Under the Rainbow

A story of the Soviet House told in perfect 250 word segments.

By Chibi Ra Chan

Pairing: Korea / Belarus

Notes: In an attempt to get back into the APH fandom I went searching for inspiration and found it in a very obscure pairing and a lovely song, from which this story gets it's title, by The Jane Austen Argument. The hope is that I will update this at least every other day and that each chapter will be exactly 250 words. It's going to be a bit of a challenge, but I think I can do it. I hope you enjoy!

Forever and Eternally,


I'm somewhere under the rainbow, way down low…

He hadn't wanted to go, one must understand that if one intends to learn anything from this tale. There is something to be said about free will and how it affects one's actions; positively or negatively. A mind under duress is a very dangerous thing. It leads us to do things that would normally be considered out of character.

Certainly that is true of this instance.

Without the looming desperation and antagonism of his brother and peers he would have never found himself in that house, so damp and oppressive that sometimes he still tremors with the memory. Nor would he have sought refuge in her; a creature much brighter, yet much more depraved and twisted than even himself.

Under no normal circumstances would Im Yong Soo have ever given Natalia Arlovskaya a first, let alone second, thought. If not for the strange, almost laughably somber, twist of fate he would have never fallen under her spell. Maybe it was him who pulled her under his spell.

It doesn't matter now. Not really.

Indeed there is much to be said about the lengths a person is willing to go to feel sane again.

And as you try to make sense of this debacle you must remember this above all else; Yong Soo hadn't wanted to go, not at all. It was never in his intention for any of this to happen.

But as in most cases where the Soviet household was concerned, what an individual person wants means nothing.

Absolutely nothing.