Chapter 5

Ray stormed in the room, gun in hand. Ziva was there, looking absolutely livid. "Hello Ziva." She looked at him, straight in the eye. Ray suddenly gripped her chin, "I said hello, Ziva!" Ziva smirked, and then spat straight in his face, "And I said goodbye." Ray scowled, wiping the spit of his face. He then suddenly slapped Ziva. Her face snapped to the side, and she immediately retracted into her original position. Ray thought she was going to cry or scream, but she didn't.

"I will give you one more chance," Ray explained, "It's DiNozzo's fault we broke up." "It's not DiNozzo's fault you're a psychotic idiot." Ray scowled and slapped Ziva again. She still didn't react.

Ray left the room, angered that he had not got a reaction. Soon after that, he heard a scream and several low grunts. He rushed back into the room. His minions were all unconscious, and Ziva was grinning heavily. "Ha," she whispered in a low, smooth voice.

That got to Ray. He ran forward, and pushed Ziva against the wall. He grabbed his gun, and pushed it to her forehead. She struggled against his great hands, so he pushed his gun further. Just as Ray was about to pull the trigger, a gunshot was heard, and he crumpled to the ground.

"TONY!" Ziva ran to him, falling happily in his arms. He responded by kissing her passionately, tears free-falling down his face. He scooped her up, twirling her around. "I never lost faith," he whispered. "Neither did I," she responded, before kissing him again.

After about 10 minutes of happiness, the couple decided to go back to NCIS.

"It's nice to have you back, Zeeves," Tony told her. She smiled, and slipped her hand into his.

And as Rick in Casablanca once said: "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

The End.

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