pete had gone to park the car and would be up in a few minutes.

"Hi, yeah, my wife's in labour." The Doctor told the receptionist, unsure what to say as he hoisted Rose's bag higher onto his shoulder.

The rather bored-looking receptionist eyed them lazily. But then her eyes widened in shock. The Doctor turned round to see Pete strolling into the ward. He headed straight over to the reception and, noticing the receptionist's dazed reaction, pulled a £20 note out of his suit pocket and slid it across the desk to the receptionist.

"I trust you're preparing a private room for my daughter. I don't suppose you need ID?" Pete announced, pulling out his wallet and flashing his Torchwood ID at the young receptionist.

They watched as the young woman glanced from Pete, to the Doctor and Rose, and then to Mickey. The Doctor wasn't sure whether it was the fact he, Pete and Mickey were still in their Torchwood uniform, or the fact Pete had given her money, or the fact that it was Pete Tyler, Vitex millionaire, but the results were miraculous; she sprung into action, calling a midwife to book Rose into a private room immediately, and they were hurried off to the nearest room.


"I hate you for this, you know." Rose announced casually, glaring at the Doctor.

"I'm sure you do, love." The Doctor replied mildly, sitting in the chair beside the bed, reading a newspaper.

Mickey was sat in the corner of the room, waiting for Pete and Jackie to return from buying coffee. He frowned at the conversation.

"I thought you were meant to be, you know, screaming and stuff, by now." Mickey piped up.

Rose frowned at him from where she was sat up in her bed.

"You've been watching too many Soaps, Mickey." Rose told him.


Rose moaned heavily, gripping the Doctor's hand tight as another contraction coursed through her body. Mickey and Pete were waiting outside the room while the midwife checked Rose over, Jackie hovering nervously in the corner.

"Ok, Rose, are you experiencing backache at all?" the midwife asked gently.

Rose nodded wearily, leaning back against the Doctor, who was sat behind her on the bed.

"She was complaining of back ache since a few hours before she went into labour." Jackie chipped in from across the room.

"Right, well, it seems the baby is in a posterior position, which means that the back of the baby's head is against your spine, rather than the front of the baby's head being against your pelvis. This means that labour will probably be quite slow, and if you feel the need to push, call me immediately." The midwife instructed.


As the hours wore on, Rose's labour slowly but surely progressed. The Doctor, Mickey, Pete and Jackie took it in turns fetching food and drinks and several times one or more of them fell asleep. By the time Rose was eight centimetres dilated, she'd been in labour for almost twenty six hours. When Rose had started complaining that she needed to push, Pete had all but leapt from his chair, hurrying out into the corridor to find the midwife. Although the midwife had insisted Rose wasn't yet ready to start pushing, everyone was on edge and the tension in the room was almost unbearable.


Pete paced up and down the hospital corridor, too nervous to sit down. Mickey was sat on a chair, his head in his hands, occasionally glancing up as a midwife hurried past. Jackie was sat clutching a cup of takeaway coffee, trying to hide the fact her hands were shaking. They could hear Rose's hoarse screams from outside in the corridor. They just prayed she was doing alright.


"I'm going to kill you for this!" Rose shouted, squeezing the Doctor's hand tight as she sat forward, pushing for all she was worth.

The Doctor didn't answer, instead, he just tenderly stroked Rose's hair back from her forehead.

"That's it, Rose," the midwife told her gently "the head's crowning now. Just a few more pushes and you'll have your baby in your arms."

Rose nodded weakly, panting heavily as she worked up the energy to push again. When the midwife gave her word, Rose pushed as hard as she could, desperate for it all to be over. Then, suddenly, it was. Rose felt the warm rush of the baby slipping out of her and she exhaled heavily, flopping back against the Doctor. The cries of the newborn echoed through the room as it was carefully cleaned off and wrapped in a soft blanket and handed to Rose.

"Congratulations," the midwife informed them softly "it's a girl."


Once Rose had delivered the afterbirth and was cleaned up, she sent the Doctor to go and fetch her parents and Mickey. They all looked up as the door to Rose's room opened and the midwife stepped out and headed down the corridor, leaving just the Doctor's head peering round the doorway. He was grinning like a loon.

"Come and meet your granddaughter." He announced to Pete and Jackie softly.

Not needing to be told twice, Jackie and Pete hurried into the room, Mickey close on their heels. Rose was sat up in bed, still cradling her newborn baby girl in her arms, who had settled down and was clutching Rose's finger in her small, delicate hand.

"What's her name?" Jackie asked, completely in awe of her tiny granddaughter.

"Amelia Rose Lungbarrow." Rose replied gently, smiling down at her daughter.

By now, Pete had hurried over with a digital camera and he grinned as Rose carefully handed Amelia to Jackie.

"Oh," the Doctor added, suddenly remembering "and you, Mickey Smith, if you wouldn't mind, we'd like you to be Amelia's godfather!"

Mickey's face lit up with pride.

"Sure thing, Boss. I'd be honoured." Mickey answered honestly, clapping the Doctor on the shoulder before kissing Rose gratefully on the forehead.

And with that, the domesticated Time Lord settled back down in his chair and kissed his wife on the forehead, smiling at his not at all normal life with the Tylers.

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