Sunday afternoon found Blaine and Kurt relaxing together on Blaine's couch, Blaine reclined with his feet up on the table in front of them, Kurt lying with the back of his head resting in Blaine's lap.

"Your popcorn-catching skills have improved significantly, I must say," Blaine laughed as he allowed another piece to pop into Kurt's open mouth.

Kurt licked his lips happily. "I do try."

"Strawberry?" Blaine offered through a mouthful of popcorn as he dangled the fruit above Kurt's mouth.

"But of course."

Kurt allowed his eyes to drift closed as red juice tickled its way down his neck, reaching out a hand to wipe it off.

"Mmm, I don't think so," Blaine murmured, taking Kurt's hand in his and pulling it away. Kurt allowed his eyes to slit open questioningly before Blaine brought his mouth to Kurt's throat, trailing his lips tantalizingly over the juice. Kurt giggled, squirming as Blaine's tongue tickled him slightly. Blaine pulled away much too soon for his liking.

Kurt, not even bothering to open his eyes, just reached a hand up blindly in the air, grasping until he reached something that felt like Blaine, maybe his ear. He felt Blaine's chuckle vibrate against his open palm.

Kurt brought his head up slightly, lips puckered, before deciding that it just wasn't worth the effort and plopping his head back down on Blaine's lap.

"Kiss?" he offered, his fingers toying with a loose tendril of hair behind Blaine's ear.

Blaine's lips on his were cool and sweet, and Kurt positively melted beneath him, sighing when they parted.

"Sorry, baby," Blaine smiled, resting a hand on Kurt's stomach. "I'd love to do that all day, but my neck and back aren't quite in agreement wit- Oh, look, it's back!" Blaine pointed eagerly toward the tv, and Kurt giggled as he rolled back over.

"I would look, but I think that someone's feet happen to be in the way…."

Blaine chuckled, wiggling his toes on the table in front of them. Kurt sent him a little pout over his shoulder before Blaine gave in, stretching his feet out on the floor beneath them.

"Thank you," Kurt sang idly, tracing patterns on Blaine's thigh in front of him. "Oh my god, what is that girl even wearing?"

"I, for one, happen to like it," Blaine said defensively.

"Really? Rainbow sequins? In a jumpsuit, nonetheless?"

"I like rainbows," Blaine pouted, and Kurt just giggled, nuzzling his face into his thigh. "I would think that you do, too, given we've been watching America's Next Top Model all day, which is pretty much the gayest-"

"Aww, you know you like it." Kurt smirked.

"Oh, of course I do." Blaine teased, lifting Kurt's hand to his mouth and brushing a kiss against it.

Kurt just smiled, pulling Blaine's arm to rest around his waist as the ten-hour marathon came to a close.

When it ended, Blaine flipped the TV off and dragged a relaxed Kurt into a sitting position, taking both of his hands in his own.

"You know we both need to go back to school tomorrow, pet."


"Come again?" Blaine smiled to reassure Kurt, rubbing his thumb across the top of his knuckles back and forth, soothingly.

"Yes, Master."

"Good, baby. Now, we need to talk about what's going to happen with… this. What do you think about dropping these rules and roles for a while, and just talking through everything as Kurt and Blaine?"

"Sounds good."

"Wonderful." Blaine pecked Kurt sweetly on the lips before crossing his legs Indian-style and facing Kurt, resting their joined hands in Kurt's lap.

"Having a sleepover, are we?" Kurt raised his eyebrows, and Blaine just laughed good-naturedly.

"I love you, you know." The casual manner caught Kurt by surprise yet again as he returned the sentiment.

The look on Blaine's face grew more serious. "How did you feel about this weekend so far, Kurt?"

"I..." Kurt shifted his legs, crossing and then uncrossing his ankles. Blaine's eyes - wide, intent, and so entirely and intensely focused on him - put him at a bit of unease. "It was… uncomfortable, at first, because calling you master and obeying you felt like… I don't know… giving in to something."

Blaine nodded. "Did… was using the title "Master" too much for you? You can always just call me Blaine, you know. That never has to be a rule, if you don't want it to be."

"No, it wasn't even… I liked it, actually. It's just that liking it, it's – it's a little embarrassing, I guess. But when I got used to it, and the way you were so serious about it, it felt nice. Comfortable."

Blaine's smile was warm and easy. The way his eyes were focused on Kurt, carefully detailing his every expression and emotion had been a bit unnerving at first, but it had begun to simply make him feel loved. Loved and safe and cared for.

"And… when I told you all about my life last night before we went to bed, all of the problems with bullying I've dealt with at school, everything with my classes, when you told me to finish my school work before we watched TV this morning… it felt like something that I had been searching for my whole life, without even knowing what it was that I actually wanted. Like I can count on you, I can give you my problems and tell you what I'm going through, and… free myself from them, because you know how to take care of them. I just need to follow what you tell me to do, and it all works out."

"I love taking care of you, Kurt," Blaine said, his voice sincere and serious. "I cherish the idea that you… you would trust me that much." His eyes were slightly teary, and Kurt leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, nuzzling his nose against Blaine's before settling back across from him. "Are you sure you want this, baby? You're free to do whatever you'd like, you know. I hope you… well, I hope that I've made it clear to you that I would adore and honor the idea of being your boyfriend, if that's all you'd want to do. This isn't something you need to do to make me happy. This is about us, yes, but I want it to be about you."

"I want it, Blaine. I've told you… I've told you everything – everything I want from this relationship, from you, everything I want to give you, everything that has happened to me, and… I want this."

"I do, too, my love. So, so badly. And the way we both had those dreams, it – it feels like we were meant for each other, for this lifestyle."

Kurt just nodded pensively, looking at Blaine trustingly and adoringly through long lashes.

"While you were sleeping, I made a cursory list of rules for you," Blaine said as he pulled a sheet of paper from his pocket and unfolded it. Kurt lifted his head slightly to look at it. He couldn't read it that far away, but it wasn't typed – it had Blaine's handwriting on it, and the personal touch and connection made him smile. "Now, Kurt, if this is going to work, I need you to be completely honest with me right now, and let me know if there's anything on here at all that you don't like or that makes you uncomfortable. I don't care how silly you feel telling me, or how ridiculous you feel any of your comments are, because… it's not silly. I need to know that this is consensual, that you're okay with this. Alright, baby?"

"Yes, Blaine."

"Perfect. And Kurt, I want you to know… some of these rules, they're not because I feel that you would do otherwise, or that they're something that's going to be an issue in our relationship. I just want them to be perfectly clear, so we're sure that we're on the same page and have the same goals." Blaine handed the list over to Kurt, resting his chin in his elbows as he watched the boy's eyes move back and forth across the paper.

1. I am wholly responsible for caring for your needs and comfort; as such, you will always inform me whenever you uncomfortable or feel you have a need to which I need to attend or have been neglecting.

2. In all situations, sexual or nonsexual, you always have the freedom to use your safeword for any reason.

3. If you feel that a relationship of this nature is not working, you are free to leave the relationship yet still remain boyfriends with me, if you so wish.

4. You will refer to me as "Master," and yourself as "pet." This is a reminder of our respective roles in this relationship and the fact that, subject to previously discussed limitations, your body, pleasure, needs, and desires, are ultimately reliant upon me.

5. You may at any time request to discuss an issue as equals, and you will be granted the freedom to speak freely and without reserve. This request will always be granted.

6. This is a monogamous relationship. You will not court, flirt with, kiss, or make any contact of a sexual nature with another person.

7. When not speaking as equals, you are expected to treat me with respect as the person who respects you and cares for you and your needs. You will voice your opinions respectfully. I understand that our opinions may differ, but that is never an excuse to backtalk, whine, lash out in anger/frustration, insult me, etc.

8. You will treat others, including family, teachers, and friends, respectfully, though it is recognized that there is also a need for self-defense which takes priority over this rule.

9. You will recognize that your education is your first priority, and you will do your absolute best in academics; this relationship, any extracurricular activities, and friendships, will not get in the way of your schoolwork. Whether or not a particular grade is really the best you could do is ultimately subject to my discretion, but a decision will not be reached without a thorough discussion of the grade in question.

10. You will eat regularly, meaning at breakfast, lunch, and dinner – choice of food is your decision, so long as it is healthy.

11. Choice of clothing is your decision, but you will text me a picture of your outfit each morning, and I ultimately have the final say.

12. In general, you will be in bed by midnight on weeknights, though if circumstances arise, you are free to request to stay up later.

13. You are generally free to keep the company of whomever you choose, though it is ultimately my decision.

14. You will always keep your cell phone on and charged. You will always, always feel the free to call or text me in any circumstances whatsoever, even if you just want to talk, which is even encouraged. In return, you will respond to my calls and texts in a prompt manner as soon as circumstances permit you to attend to them.

15. At the end of the school day, providing you have no other obligations (in which case, you will have informed me beforehand), you will remain in my classroom. Once everyone has left, you will kneel beside me at my desk, and inform me of your school day, utilizing the third person.

16. You will call me at night before you go to bed and inform me of how the rest of your day has been.

17. I only want what is best for you, and so that I may do so, you will be honest with me at all times.

18. You will obey any direct orders and respond with "Yes, Master."

19. If you disagree with any of said direct orders out of concern for your safety, someone else's, or for any other valid reason, you will not hesitate to inform me.

20. You will not inform anyone of our relationship without my consent. This is not because I am ashamed to be with you or do not wish for others to know. It is because of the student-teacher nature of our relationship as well as the power exchange nature.

21. If you break any of these rules, we will first have a discussion about the reason for which you disobeyed. If it is understood that you have broken a rule without a valid reason for doing so, you will be punished. Punishment will primarily include spanking, though other methods may arise; you are free to inform me if you do not wished to be punished in a certain manner or at a certain time, and your wishes will be respected. Rule #1 is still applicable during punishment.

22. I want you to do your best to always remember that this is a relationship, first and foremost, and that I love you and always want the very best for you.

When he finished reading, Kurt brought his eyes to meet Blaine's.

"A lot to handle at once?" Blaine questioned softly.

Kurt nodded. "It's not that… I mean, I want this, but there's a lot here. I… I like it, though. I like the thought you put into this and what you came up with. I like what it stands for."

"I know that it's a lot of control to give to me, love. Please let me know if there's anything you disagree with. And it's never too late to back out of this relationship. But at the same time, I do want to give this to you, to take care of you and give you everything that you need."

Kurt's eyes were misty, and he wiped at them with his hands. "I'm sorry, that's so embarrassing," he murmured. Blaine just looked at him with heartaching compassion, pulling his hands away and kissing his tears.

"Is this too much for you, sweetheart?"

"No, it's not even that… it's just – this is so cheesy – your love was just overwhelming for a moment. But you've done nothing this weekend but make me feel comfortable and loved, and I want this. I want to see how it goes, in the long run."

"I made a list of rules for myself, too, you know."

"You did?"

"Of course, love. I need this to be as clear as possible, to always make sure that you feel safe in this relationship. They're not only rules – they're promises to you."

He handed Kurt another sheet of paper.

1. I will do everything in my power to ensure that you are always comfortable and that your needs are being met.

2. I will always be honest with you and answer your questions.

3. I will treat you with love and respect. I love you, and I will never, ever abuse you physically, psychologically, emotionally, or otherwise demean or disrespect you in any way.

4. I will always listen to you whether you're telling me about your day or your needs, or we are just talking.

5. I will always observe your safeword, which means that I will immediately stop whatever we are doing, and we will discuss the reasons for which your safeword was used. I will always respect your decision to use your safeword.

6. I will end the relationship whenever you request, though I also have the right to end this relationship, either in its entirety or the power exchange nature of it, the latter providing that you also wish to remain boyfriends.

7. I will never order you to do anything illegal or which I feel will cause harm of any nature to you or others, or which I feel will make you uncomfortable.

8. During punishment or otherwise, I will never draw blood, burn you, do anything to affect your circulation, cause you to pass out, break any bones, cause any permanent physical damage or marks, alter your hair, pierce your skin, or deprive you of your needs.

9. I also recognize that this relationship is monogamous, under the same terms which you were given.

10. I will not inform anyone of this relationship or its total power exchange nature.

11. Your needs will always come before my desires.

My cell phone will always be kept on and charged, and I will always respond to you in a prompt, respectful manner.

"Good?" Blaine questioned, as Kurt had finished reading.

"Yes." Kurt was smiling, and Blaine resisted the temptation to pull the boy into his arms.

"Anything you want to add, or anything you feel was unclear?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Okay, baby. Are you absolutely sure you wish to go through with this?"

"Yes, Blaine."

"And you understand that you are to let me know if you feel uncomfortable or wish for this to end at any time?"

"Yes, Blaine."

"I want you to also let me know if you ever feel the need to amend any of these rules."

"Of course."

"Also, sweetheart… I realize that these didn't talk about much sexually."

Kurt blushed. He couldn't help himself. There was a distinct difference between being wrapped up in their emotions and each other in bed, and sitting together on the couch discussing it.

"I know it's not the easiest subject for you to talk about, beautiful, but this is important, so I'd really appreciate it if you would talk about this with me."

Kurt simply nodded.

"Everything in each of our rules, from you informing me whenever you feel discomfort or your needs aren't being met, or safewording when you need to… that all applies in sexual situations as well. And I want them to be mutually pleasurable, love. I'll never make you do anything that is only for my sexual pleasure."

"Th-thank you."

"Baby, you deserve that. You're a human being – you always deserve that. You never need to thank me for it."

"Can you add the stuff we just talked about to our rules, Blaine?"


After he had finished, Blaine took Kurt's hands in his own.

"And you're positive you want this, Kurt?"

"I'm sure, Blaine."

"Okay, love. We're going to discuss this relationship again as equals, after a week, to make sure it is benefitting both of us in the way we intended. Is that okay with you?"

"Yes, Blaine."

"Alright, Kurt. We're each going to sign our rules now. You realize that after these are signed, they will take full effect?"

"Yes, Blaine."

"Alright, beautiful."

Blaine handed Kurt a pen, and each carefully signed his name underneath.

"I love you." Blaine said immediately, gathering the papers into his hands and placing them on the table after kissing Kurt's cheek.

"I love you, too." Kurt's eyes shone brightly, and Blaine pulled him into a warm hug. Kurt leaned into the touch, keeping his arms trapped against Blaine's chest, feeling comfortable and protected.

"I want you to kneel, sweetheart." Blaine murmured into Kurt's ear after several minutes had gone by.

Kurt did so, resting his hands on Blaine's thigh for balance, and Blaine immediately put his own hand on top of Kurt's, smoothing his hand over the soft, pale skin.

"Good. Now, I made a little shopping trip while you were sleeping…" he said, almost sheepishly. Kurt just smiled more broadly, leaning into Blaine's leg. Blaine pulled a black box out of his pocket. "Some sort of collar is typically used in a relationship like this, but… I just don't see us as the type of couple to have a leather collar, because, well, maybe it's just me, but I'd feel like I would be treating you as some type of dog. You certainly don't need to wear this, pet, but if you accept, I want this to serve as a reminder of our relationship, of how much I love you, and the way you can always feel safety in the reminder of the fact that you belong to me. So…"

Blaine opened the box and lifted out a delicate white-gold chain necklace. A heart-shaped key pendant hung in the middle.

"You would be free to wear this either over or under your clothes. I picked the heart-shaped key because, though the necklace will remind you that you belong to me-"

"But the key…?"

"Shhh, love," Blaine laughed lightly at Kurt's eagerness, bending to nuzzle his nose against the boy's. Kurt just sighed happily.

"The key is there to remind you that while you belong to me, my heart will always belong to you. You hold the key."

Only Blaine Anderson could be so cheesy, yet so sincere and adorable, at the same time.

"I love it – I love you, and it's – it's just, that must have been so expensive…" Kurt mused, trailing off at the end.

"Don't worry about how much it cost, pet. This is important to me and to us, and I want you to always have the best I can give you, physically or otherwise. And besides, I can tell that you have expensive tastes," he teased, tugging affectionately at Kurt's shirt sleeve. "Don't worry about the cost. All I want you to consider is whether you would do me the honor of wearing this for me."

"I'd love to," Kurt murmured, captivated as he watched Blaine's hands fasten the glimmering chain around his neck, his smile heartwarming.

"Come here, love," Blaine smiled, pulling Kurt into his lap and managing to cradle him against his chest despite their height difference. "You okay? Not overwhelmed, after all of this?" he murmured, nuzzling the boy's ear.

"Overwhelmed, but in the best way," Kurt smiled, bringing his hand to rest against Blaine's shoulder and absentmindedly rubbing the exposed skin of his neck with his thumb.

Blaine just smiled against the top of Kurt's head.

"You know… I think that Top Model marathon might still be going on," Kurt teased. "We could catch another glimpse of that rainbow jumpsuit that seems to have caught your fancy."

Blaine's eyes brightened as he reached around Kurt to flip the television back on.