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Chapter 25: Ten Years Later

It has been ten years since Bakura and Malik have been gone, things have been fine in Egypt. The palace was back to normal as always. The royals liked that their lives where normal now. Even after all the stuff with Bakura, not much has happened to the royals.

As of now, the palace was quiet. Then that silence was broken, the sounds of children yelling and laughing could be heard throughout the halls of the palace.

Four kids ran through the garden laughing. At the head of the group was a boy, followed by two girls, and another little boy in the back of them all. They were playing a game of tag.

Their fun was soon stopped when the boy up front hit into something, well more like a someone. The other kids stopped and just stared. The boy looked up and got scared at who they saw.

It was Yugi, a stern look on his face as he had his arms across his chest.

"Akham." Yugi growled.

Akham cringed.

"Y-Yes, mommy?" Akham asked, still a little scared.

"Is there a reason why you're not at your studies with Mahad?" Yugi wondered.

"W-Well...um...er-" Akham started.

"It was my fault mommy." One of the girls stepping forward, "I'm sorry. I just wanted Akham to play with use." The girl said.

Yugi looked down at the little girl. She had black hair and red bangs with tan skin, her crimson eyes looking up at him with apology.

"Kora, you know that Akham needs to study right now. Not play." Yugi said.

Kora nodded, along with the other kids.

Yugi turned his attention to Akham, still on the ground.

"Now, Akham go to your studies." Yugi ordered.

"Yes mommy." Akham said.

Akham quickly got up and ran out of the garden.

"The rest of you go off and play. Just stay in the gardens where I can see you." Yugi told them.

They nodded and ran off.

Yugi walked to the fountain and sat down on it, he watched the kids play.

After the past ten years, things happened to Yugi and Atem that changed their lives for the good. It made the two very grateful for what they had.

First, would be with Akham being the crown prince and he was ten, he started his studies to become the next Pharaoh. His life was changing now and he was starting to take responsibilities as the crowned prince.

Next, was a little back, when Akham saw only three. Yugi found out that he was pregnant again. This time he had a set of twin girls. There was Kora, who was born first as well as the crowned princess. Then there was Kora's twin sister, Kari that was born five minutes after Kora. Kari had red hair, black bangs, and crimson eyes. Compared to Kora with her tan skin, Kari had pale skin with a slight tan. Although the two girls where totally different with Kora acting so much like Atem and Kari acting a little bit of both of them, the seven year olds weren't treated different in any way.

The two years after the twins where born, came Heba. He was a sweet boy that was a miniature version of Yugi with the same hair and eyes, but with tan skin. He acted like him so much with his shy nature.

As Yugi sat on the fountain, watching the kids still, he remembered something he had to check on. He stood from the fountain.

"Kids I'll be back. I have to check on something for a moment." Yugi said.

The kids stopped and looked at Yugi.

"Ok mommy." Heba said.

"We'll be good." Kora and Kari said.

"We promise." All three said together.

Yugi nodded and walked towards his and Atem's room. Yugi opened the door to the room and walked to the one side of the room, where a crib was set up. Yugi walked over and looked down into the crib to find two babies sleeping peacefully. It was a boy and a girl about 1 ½ years old. Yugi had put them down for their afternoon nap.

These two were a complete surprise to Atem and Yugi, since they said that they wanted to stop after Heba. When Yugi found out he was pregnant again, the two approved of it though and was glad that they had them. Yugi and Atem agreed that they didn't want anymore kids now.

They both had a vary light tan to them. The boy was Hartem, who had the star shaped tri-colored hair, but he only had the yellow bangs framing his face, unlike Atem's or Yugi's. He also had Atem's sharp features and his crimson eyes. The girl had back hair with red highlights going through her hair and only two yellow pieces hair on each side of her face. She had soft features and amethyst eyes. Her name was Rose.

Yugi smiled as the two continued to sleep. Yugi went back to the door, but once he put his hand on the door knob, he heard crying.

Yugi sighed and went back to the twins. Yugi saw that only Rose was awake. He reached down and picked her up before she woke her brother as well. Yugi tried to calm her.

"Hey there Rose, what's wrong?" Yugi asked.

Rose stopped crying a little and laughed a little at Yugi. Yugi only chuckled at her and held her little hand in his. He walked to the bed and sat down on it.

Yugi didn't pay attention to the door opening or closing. Yugi then felt arms wrap around his shoulders, making him jump.

Yugi looked behind him to see Atem smiled at them.

"Hello Atem." Yugi greeted.

Atem leaned down to kiss Yugi.

"Hello to you to. I see someone's awake." Atem said.

Yugi looked down at Rose in his arms.

"Yep, but she only wanted some attention." Yugi said.

Atem took one of Rose's figures in his hands.

"How's my little girl?" Atem asked.

Rose laughed at him.

"Atem, the other kids tried to get Akham out of his studies today." Yugi told him.

"Why?" Atem wondered.

"They just wanted to play with him is all." Yugi said.

"Well they need to understand that Akham needs to do his studies and can't play when he is doing them." Atem said sternly.

"Well you're going to have to talk to them about that. I told them a little bit, but you went through it. So I think you should tell them to make them to understand." Yugi suggested.

"I will. Where are they now?" Atem asked.

"In the garden." Yugi answered.

Atem nodded and turned towards the door.

"Go easy on them Atem, they're only little kids." Yugi reminded him.

"I will Yugi, don't worry." Atem said.

Atem left the room and headed to the garden. As Atem got to the garden, it was quiet. To quiet.

Then something jumped on his back, making him fall down. Then he heard laughing.

"Daddy." Three kids cheered.

Atem looked over his shoulder and chuckled at them.

"Ok, get off daddy." Atem told them.

The three got up off Atem back. Atem stood up, fixing his clothes.

"Now kids, I have to talk to you." Atem said.

All looked to the ground.

"Are we in trouble daddy?" Heba asked.

"No not really. I just want to explain something to you guys." Atem said.

Atem lead them to the fountain and sat down.

"What is it you want to talk about daddy?" Kari wondered.

"Its want you did today with Akham. I don't want you taking him away from his studies. He needs to be there. He can't paly with you all the time like he use to." Atem told them.

"Why, daddy? Akham use to paly with us all the time before." Kora said.

"I know Kora, but now your brother had things to study for since he is the crowned prince. He needs to know there things." Atem said.

"Why? Why are they important to Akham?" Heba asked.

"So that one day he will be Pharaoh to. I had to go through the same studies as well. They are very important." Atem answered.

All the kids got silent.

"Do you understand now?" Atem asked.

"Yes daddy." All the kids answered.

"Good. Now Akham should be down soon. Hen he's done you can paly with him." Atem said.

All the kids nodded and ran throughout the garden.

Atem stood up and headed out. Then he felt a tug on his shirt. Atem looked down to see Heba.

Atem kneeled down in front of him.

"What is it Heba?" Atem wondered.

"Daddy, can you play with me?" Heba asked.

Heba game his cute puppy dog eyes, something that showed he got it from Yugi and that he was a mini version of Yugi.

As much as Atem was melting at what Heba was doing, he couldn't play right now.

"Sorry, Heba, I have to go talk to mommy then I have to go back to the throne room." Atem told him.

Heba left go of Atem's shirt and sighed heavily.

"You want to come with me to see mommy?" Atem asked.

Heba nodded.

Atem smiled and grabbed Heba's hand and they walked to Atem's room. When they got there Heba ran into the room. He went in hugged Yugi, being careful of his little sister in his arms.

"Hi mommy." Heba greeted.
"Hello Heba." Yugi greeted.

Heba let got of Yugi and started to look around the room for something. Atem then saw Yugi on the bed still, but with a sleeping Rose this time.

"I'm back and before you ask, yes I did go easy on them." Atem said.

Yugi nodded and got up and put Rose back into the crib next to Hartem, who was still sound asleep.

"Why is Heba here?" Yugi asked.

"He wanted to come." Atem said.

They saw Heba looking under the bed.

"Heba, what are you looking for dear?" Yugi wondered.

"Dawn. I can't find her." Heba said.

"She's out on the balcony." Yugi told him.

Heba ran to the balcony and spotted Dawn sleeping.

Dawn was a full grown dog and she is still a very good dog, fun to play with, loves to be around the kids, and she still guards her family well.

Heba poked Dawn's nose. Dawn's big ears poked up and she blinked her eyes open.

"Good girl, Dawn." Heba petted Dawn's head, which made Dawn's tail wag, "Come on." Heba said.

Dawn stood up and stretched and yawned before following Heba into the room.

Dawn went to Yugi and he petted her head.

"Can I take Dawn outside?" Heba asked.

"Of course sweetie. Go take her to the garden and go back and play." Yugi said.

"Come on Dawn. Lets go outside." Heba said.

Heba ran out the door and Dawn got up and ran behind him.

Atem chuckled as Heba left.

"He is so like you." Atem said.

"Yea, I know." Yugi said.

Atem took Yugi's hand and they went to the balcony and stood there looking over the town.

Atem leaned down and kissed him.

"What was that for?" Yugi wondered with a smile.

"What? I can't kiss the person I love most?" Atem asked.

"You can kiss me all you want." Yugi said.

"Good." Atem smiled, kissing Yugi again.

They both went back to looking out at the town. Atem's arm wrapped around Yugi's waist.

"Atem, I realized something." Yugi started.

Atem looked down at Yugi.

"What love?" Atem wondered.

"I realized, that if I was never theta little slave boy that was always picked on or that fell into that fountain that day. I would have never meet my best friend and the love of my life. I'm happy then ever in my life then it ever was." Yugi explained.

Atem smiled at him.

"I feel the same way Yugi. If I never saved that little boy then, I wouldn't be this happy. You make me the happiest man in the world. I love you, Yugi, forever." Atem said.

"I love you too, Atem. Forever." Yugi said.

The two kissed. It was a very long and very passionate kiss.

"Do you have to go back to the throne room?" Yugi asked.

"I do. I'll see you later ok?" Atem answered.

"Ok." Yugi said.

Atem kissed him one more time before he left.

Yugi sighed happily and went back to looking at the town. Yugi then heard a knock on the door. He walked over and opened the door to see Akham there.

"Akham? Is your studies over?" Yugi asked.

"Yes mommy. I just want to come to tell you that I'm sorry for before. That I skipped my studies and stuff." Akham apologized.

"Oh, don't worry Akham. Your brother and sisters understand now that you can't play while you are studying. Just promise me that it wont happen again." Yugi said.

"I promise." Akham said.

"Good. Now why don't you go find you your brother and sisters and go play. Heba just took Dawn down there." Yugi said.

"Ok, bye mommy." Akham said.

Akham ran down the hallway.

Yugi smiled and closed the door. Yugi checked on the twins before he went to the balcony again.

This was the life Yugi and Atem never imagined, but they wouldn't change it for anything and nothing was going to change it.

This started with a love between friends of a Pharaoh and a slave. Then that friendship bloomed into a love no one could break. Then the start of a family showed that their love grew and that no one could ever break their family apart. There was some twists and turns that they had to get over, but they got over them together.

This shows a love that can not be broken, ever.

The End!

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