It started when I was a year old.

I lied in my crib.

My mother, Ali and my father, Felix smiled.

They were going to have a birthday for me tomorrow.

They didn't know they were being watched.

In the darkness, three cats watched. A father, a mother, and a child.

The father drummed his claws on the ground, waiting for the right moment to strike.

As soon as Ali and Felix went to bed, the cats sent the child out on her first hunting mission.

She just needed to catch one mouse.

The cat was small enough to crawl into my house.

I looked down at me in my crib.

Suddenly the lights flickered on.

"A cat!" Ali squeaked.

Felix came running.

The cat snarled and attacked.

Felix tackled the cat to the ground. The feline pushed him off. The cat made a dash for my crib.

Ali pushed her away. The cat snarled and batted Ali into a mirror.

Felix jumped on the cat. He ran and took a lit candle. The cat screamed and ran. But not before taking Ali's hat.

She ran to her parents, who congratulated her.

Meanwhile, back in the house, Felix mourned Ali's death.

The first thing he did next was calling his father and tell him the news.

The next day was sad. There was a funeral instead of a party.

And all because of a cat that entered the house.