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A/N: So this little drabbley sort of thing has been rattling around in my brain over the last few weeks. I was young when Voyager first aired (8-15) and so most of what I've seen has been in reruns. I just started watching from the pilot episode about two weeks ago and am half way through the second season and I've noticed that the Voyager crew seem to have no sense of personal space. So forgive me if there are incorrect details or thing seem a little out of synch…we'll call this AU and be done with it ;)

It was a little game they'd started playing months ago. Neither was exactly sure when it had begun, nor could they pinpoint who it was that had made the first move in this teasing little dance. At first it had been slight changes, a brush of fingers on their shared command console, a hand placed delicately on the small of her back as they exited the turbolift, her hand on his shoulder as she leaned in to read a PADD.

Then one day she'd been leaning over a console, looking over the results of a scan Harry Kim had just run at her request and there he was. She could feel the heat from his body, smell him, so she knew he was close and brazenly invading her personal space. Kathryn flicked her eyes sideways to see just how close he'd gotten and was surprised to find his face mere inches from hers. He was talking as though there was nothing unusual about their current position, saying something about the M class planet that the long range sensors had picked up, a few days out of their way.

Refusing to give into the taunt, Kathryn answered in an equally even and measured tone. With a small smile, Chakotay moved away as Kathryn straightened up from the console to order a new heading.

Three days later they were orbiting the uninhabited M class planet, away teams already on the surface gathering much needed supplies. Chakotay was at the helm of Voyager, making minor, unneeded corrections to feel useful as they waited for the away teams to return. Suddenly, she was there. He could smell her, feel her heat as he had when he'd invaded her personal space a few days ago and a smirk crossed his face before he could stop it. He enjoyed that his straight-laced captain had taken up the gauntlet he'd thrown down. It would be interesting to see how far he could push her.

Back on course for home and they were in engineering, running routine diagnostics on the warp core when she felt him approach, dangerously close once again. This time though, rather than leaving that minute gap between them, he planted a hand on the console next to her and pressed his body against hers. Kathryn gasped, faltering as she reeled off statistics from the latest test and she felt, rather than heard Chakotay chuckle lightly at her back. He was going to pay for this, he knew, and he couldn't wait to see what Kathryn's next move would be.

They continued around the platform to the next console and without hesitation, Kathryn leaned over and started tapping away, starting up the next diagnostic. Chakotay decided it was her move and leaned in over her, but left a gap again this time, not wanting to push her too far. With a devious smile Kathryn shifted her weight almost imperceptibly and rolled back onto her heels, planting her ass squarely in Chakotay's groin. To his credit, Chakotay didn't miss a beat as he read the statistics the computer was spitting out but in such close proximity Kathryn heard his heart rate climb a few notches and it made her smile grow wider.

It was going to be a long journey home.