The River he didn't know

This is my first ever fic, basically a River/11. BBC, I do not own River or the Doctor (however much I might want to) but I do own the dog. This is also not a oneshot, I will do many more chapters!

He had checked everything. Where she lived, what year it was, how old she was, where they were up to...he knew it all.

Sexy took him where he needed to go, and the Doctor stepped out of his beloved blue box, straightening his bow tie. He'd forgotten already which town he was in, he wasn't interested in that. He was only interested in River.

The block of flats towered above him. He didn't need to check the floors or numbers to find out which house it was, the one painted in a deep, brilliant shade of blue told him all he needed to know. TARDIS blue.

"River," he whispered eagerly and ran up the stairs and rang the bell.

No answer.

"River?" He rang the bell again desperately wanting her to be there and to hold him to her so, so close. He missed her so badly and he knew he'd been a horrible husband, leaving her for so long. Seven months, the TARDIS had told him crossly. She liked River, having taught her to fly her. But he'd been so busy, saving the universe time and time again, that seeing her had been impossible. The guilt, however, still festered inside him, bubbling and boiling in his old, deep Time Lord soul.

The door was wood, so his sonic screwdriver wouldn't work. Instead, he soniced the window and climbed through, searching from room to room, seeing no one and nothing...

Until he reached her bedroom.

He hesitated as his hand touched the doorknob, but he told himself he was being silly, and quietly pushed the door open.

The bedroom was empty, but he went in anyway. The walls were painted blue, just like Amelia Pond's had been, and there were drawings, models, stuck up everywhere. So much like Amy's.

The Doctor made his way over to one wall, where there was no blue to be seen, just a sea of letters. Letters from her earliest childhood, letters from now. He read the first one, and his two hearts began to ache.

Dear Mr Doctor, it read in large, childish handwriting,

I don't think I am supposed to be writing to you. Madam Kovarian says you're a bad bad man. But I'm confused. When I was in the spacesuit, I saw my Mummy. Then she shot at me. I was scared. Why did she do it? Doesn't she love me anymore?

And there are monsters. I don't like them. I called Mr President, but he didn't listen. Then you came. Why? I escaped, but Madam Kovarian found me again. I don't really like her but shhhh, don't tell her.

I can't send this to you, but it's nice writing letters. It makes me feel better.

Love from Melody.

The Doctor stared at little Melody Pond's letter and wiped the tears off his cheeks. He imagined Melody writing this, her heart weighed down with fear. He imagined just what Madam Kovarian had done to make her a psychopath and his hearts burned furiously. He knew at that moment that Madam Kovarian had to die, and not in an aborted timeline. She had to die now.

Then he remembered that he had to wait for River, and skimmed through the letters, one by one. Little Melody's continued for six months and then Mels came in, her letters bright, bouncy and colourful. And then suddenly older Melody came back, and the letter was so bitter that the Doctor started crying again.


I'm riding on a motorbike in Berlin and in about half an hour, you'll be dead. My last letter to you, sweetie. I don't really want to be writing to you, but I have nothing to do except ride this bloody motorbike until I reach some shops, and I'm a multi tasker. And I thought I should carry on the letter-writing 'tradition'. Killing you apparently didn't take all day, did it?

My last question is:

Who is River Song?

Poisoned kisses,


PS: I'll make sure my bumbling parents get home. And I'll throw your dead body into the Void.

The letter after that was:


I'm so sorry. That bitch Kovarian, she got it all so bloody wrong. Come back, please. I know you know me from the future. Am I a good person then?

I'm in the hospital. What's the blue diary for? It looks almost like the TARDIS.

I love you, sweetie, and I'll see you again someday, I know that. I'm going to study archaeology to find you once more.

Love, River xx

Then there were more, each asking why he hadn't come to see her for so long. The last one was dated yesterday and it made the Doctor smile and cry at the same time.


Last week, I painted the house blue again, the paint was fading. Come back, sweetie, please. I know all too well that you stuff up with time, but I need to see you again. It's been seven months and I think it's going to kill me.

Life here is so bloody DULL! All the neighbours complain about the noise of the sonic transmitter I've been building for the archaeology course. 21st century is boring. I don't know how my parents can stand it.

Come back.


The Doctor couldn't wait any longer. He brushed away the tears and got out of the house. There was a park nearby and he walked casually down the street, nodding to an old lady hobbling by with a walking frame. He walked into the park, where he saw a figure walking a dog. As he moved closer, he saw the mass of blond curls and grinned.

River wore a loose white T-shirt and black jeans. Her feet were bare and muddy as she threw a stick to the dog, who was small and scruffy. The Doctor looked at her, confused. This was a River he didn't know.

"River?" he asked.

River's head snapped around and she stared at him, wide-eyed. Then, faster than he could blink, she stalked over and slapped him in the face.

"Ow!" he cried angrily. "River!"

"That," growled River, "was for leaving me alone for seven months without knowing where the heck you were!"

The Doctor backed away, palms raised in surrender. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he gabbled. "I -"

River grabbed him and kissed him roughly, pulling herself closer to him, grinding her hips against his. "We'd better go back inside the TARDIS," she whispered seductively.

"She never fails to surprise us, does she, love?" the Doctor agreed.