Wolf: Its turned out longer then I expected, but something exciting happens. It turns out happy in the beginning, but be warned for the ending. The evil is coming back. This time the target, is Yugi.

Chapter 19: Failed Assassination

For about two weeks, things were back to being busy at the palace. Is seems Bakura and Malik have been causing a little trouble around Egypt for the last two weeks. They took there band of thief's and burnt down villages and raided homes.

Atem was trying to take care of it, to help out villages and people, but so much where making the make very tired and stressed.

Yugi noticed and tried to help him in the best way he could. After dinner, Atem would go straight to bed for how tired he was. Sometimes he would stay up late at night, staying in his little room with his desk and papers, trying to figure something out.

Then everything seemed to slow down then stopped completely and Atem wasn't so tired anymore and got a better rest and Yugi was glad for that.

Although Atem was good for now, didn't mean he was cleared from Bakura and Malik's disasters. Even thought they both get away, the guards manage to capture a couple of their men, but wouldn't say a word of where Bakura or Malik would be. So they would get beaten and they still said nothing. Some got beaten so bad that it was to death. Atem knew that no matter how much pain they indoor, they would not say a word to them of what they wanted to know. The rest of the caught thief's were hanged. Atem was frustrated on everything happening right now with Bakura and Malik, but with Yugi by his side he knew he could get through anything.

After everything with the thief's, things calmed down. Atem has been in a good mood this day. He had another surprise for Yugi he knows he will like.

Yugi and Atem are, as of now, in the throne room being board out of their minds as they listen to the council talk about non important things and upcoming events in the palace. Atem tried to stiffen yawn as he listened, but Yugi covered his yawn as best he could.

Once the council was finished it was the end of the day and was dinner time. Atem and Yugi went out of the throne room as they walked hand in hand down the hall. Before they entered the dinning hall, Mahad had walked up to them and bowed.

"Pharaoh, would it be possible for me to talk to you for a moment?" Mahad wondered.

"Of course Mahad." Atem answered, then turned to Yugi, "Go on ahead and sit. I'll be there in a moment." Atem told Yugi.

Yugi nodded. He let go of Atem's hand and walking into the dinning hall and sat in his seat. Everyone was eating and talking. Yugi looked over to Atem to see him and Mahad talking about something, but were to far away from Yugi to hear. After two minutes, they where done, Atem with a smile on his face. They walked in and Atem sat down and started eating himself.

Atem leaned over to Yugi for a moment.

"I have a surprise for you back at our room. I know you'll like it." Atem whispered to him.

"I can't wait to see it." Yugi whispered back.

Atem sat back and they all continued to eat. When dinner was done, everyone started to leave. Atem and Yugi walked back to their room. As they walked Yugi was trying to think of what Atem's surprise would be.

"Atem could you give me a hint of what my surprise it?" Yugi asked.

"Nope. Its a full blown surprise and I'm not telling you a think." Atem answered.

"Fine." Yugi sighed.

Atem chuckled at him and kissed Yugi's hand.

"Don't worry, you'll like it. I promise." Atem said.

They continued to walk to the room till they got to the doors of the room. Atem opened the door and they walked in.

"Ok, where is my surprise?" Yugi asked.

"Don't worry. No you stay here and close your eyes." Atem told him.

Yugi closed his eyes.

"There closed." Yugi said.

"Ok, let me just get it in the other room." Atem said.

Yugi stood there with his eyes closed. He heard Atem open the door, after a while the door closed and Yugi heard Atem's footprints walking towards him.

"Ok, Yugi, open your eyes." Atem said.

Yugi slowly opened his eyes, letting things take focus a little. Then he spotted something in Atem's arms, it was a puppy about three months old. Yugi awed at it being so cute and asleep in Atem's arms. It has really short, light brown hair. It had pointed ears that were big for a small puppy. (A/N: Its a Pharaoh Hound. Those dogs are so cute!)

"Aw Atem, its so cute." Yugi awed.

"Yes I know. I saw it around the palace walls, it looked like a stray. So I brought it inside, gave it to Mahad and Isis so it could be a surprise to you and they cleaned it up. I thought it'd be perfect for you. I'm not sure what kind of dog it is, but it is cute. It is a girl by the way." Atem told him.

Yugi walked over to the dog and started to pet her head lightly.

"What should we call her?" Yugi wondered.

"I don't know." Atem said.

"What time of day did you find her." Yugi asked.

"This morning when the sun was rising. You were still asleep." Atem answered.

Yugi then got an idea.

"How about Dawn?" Yugi suggested.

"Dawn?" Atem questioned.

"Yea, you found her when the sun was rising at dawn. I think its perfect." Yugi explained.

"When you put it that way, I like it." Atem said.

Yugi smiled and nodded.

Yugi petted Dawn's head as she continued to sleep. Soon her little brown eyes blinked open.

Atem set her down on the bed and she stretched with a big yawn. She shook herself then looked around at the room and spotted Atem and Yugi. She became excited, she barked and ran up to them. Yugi smiled down at the little pup and petted her. He scratching behind her big ears, which she loved. Dawn laid down and rolled onto his back and Yugi started to scratch her belly. Yugi then picked her up in his arms and she licked her check for a kiss.

"Atem I love her, thank you." Yugi thanked.

Atem wrapped his arms around Yugi's waist and kissed his check.

"You're vary welcome. I knew you'd like her." Atem said.

"I do. Maybe if she doesn't get to big in the next three months she could play with the baby." Yugi said.

"Maybe. Then she could be like a little guard dog when she gets big enough." Atem suggested.

"I like that." Yugi agreed.

"Thought you would." Atem said.

Atem then saw Yugi trying to cover a yawn.

"Come on. Lets get to bed." Atem said.

Yugi nodded.

Both got ready for bed, then go tin bed. Dawn was already making a spot at the bottom of the bed for herself. Yugi reached over and petted her head and laid down with Atem, in his arms. They were asleep in no time.

-Next Day-

Yugi sat in the garden the next day, Dawn sat at his feet sleep. Dawn now had a collar around her neck, in the sun it shined since it was made of silver and had a yellow gem in it, but loved it on her.

Atem was letting Yugi stay on break after lunch while Atem decided to do the rest of the meetings.

"Yugi!" Someone cheered.

Yugi looked over to see Mana running ot him. The cheer from Mana caused Dawn to wake up and lift her head to look at Mana.

"Hey Mana." Yugi greeted.

Mana sat next to him and hugged him.

"Atem told me you'd be down here." Mana said.

"Yea. Atem wanted me to relax the rest of the day while he finished the meetings." Yugi told her.

"Well I guess so, since you are almost seven months pregnant." Mana pointed out.

Yugi nodded.

Mana looked down at Dawn.

"Aw, Yugi, is this the dog Atem was talking about? Its so cute." Mana wondered.

"Yea. She's named Dawn." Yugi told her.

Mana sat down in front of the puppy. She reached out to put her, but she got up and jumped next to Yugi on the fountain and his her face in Yugi's side.

Mana pouted and Yugi chuckled at her.

"She doesn't like strangers that much. I've been with her the whole day so she's use to me." Yugi said.

Dawn laid down, putting her head, she went back to sleep.

"She seems like a vary good dog." Mana said.

"She is. I've only had her for a day so far and I can see she's a very good dog." Yugi said.

Yugi continued to pet Dawn's head and talk to Mana.

Atem sat at his throne and listened to the council talk.

Isis's Millennium Necklace started to glow. She closed her eyes and watched the scean take fold in her mind projected by the necklace. When it was over she was in shock.

Atem looked over at her and sat her in shock.

"What's wrong Priestess Isis?" Atem asked.

Everyone stopped talking and looked towards Isis.

Isis was still silence and blinked out of her shock.

"Pharaoh, you must go to the garden and quickly." Isis told him quickly.

"Why so?" Atem asked confused.

"Yugi's in trouble! Go now!" Isis exclaimed.

That was all Atem had to hear and he jumped from his throne. He didn't need to be told twice to go, he ran down the throne steps and ran from the throne room and headed towards the gardens.

Dawn's ears stoop up, she opened her eyes, and lifted her head from Yugi's lap.

Yugi looked down at her confused and stopped petting her.

"What's wrong girl?" Yugi asked.

Mana looked up at them form her spot on the ground, she stopped playing with the little flowers in the grass.

"What is it Yugi?" Mana wondered.

"I don't know. Dawn's acting weird." Yugi told Mana.

Dawn stood up and looked around and then stopped and looked at the place walls behind Yugi. She started barking.

"What is it girl?" Yugi wondered.

Dawn scratched her paw on the fountain and barked again at the wall.

"What's with her?" Yugi thought.

"Yugi!" He heard someone yell.

"Atem?" Yugi questioned, looking around.

Yugi then looked around at the walls, then he looked at the direction Dawn was looking. He saw a shadowy figure on top of the wall. Yugi knew what was happening.

Yugi heard footsteps running towards their direction. Atem then appeared. Atem saw the figure on the wall, about to throw a knife that he pulled out of his cloak.

Atem ran to Yugi.

"Yugi get down!" Atem yelled.

Just as Atem grabbed Yugi and pulled him to the ground, the knife missed and landed onto the ground in front of them.

The assassin knew he was spotted and had missed his target, he had to get away. He ran along the wall.

Atem saw him trying to run away.

"Guards!" Four guards appeared, "Follow that man. Capture him, I want him alive." Atem ordered.

The four guards bowed and ran off to follow the assassin.

Atem looked down at Yugi.

"Yugi, you ok?" Atem asked.

"Yea, I'm fine." Yugi said, sitting up.

Atem helped Yugi up to his feet.

"I still want Isis to look over you, just incase." Atem said.

Yugi didn't want to argue, he nodded in agreement.

"Maybe you should thank Dawn, she warned me someone was around." Yugi said.

Atem looked at the pup sitting on the fountain, scratching behind her ear. Atem reached out and patted Dawn's head.

"Good girl." Atem said with relief.

Dawn yipped.

The guards returned, two had the assassin by the arms. He was struggling a bit.

"Take him to the throne room. I need to know his intentions for this." Atem ordered.

The guards nodded and walked the assassin to the throne room.

Atem turned back to Yugi.

"Yugi, go to the healing chambers. I'll send Isis down." Atem said.

Yugi nodded.

Atem followed the guards to the the throne room. Mana walking up to Yugi, putting her amr around his shoulders.

"You ok Yugi?" Mana asked.

"Yea, but I agree with Atem with having Isis look me over to check if we are both ok." Yugi said.

Mana nodded.

"I'll come with you." Mana said.

"Alright." Yugi agreed.

Both walked. Dawn following the two at their heels.

They got to the healing chambers and waited for Isis to arrive.

Atem walked into the throne room, the guards still had the assassin. Atem walked up to his throne, his face forwards and down a little, his eyes hidden from Isis.

"I give you my gratitude for telling me about Yugi being in danger Isis." Atem looked up at her to show the happiness in his eyes, "I would like you to go to the healing chambers to look him over." Atem said.

"Of course, Pharaoh. You're welcome." Isis said.

Isis walked out of the throne room and to the healing chambers. Atem walked to his throne and sat down. His gaze on the assassin turned into a death glare.

"What is your name and what is your purpose for attacking my husband?" Atem asked in a hiss.

The assassin was on his knees, had his head to the floor, and his hood his his identity. He didn't answer and stayed quit.

"Put his hood down." Atem said to one of the guards behind the assassin.

The guard took hold of the hood and pulled it away from the assassin's head. The guard grabbed the man by his hair and made him look up.

The man looked about in his early 20's. He had raven black hair and green eyes. He had a line doing down his right eye.

"Again I asked you who you are." Atem growled.

He did not answer.

The guard pulled on the mans hair to make him answer.

"M-My name is Duke." He answered.

Atem's eyes stilt in anger.

"Why did you try to kill Yugi?" Atem wondered.

Duke remained silent. The guard used his spear to him Duke over the had. Duke hissed in pain.

"The Pharaoh asked you a question." The guard growled.

"I work with Bakrua and I have been tired of him and Malik argue of how they would kill you or your husband. I took matters into my own hands and tried to kill you husband myself. I just wanted Bakrua to shut up and to prove myself to him." Duke explained.

Atem took a moment to take that all in. He wanted to think this over more, but he knew that this man would be dead for what he has done.

"I need time to think. Take him away. Put him in the dungeons. He escapes, you die." Atem ordered.

"Yes sir." The four guards said.

The guards picked Duke up from his knees and took him out of the throne room.

Atem sighed and rested his face in his hand that was resting on the arm rest of his throne.

"I'm going to retire for today." Atem said as he stood up.

Atem walked down from his throne and out of the throne room. Atem headed towards the healing chambers. He wanted to check up on Yugi to make sure he was fine.

Duke was going to pay attacking his pregnant husband and his punishment would be death.

Yugi sat on one of the tables as Mana had her arms around him for comfort and for him to be calm. Dawn sat at Yugi's feet for his comfort as well.

The door opened after a couple minutes and Isis walked in. She saw Yugi and her eyes softened and knew Yugi was still in shock for what happened. She didn't like that dog being in the healing chambers, but let is slide because of Yugi needing comfort from it as well.

Isis walked over to them and kneeled down at little to see Yugi's face.

Yugi lifted his face form Mana's shoulder and still had small tears running down his face.

"Yugi, are you alright?" Isis asked.

"I'm fine, just shook up a bit. Atem sent me down here for you to look over me to see if I was ok. I agreed with him so I came down for his sake and mine." Yugi said.

"That's fine." Isis said, understanding.

Mana got up off the table for Isis.

"Lay down and I'll look over you." Isis said.

Yugi nodded and laid down.

Isis looked Yugi over. Everything was fine.

"Don't worry Yugi, you and the baby are just fine. Nothing to worry about." Isis told him.

Yugi sighed in relief, he sat up with help from Mana.

Then the door opened and Atem appeared. Yugi saw the stress on Atem's face, but Yugi smiled to see if it could help. Atem ended up smiling as well.

Yugi held his hand out to Atem. Atem reached out and grabbed Yugi's hand. Atem sat down on the side of the table next to Yugi. Isis moved away from them to give them time for themselves. Mana took Dawn to the other table and petted her.

"Yugi, you alright?" Atem asked with concern.

"Yes, I'm fine." Ygui grabbed Atem's other hand and placed it on his stomach, "We both are." Yugi said.

Atem felt the baby kick a little, showing that he was ok. Atem smiled more and hugged Yugi.

"I'm glad." Atem whispered in Yugi's ear as a tear fell.

Yugi smiled again and a single tear fell.

Isis walked back over to them.

"Now Yugi." Isis started.

Atem and Yugi both pulled out of their hug and looked at her.

"I want you to be careful and not get to stressed out from now on, ok? I don't want you risking anything." Isis told him.

"I understand Isis." Yugi said.

"You're going to be in bed more often, you know that right?" Atem said.

"With you, of course I saw that one coming." Yugi said.

Atem only smiled and kissed Yugi on the lips.

"Come on. Lets get to are room so you can rest a little." Atem said.

"Sounds good." Yugi agreed.

Atem helped Yugi off the table and walked to the door. Atem wrapped a arm around Yugi's waist.

Atem looked back at Dawn getting petted by Mana. Getting attention is what she always liked.

"Come Dawn. Come on girl." Atem called.

Dawn's ears went up at the sound of one of her masters voices. She got down from the table and ran to Atem and Yugi. Both smiled at her and walked out of the healing chambers and to their room to rest for today.

Wolf: Sorry it took me long, I wanted to write a bit more before I put this chapter up. Hope it was good. R & R. Until the next chapter.