This is a Scooby-Doo cross-over in which the old Mystery Inc. (SDWAY through WNSD) comes to Crystal Cove.

Old Meets New

The Mystery Machine hurtled down the road in the dusk.

"Fred, are you sure we're going the right way? I think we, like, got lost in that spooky green fog," Shaggy said.

"Rooky reen rog," said Scooby-Doo with a shudder.

"Don't worry," Fred said, "There's a sign up ahead."

"Crystal Cove. The most hauntedest place on earth," Velma read. "They need to work on their grammar."

"Most h-hauntedest place on earth? I just knew it!" Shaggy said. "Why can't we ever get lost near a nice quiet resort?"

"It seems like we always end up where we're needed," Daphne said. "Let's find out what their haunt problem is, and solve it for them."

"Here we go again," said Shaggy.

"Look over there, it's the Crystal Cove Spook Museum," said Velma. "That would be the perfect place to start asking questions."

"I hope they have a snack bar," said Shaggy. "I'm starved."

"Re roo," said Scooby.

They entered the museum and were met by the proprietress, a large woman with a streak of white in her auburn hair.

"Welcome, visit... oh my! You gave me a start. You look so much like them you almost had me fooled for a second. You must be huge fans of Mystery Incorporated. What authentic costumes!"

"I don't know what you mean," said Fred. "These aren't costumes."

"Well, yours could use a few touches, young man. The real Fred Jones always wears a red ascot and he doesn't have a blue stripe on his shirt."

"What do you think had happened?" Daphne whispered to Velma. "Have we gone back in time?"

"Let's wait and listen, and try to find out more," Velma said.

"Where are you folks from?" the museum lady asked.

"Coolsville, Ohio, but we travel a lot," said Fred.

"And you've come all the way here to see our famous little town. How nice."

"Like, we're sort of lost here," said Shaggy. "We could use some directions. And food."

"You must meet my daughter Velma," said the lady. "She's working here today. She can give you the tour, and you can have a snack in our coffee bar afterward. Oh Velma, come out and meet some out-of-town fans!"

A slimmer Velma appeared from the back of the museum. "Fred... you came back? Shaggy, how did you get away? Jinkies, there's another me!'re disguised as us. Who are you and what do you want?"

"Like I said dear, they're big fans who came to visit our town, dressing the part. I'll leave you to get acquainted and take the tour."

After she left the room, Scooby looked back and forth between the two nearly-identical twins. "Rhelma and Rhelma?"

"You may have fooled my mom, but I don't believe the tourist bit for a second. Your faces are too close to be real – they must be masks. This is some kind of scheme," said the Crystal Cove Velma.

"Not masks," said Fred. "Try to unmask us and you'll see."

"I think I've almost figured it out," said the Coolsville Velma. "I thought of an experiment to try. Velma, would you switch glasses with me for a second?"

"You think you can get me blind and then kidnap me, or something? My mom's right here, in calling distance. I'll call your bluff," said the other Velma.

She handed over her glasses and tried on the ones her twin gave her. "I can see perfectly... it can't be.. Did you raid my optometrist's records and get a duplicate pair made? But then how could you see, wearing them?"

They traded glasses back, and the Coolsville Velma said, "We arrived here through a strange green fog. My theory is that this is a parallel world, and we're the counterparts of you and your friends."

The Crystal Cove Velma said, "All right, suppose that were the case, which I don't completely buy. What are you doing here?"

"Like, we were driving along and just got lost here," Shaggy said.

Velma turned away from Shaggy, tears in her eyes, "You look and sound so much like him, it hurts."

"Like, I'm sorry," said Shaggy. "Something's happened to the Shaggy you know?"

"He was sent away to military school by his parents. His Scooby-Doo was sent to a farm," Velma said.

"Rarm?" Scooby asked. "Ro no."

"Fred has left town, and Daphne isn't speaking to me. Our gang is dead. Now all of you show up, looking like we did when we were happy. It's too much."

"Maybe we can help," said Daphne. "We must be here for a reason."

"You solve mysteries?" Velma asked.

"Everywhere we go, all over the world. Cases just fall into our laps," Daphne said.

"Maybe you can help, then. I don't know. Come back into the wax museum and we can talk about it."

As the gang entered the wax museum, they gave a start and looked around wildly.

"Like, it's a shrine to all our early cases," said Shaggy.

"Our early cases," the local Velma said. "But my folks don't use them for that. They pretend they were real spooks to impress the tourists. Our town doesn't like solving us solving mysteries because they say it's bad for business."

The other Velma was looking at the wax figures. "Wow, this takes me back. Henry Bascombe, the Space Kook. Creeps and Crawls, the Phantom Shadows. Mr. Carswell, the Creeper..."

"Carlswell, not Carswell," said the local Velma.

"I guess that's just one of the things that's different," said the out-of-town Velma.

"You've solved cases like ours, and how many more?" asked the local Velma.

"Hundreds," said Fred.

"You look like us, but you must be past teen-age by now. How old..."

"Don't ask that question," said Daphne. "We just age well."

"So you're not in high school like we are."

"Like, we graduated a long time ago," said Shaggy.

"Any relationships between you? Like, you and you..." She looked at Fred and Daphne.

"Just good friends," said Fred. "Those rumors about Daphne and I going off together..."

"As if we would, in spooky places where we might get caught by crooks in monster disguises, or by our friends. Not to mention the dust that would get all over my clothes," said Daphne.

Velma looked a little curious at this too-specific denial, but she went on. "Or you and you?" This time she looked at her counterpart and Shaggy.

"Ruh-uh," said Scooby.

"Like, that would never happen," said Shaggy.

"He only has eyes for food, not me," said the out-of-town Velma with a trace of bitterness.

The local Velma decided to leave that hot topic alone. "You said you travel all over the world. How can you afford that? Do you have jobs?"

"Like, sometimes we have to take short-term jobs if we run out of money toward the end of the month," said Shaggy. "But usually we're loaded."

"My family is rich, and we're on a monthly stipend from them and from government grants," said Daphne. "They think we benefit the world, just going around doing what we do."

The local Velma sighed. "What a life you have. Rich, famous, honored..."

"Rere's ronsters," said Scooby. "Ranger reverywhere re ro."

"You're harder to understand than our Scooby," said the local Velma. "He doesn't use so many r's."

"Rorry," said Scooby.

"It's all right," said the local Velma.

"Now, how can we help you?" Fred asked.

"It's hard to know where to start, but maybe you can help, Fred. What do you know about your real parents? Our Fred has gone looking for his."

"I grew up with them. Skip and Peggy Jones," said Fred. "They're fine folks."

"Our Fred grew up with the former Mayor, who turned out to be a psycho freak who kidnapped him as a baby. His real parents are Brad and Judy Chiles, but they probably changed their names. I'd be surprised if they picked Jones as their last name. That's the psycho's name, Fred Jones Sr."

"Wow," said Fred. "I don't think we have the same history at all."

"I think we'll have to work that one out for ourselves, then," said the local Velma. "What about this? Ed Machine, the CEO of a big local company, has disappeared from his home. You could help me solve that one; he's helped our gang in the past, no doubt for his own sinister motives."

"Sounds like a police matter," said Daphne.

"You don't know our local police," said the Crystal Cove Velma.

"No monster angle to it," said Fred. "Is there anything else, some new monster case?"

The local Velma said, "If you're looking for a monster, you could check out the Executioner. He's been attacking the Destroido Corporation and its employees, dressed all in black with a hooded mask like an old-time headsman. I wanted to follow that one up too, but I couldn't without help."

"Gang," Fred said, "I think we have another mystery on our hands."