Hey all you people who read my fics! One-shot! Nothing to do with other fic.

Me: Life's moving in fast-forward mode!

Hydron: Then push the pause button!

Lync: Lame-o!

Hydron: Says you!

Gus: GrathLongfletch doesn't own anything!

Shadow: Where's my PSP?

Lync: *slips it to Hydron* I don't know!

"Who's bank?" Lync asked.

"I'll be it. Since most of you cheat," Gus took the card thing.

"I'm green!" Lync snatched the card.

"Yellow," Volt said.

"Blue," Mylene picked it up.

"Red," Spectra took his card.

"Orange," Shadow mumbled.

"Why do you guys hate me?" Hydron took the pink card.

"I'm the dog!" Lync picked up the metal figure.

"Water dragon," Shadow took the piece.

"Karate dude," Hydron picked it up.

"Penguin," Volt placed it at the start with the others.

"The man on the horse," Spectra put it at the start block.

"I'll take the car so I can run over all of you nitwits if you get in my way," Mylene said.

"I shall dominate the board if I can't dominate the earth!" Spectra announced.

"Who cares? Shadow, please stop thrashing me in Defenders of the Core and roll," Gus got no answer except for Helios's 'You are weak!'

"Hey? Earth to Shadow? Roll the dice idiot!" Shadow paused his game and rolled a twelve, then resumed beating up Vulcan.

"Roll again! You're going first!" Lync said impatiently.

Shadow rolled the dice, got twelve, rolled again, total-twenty-one, moved to his destination while finishing the battle and earning Bakugan evolution. Mylene rolled next, then Spectra followed by Lync. Hydron rolled 5th and Volt last.

"2M please," Hydron smiled as he crossed start first.

"And I would like to buy Tokyo and put a house on it," Gus looked at him.

"You can only put on houses when you complete the set."

"Forget the stupid rules. Free for all I say!"

"Here, here," Shadow said sarcastically.

"See? Shadow agrees."

"Fine. Dipshit, roll," Lync rolled a 6 and landed on start.

"2M please," Gus scowled.

"Wait a sec. I'm getting Hydron's housie," he put a hut on Tokyo.

"Why a hut?"

"Don't you see the irony of it?" Hydron shook his head.

"I have a lack of irony. Never got it in years," Gus sweat dropped.

"Well, your stinkin rich and a prince, but here you only have a hut," Lync laughed at this.

"I still don't get it."

"Here's your stinkin cash Lync," Gus handed said person his card.

"What happened to Volt's turn?"

"We swapped places," Shadow landed on Montreal.

"Buying with a hotel. An make it a pyramid please," Gus raised an eyebrow while the others groaned.

"A pyramid in Montreal? Where did you get the money? You only passed start once!"

"I only have 5M left."


"Suckers!" Spectra shouted as he landed on free parking.

"Nononononononooooooooo!" Lync shouted as Spectra got 6M.

"Better luck next time chappie," Mylene said in a mock English accent.

"Hey!" they looked at him.

"Your carma ran over my dogma!" he shouted at Mylene.

"It was a stray anyway. Vancouver please," Gus handed her Vancouver.

"Haha. Roadkill!" Hydron mocked.

"But you could've taken it to the pound," Gus ate a mint.

"Why should I waste energy with that?" she fanned herself with her card.

"Paris please," Volt asked.

"There you go."

Something clicked in Hydron's mind.

"Why aren't we going in turns?" they all looked at him.

"Who cares? We're going randomly. Cape Town please," Shadow defeated Helios.

"Shad. You've only got like, 2M left ya know?" Shadow nodded.

"Die you stupid horse rider! Shanghai please," Spectra frowned at Mylene.

"Stop riding over me! I got free parking!" Lync glared at him.

"You now have 24M," Gus informed him.

"Now I can buy and put up hotels whenever I want!" Spectra ranted.

"Shut up Magneto! Or I'll get Prof Xavier," Hydron rolled.

"Who's Prof Xavier?"

"Shadow!" said person grunted.

"Dammit!" I owe you 20m!" Volt cursed.

"Pay up choir boy!" Shadow held out his hand.

"I'll pay you in time!" Volt snapped.

"Hotel on Istanbul please," Lync asked.

"There ya go!" Gus gave him a lodge.

"Barcelona please! Those guys are hot there," everyone stared at her.


They game carried on with the occasional curses. Then they were summoned by King Zenoheld. Leaving the game just the way it was, they went to see what the old frog wanted.

"He better croak soon," Hydron muttered.

"Agreed," Gus whispered back.

They arrived at the throne room, Zenoheld sitting on his throne with al the kingliness he could muster.

"It is time to appoint a new team leader," Spectra balked.

"I thought that was my roll! I earned it fair and square," he whined.

"Silence! I want to see how you operate under a new leader!" Zenoheld declared.

"This isn't fair! I got leadership fair and square!" Spectra stomped his foot.

"You are failing under Dan and the brawlers might. The team needs a new leader!" Hydron stuck his tongue out at Spectra.

"Haha. Sucks to be you!" Gus shook his head.

"Insolent fools!" he mumbled.

"I agree," Shadow nodded.

"How we gonna do this?"

"Easy. I shall host 13 rounds of games. Whoever wins the most rounds win!" they all groaned.

"What do we play first? Mylene rolled her eyes.

"Poker," they all groaned.

All 7 of them sat at a round table in the throne room. Lync was the most depressed because he didn't know how to play, Shadow just couldn't care less. A few minutes past and surprisingly, Lync, Shadow and Gus were the only ones left.

"You can do it Gus!" Spectra encouraged him.

"Loose already!" Mylene and Hydron shouted at Lync.

"I don't know how!" he said frantically.

"I don't know my arse from my elbow!"

"That's a shocker," Volt rolled his eyes.

"Shut up!"

Gus put down a set ranging from 10-King. Shadow put down 4 Kings. All heads turned to Lync.

"I lost!" he threw down his cards, which happened to be 4 Aces.

"You idiot! You just won!" Mylene hissed.


"Next challenge! Snakes and ladders!"


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