Helooooo! This One-shot has been sitting in my computer for months! So here we are my first Kitchen Princess FanFic. :)

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Hazel Hearts

Fujimiya's country windows shined like a beckon in the cold dark winter night, Najika rushed around the small kitchen grabbing the ingredients to make strawberry shortcake. Lost in thought she added the eggs and sugar to the bowl and mixed them together, she sighed and thought to the night before. Najika and Dachi had been out for their one-year anniversary. The night ended in disaster; they had a huge fight and Najika ran to the safety of her dorm in tears. I bet he thinks im a real bitch. She poured the batter into a cake pan then put it in the oven. "He probley wants to break up with me…ugh!" she said to no one.

A banging noise and a stream of cursing stopped her thoughts. She ran to look out the window to see what caused the noise. Just in case it was a bulgur or pervert she grabbed the first thing she saw; a cast-iron skillet. Carefully she opened the door and saw… A body laying next to the knocked over trashcan. The body moved to a sitting position, "Damn a tras- AHHHHHHH!" The man yelled upon seeing the girl with a skillet appearing to be not afraid to use it. "Najika! Najika! It's me !Dachi! I know your mad at me but…why kill me with a pan?"

Najika lowered her armmered hand, "Dachi? What are you doing here?" she questioned him. He huffed and stood up.

"I came to say what you heard. It's not true. I would never cheat on you. Akane came to the store with me because I needed help picking out the gift that I was going to give to you last night…" he blushed and took her hand, " Najika, I love you and only you."

Najika embraced him fighting the tears of embarrassment, "Im sorry o even thought that. I-I just love you so much…a-and " She whipped the tears away, "And…. my cake! Oh no I bet its burned!" she drug him into the dinner. Then went to take the cake out of the oven. Dachi took a seat at a table and pulled a small pink wrapped box of his jacket pocket. When she sat down next to him he handed her the box, "Happy anniversary." She smiled and unwrapped the box to reveal a small velvet box. Looking between the box and Dachi she carefully opened it. There in the black silk was a white gold ring with a hazel diamond cut into a heart set with two smaller diamonds on ether side. She gasped, "Dachi! Its- Its…" he grabbed her hand and slide it on her ring finger. "It's a promise ring. So next year after high school maybe we could get married." Najika blushed and kissed him, "yes! Absolutely yes!"


Fujita-san yawned unlocking the front door to the café. " I wonder what delicious thing Kazami has made today." his stomach growled in agreement to.

Walking in he noticed the lights had been left on, and then he saw them. Dachi and Najika asleep sitting at the table; Dachi's jacket was now draped over her shoulders and he snoozed on one arm the other hand grasped his girlfriends hand. Najika laid her head on his shoulder, her long blonde hair up in pigtails.

Fujita-san sighed "oh to be young and in love", walking into the kitchen to see what he could eat. The young couple would have A LOT to explain once they awoke.