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Blindshipping (Atem X Yugi) [Main]

Theifshipping (Thif King Bakura X Malik) [Only a little bit]


Yugi was different from everyone else and the kids didn't play with him, just because he didn't have tan skin. Then he makes a friend, named Atem. He soon finds out that his new friend is the prince of Egypt. That doesn't stop the two what so ever. Soon Atem has to start his pharaoh training, but Yugi and him still stay friends. When 10 years pass and Atem is the new Pharaoh, Yugi becomes his personal slave. That's not all, these two have major secrets. One is in love with a slave. The other, is in love with the Pharaoh. Their bond will now be tested.


Yaoi, Lemon, Future Mpreg

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Chapter 1: Where It All Began

This is a story, a love story. Even thought its not at first. This story takes place 5,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt.

Yugi, a young 7 year old slave, who lives with is mother and master, who is a farmer. He was born into slaver and he didn't mind this. His master was not the best though. He wasn't vary nice to them and treated Yugi and his mother badly.

Yugi was also not liked by the other people in Egypt, all because of his skin. Yugi's father was from Rome, but was killed when he went back to Rome. So Yugi had pale skin, so compared to everyone else, he was different so they treated him different. Yugi didn't like it, but dealt with it.

His master, even thought he didn't like Yugi either, didn't let him do much, since he is only a child. When he turns 13 is when he would do more around the fields. Most of the time he would go into town and play near the walls of the palace or the fountain in the town square. He played by himself since the other kids didn't like him.

This is his life.

Atem, his life is different form Yugi's. The main point being is that he is the son of Pharaoh Aknankanon, making him the Prince of Egypt. Atem liked his life, but sometimes didn't want to to be the prince, he wanted time to himself. He would usually leave the palace and go into town and play with the other kids. He would leave and come back without anyone noticing he was gone.

Atem was only 8 and took responsibility as a prince, but once he turned 10 all his attention would be put to his pharaoh training.

Atem's main friends in the palace was Mana, just a young girl. Mahad, who was almost like Atem's protector. Also his cousin, Seto. Atem wished, someday, to have a real friend outside the palace.

This is his life.

Now these two lives are about to meet and their lives are about to meet and their lives will change forever.

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