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The Contest

Chapter 3

The women around me gasped in surprise, and I did my very best to block out their nasty thoughts. Eric seemed oblivious to the grumblings of discontent that surrounded us and lifted me off the ground, crushing my body against his cold wet chest as he pulled me into a searing kiss. I opened my mouth to him and draped my arms around his neck, holding onto him while my feet dangled nearly a foot off the floor, and then we were moving. The air whooshed around us, sending my hair flying around Eric's face, our blonde strands tangling as wet and dry came together. I opened my eyes and could only see Eric's face, everything else moved in a blur behind us making me feel lightheaded. A door opened and closed and I felt something hard against my back. I opened my eyes again and found myself in a dimly lit office, pinned against the door. The noise of the bar was muffled through the dense wood, giving all of my attention to Eric.

Eric moved his face down to the base of my neck. He inhaled deeply and moaned. "You smell like sunshine and desire." His body shuddered, sending a vibration through me. I panted and felt all rational thoughts seep out of my brain.

"You're making me wet…" I mumbled, realizing too late what just came out of my mouth.

"Tell me more," Eric said, encouraging me to talk dirty to him.

"Your shirt. Your shirt is making me wet," I said smiling as his face fell. He released his grasp on my waist, letting me slide to the floor and looked down at his shirt and ripped it off his chest, letting the wet fragments fall next to his bare feet. His chest was spectacular, and since this was my first opportunity to see it, I pushed him backwards, closer to the source of light so I could see him more clearly. I inhaled sharply, "You are so beautiful." His skin was flawless and his muscles rippled with every step he took, strutting in front of me, showing off. He gave me a cocky smile and shook his head, sending splatters of water flying around the room. The top eight inches of his jeans were wet, making the material darker, and tighter than the rest. I gulped loudly and tried to steady my voice as I said, "Your jeans are wet too…"

Eric lifted an eyebrow. His face was contorted by a wicked grin that settled in at the thought of undressing for me. His hands moved slowly over the button, drawing my eyes to the shiny metal peeking through his fingers. He popped the button and I exhaled quickly, suddenly feeling lightheaded again after holding my breath for so long. He pulled the zipper down slowly, pulling open the fly of his damp jeans just enough to reveal his soft golden curls. I bit my lip, trying to remember to breathe and failing miserably.

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