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Chapter 10

Sitting back in the very ornate dining room Arthur looked across the table at his newly discovered brother. Samuel had never brought up the incident resulting in Arthurs disappearance.

Laid out on the table in front of them was a map of this world. Arthur stared at it in awe similar to the way he stared at the one in his ships cabin. But, this one was updated, showing more land and various names of each Kingdoms countries. It still though to Arthur looked like an old piece of parchment he'd find in a glass case at a museum so he had to wonder the maps true age.

Both brothers were silent, neither really wishing to speak. After Arthur had asked Samuel to help him locate his other brothers the other man had agreed, but quickly left the room asking for time to let this sink in.

"Um, Could you tell me a little bit about them?" Arthur asked hesitantly as if testing the waters.

Samuel looked up, "Who?"

"Of our other three brothers."


Arthur raised a brow. "I know about myself or you." In the story he had been told of his disappearance it was him and four brothers.

Samuel shook his head, "No, what I meant was there is four other brothers out there."

Samuel took a breath, "Alright I am the eldest, while Leon, and Elis are in the run for second. Mum did not tell which one is eldest, but they are twins. Both love to play tricks upon unsuspecting victims. Last time I heard anything about them they were around here." Samuel leaned across the table to point to an inner city of Clubs. Arthur could not see the name, but got the general idea.

"Next is Emmet, he is a very gullible person, whom we had to trick into-" Samuel cut off and bowed his head.

Arthur waited a moment figuring what the other had been about to say. After a few moments of silence Arthur prompted the other to speak, "Where is he supposed to be?"

Samuel blinked and before leaning across the map to point to an land locked country of Diamonds. "He was always attracted to being a Shepard so last time I visited him he was in the mountains here attending to a flock of sheep.

Samuel looked away from Arthur who was waiting patiently. Samuel shifted in his chair uncomfortably, "Our last brother the youngest, was well-" Samuel paused and then turned to stare right into Arthur's eyes. "Before I tell you about him, I must. Well. Listen Arthur I'd never thought I'd be sitting with ya like this. Ya have to know that after we threw you in the well we saw our mistake. We thought you had died, that the land too you back since you were such an important part of it. So please do not take this against me or the others."

Arthur nodded, "Truthfully I am just happy to know I do have family. Where I lived I grew up in an orphanage. I watched some of the boys be taken in by families while I just had the parent of the house to speak to. He was an elderly man who sat and had long conversations with me. The other boys never liked me, and they insisted I was strange. It was upsetting. So what happened in the past happened. We can not change that, nor can we forget it. It is a lesson to be learned. So whatever you have to say, say it." Arthur huffed at the end crossing his arms. He was upset that Samuel had the gull to think so little of him. He wondered if that man even was worthy of the rank he held on Arthur's ship.

Samuel's shoulders seemed to droop, as if a heavy weight had been taken off them. He took a deep breath before he spoke, "The high court was upset with your as we thought at the time death. It was a very political thing that they would not hesitate to remedy. They told our parents that an heir had to be reborn. Since this has never happened in past they believed as soon as another child was born it would become the heir like you had been.

"So our parents conceived another child a few years after you'd "died". It was a boy as well to our fathers happiness, but he was off. No one outside of the royal family, or the courts know this, but Peter was born into this world as a joker."

Arthur tilted his head confused, "What is so bad about a joker?"

"That's right you know nothing about them. Well Jokers are made by the royal families hardly ever on purpose. It is believed that the land is punishing them for something they have done. But that is only one type of Joker. The other is made by the King or Queen of younger blood becoming dethroned. Once you are given the title it also come with a special contract only you can break. If the contract is broken in any way that is not in the contract you become a Joker. No one wants to become one.

"They are outcasts to all. They live in hiding, yet they are smart and seem to always be talking in riddles. Never be fooled by one as it could lead you to your death, but figure out what they are saying and sometimes you could find out something you never knew, or will help you greatly."

"That is a lot to take in." Arthur said bringing a hand up to rub the back of his head.

Samuel nodded, "I am not sure where Peter is. He is not one to stay in one place for long. When our parents died he escaped the castle. Every once in awhile he'll appear to visit us or well his version of visiting which is making our lives a living hell. He blames his becoming a joker on us, and we can't just let him become King because he is a joker. Spades has rules about that kind of thing."

"But I though all born with the gift were to be placed as Queen not king?"

Samuel chuckled, "Yeah, but he insist on becoming King no matter what which is another thing about Jokers. They are prone to wishing to be the highest ranking what ever."

In truth Arthur felt bad for Peter. That boy in his opinion sounded worse off than himself. Arthur at least could be a functioning member of society, while Peter on the other hand could not be accepted by many if at all.

They ended the meeting on a solum note, neither really wanting to say much after Samuel spoke of Peter.

Arthur walked back toward his room only to be halted by Yao. Yao seemed to be struggling as he carried piles upon piles of scrolls in his arms. Right when they were about to topple over Arthur ran over to grab a few loose ones at the top. Yao smiled at him in silent thanks.

Their steps were in sync as they walked down the hallways, Yao was quiet in thought. Arthur wanted to ask him questions about Spades, a kingdom he had not yet see, or really didn't not remember seeing. But, he was worried; Is Yao mad at him, is he fit to be a Queen that rules a country, is he-?"

"These are the papers for your coronation ceremony" Yao said speaking up.

Arthur looked down at the papers in his arms. A coronation ceremony?

"Wouldn't it be a wise idea to wait till after the war to have such a thing? Think some large ceremony would just attract unwanted attention, and it could also show a disadvantage that could render Spades vulnerable.

Yao looked over at Arthur, "I do believe you are just nervous."

Arthur shook his head, "No, just hear me out. With the return of a queen that has been in another dimension or world for near his entire life then he'd be venerable. Now I know be secret, but really where I have come from the members of parliaments, and other countries politicians do not know how to keep secretes."

Yao looked at Arthur as if comprehending something before he nodded, "I see your point, and plus the coronation can not happen unless you are bonded by marriage."

Arthur fumbled with nearly dropping his scrolls, "Marriage! Why the bloody hell do I have to be married?" His face was flushed in a mixture of anger and irritation. It seemed quite chauvinist to make a queen marry especially for a female queen.

Thinking about it this world seemed to be in the sort of renaissance era the world he came from had, but it was not quite like his. It seemed more advanced, as if it also held tid bits of the 20th to the 21th century. Odd, seemed like the perfect word to describe it.

"Yes, it is a tradition that the kingdom likes to uphold. The citizens of Spades love to see the coronations, it is like a party. I have seen four of them."

Arthur paused, "Four, do you mean one of each kingdom?"

Yao shook his head, "No all of them are of Spades." Arthur stared at the other in a mix of confusion and shock. Catching this Yao was reminded of the others minute knowledge of his birth world. "The country I come from tiĕ qiāo. It is one of the lands where if chosen you may become a dragon rider and they will live as long as their dragon do which is around four thousand years, but that is if you are not killed by nature or another being. But, if one adopts an already bonded dragon who's rider has passed they can only grant near long life to one person."

At this Arthur did drop his scrolls, "There are dragons in this world!" Arthur smiled like he was a child.

Yao raised an eyebrow, "Did that world not have dragons?"

"Only in books, we thought they were mythical creatures." Arthur was looking at the other silently begging for him to tell more.

Yao seeing this gave a gentle smile, "If you help me take these to my chambers, then I can let you meet Ti-Lung. He would be honored to meet you as he helped serve your family for many generations."

"I would be honored!"

Yao bowed his head, "I shall make a summons for him he though will be here in a few days time."