A/N: This is my (very) late challenge for the Game of Thrones Daily Challenge for November 1. The prompt was "Iceberg".


Samwell Tarly cried all the way to the Wall. He was a mess and he was a coward and now he knew exactly how much his father, Lord Randyll Tarly, hated him. His younger brother, now the heir, told him not to show weakness, but that is exactly what he had shown all his life. What no one, and sometimes himself, realized was that Samwell had strengths that didn't show. He was smart and he could read. He had used his intelligence to get out of a lot of scrapes when he was young, but now he wasn't so sure.

His family would expect him to die at the Wall in the Night's Watch and then everyone would be happy. Indeed, the trip itself almost killed him, but he was determined that his fat dead body would not be tossed on the side of a highway for the crows to feast upon. He would at least make it to Castle Black where his fate awaited him.

When he finally came to the Wall, it looked like what he imagined an iceberg he'd read in stories would look like; tall, cold and foreboding. And this would be his home until the day he died. The sooner the better, he thought as he climbed alone inside the lift that would carry him to the top of the world.