Hetalia Visual Novel

(Great name! Am I right? So I was playing these quiz games telling you who your Hetalia boyfriend would be and I thought, what about a visual novel? Without the visual part of course but its in the style of a VN. I know I only have four guys but I don't really know what to do with the rest of them. ESPECIALLY Germany. In the comments choose which guys you want to go with from first to last, so I'll know which one to do first. Be nice in the comments! I do not own Hetalia, I'm only doing this for fun.)

So after being dragged to a party on a late Friday night by your energetic friend you find four guys that catch your eye. One energetic one with auburn hair and a cute little curl happily eating pasta, one rater quite one with black hair and an emotionless face, one with blonde hair and green eyes drinking tea with a light smile on his face, and one with blonde hair and blue eyes with a teddy bear standing in the corner. Your attitude changed, you wondered which one you should talk to.

(Authors Note: I know its a short chapter but I just wanted to get started quickly. This IS a visual novel after all! Could you tell who the guys were? I'll tell you in case you didn't catch it. The first one is obviously North Italy, the second one is Japan, the third one is England, and the fourth one is Canada. Choose wisely and I hope you all have fun reading!