August 25th, 2001

Dear Charlie,

I am writing to you because I found these letters in a box in my dad's office. I know that it has been some time, but I'm hoping you remember what life was like when you wrote these letters. My dad says I am a good writer and he told me to start keeping a journal. I don't like the idea of a journal because I don't think there's a point if no one reads it. That's why I think writing to you is going to be better. At least I'm writing to someone and not to myself like some whacko crazy person. My name is Zara and I am starting high school soon. I don't know what it's going to be like, and I don't even know anybody yet, but my dad says it will be fun. My family members who ask me are all proud and excited when I tell them I'm starting Stuyvesant soon. I don't think it's a big deal but I guess I'm kind of excited just the same. For a project, I thought it would be cool to write back to you on the days you wrote your letters. Just so you know, I haven't read them ahead of time so I will be getting to know you just like you are getting to know me. That's all for now I guess. -Zara