Under the Rainbow

Chapter LXXXII: Marks

A story of the Soviet House told in perfect 250 word segments

By: Chibi Ra Chan

Pairing: Korea/Belarus

I can't get over you, you left your mark on me. I want your high love and emotion endlessly...

Belarus wakes first.

It's not as if she is especially experienced in morning after's, but she can definitely sense that the world has taken a slightly different tone when she opens her eyes. It makes no sense really; the bed was still springy and the sheets wrapped around them were still threadbare. Their circumstances weren't any brighter, probably riskier given the new complications they had created, even more so if Lithuania had managed to carry out her task. Yet, somehow Natalia definitely feels different.

Natalia is no stranger to the adage that sex changed people, but had never thought it true. But now, curled against Yong Soo's side, she isn't all that sure.

Korea is snores lightly and she can feel his palm resting on her ass as if guarding it. 'He would think that.' She thinks as she runs her fingers over the scratches littering his chest and shoulders. 'Whoops.'

The scrapes are raised and warm to the touch. The asain nation would probably whine about it when he awoke but Belarus is unrepentant. She finds a queer pride in being the one that put them there, like planting a flag in uncharted territory. She was his first. 'Well, girl at least.'

Natalia isn't all that interested in the details really.

And while the marks would fade the implications behind them would not. Korea had trusted her. Completely.

In a way, he is her first as well.

That trust burns warm in her chest for a long time after.