Out of her Mind

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River opened her eyes and tried not to cry. White everywhere. And it smelt like...like...oh, she didn't know what exactly. A hospital smell.

"Doctor?" she moaned, but the words were sluggish and her throat hurt. The tears spilled from her eyes and she tried to move, but even breathing hurt, and something was cutting into her wrists and ankles. Straps. She was strapped down to a table.

"Doctor?" More insistently, urgently. She knew by now that she was drugged, but if she hadn't been drugged and scared and pregnant, she and the Doctor would be out of here by now.

"DOCTOR!" she screamed. But no one came and her heart was pounding faster and faster and she could barely see for all the tears clouding her vision...

"Hello, Melody."

"NO!" River blinked away her sobs and stared up into the face of her enemy. Madam Kovarian. "Where's the Doctor? Where is he?"

"That's none of your business. I need a new psychopath. I can speed up your pregnancy and your baby will be mine."

"He'll never let you."

"Oh, well he's not exactly in a position to do anything either. You stupid, stupid girl. You didn't think that we would try to steal your baby, did you?"

"No, no, no, please..."

"How touching it will be. The new psychopath will kill its own father."


"Now, Melody, don't be rude. I raised you. I showed you the Untempered Schism. You know everything from me."

"The Doctor has taught me more than in three months than you ever did in TWENTY YEARS!"

"Oh, shut up, you're getting tiring."

"Listen to me!"

"No, dear, I have to go check on our other prisoner."


"What is it, Melody?"

"Tell...tell him...actually no, show him this." She managed to extract a crumpled piece of paper from her pocket and Kovarian snatched it up. It was covered in High Gallifreyan symbols.

"You can read it, you taught me Gallifreyan. You know it's not a war code or something, so give it to him. Please." River stared at her insistently until it became almost unnerving and Kovarian turned away.

"Fine, I'll give it to him." The door slammed shut and River could only hope and pray that he'd understand.


The Doctor saw Kovarian's menacingly happy face staring through the bars of his cell. "Tick tock, goes the clock," she whispered. "Until Melody's psychopath is born."

Comprehension rushed through the Doctor. "River?" he stammered. "She's alive?"


"But you can't! Our baby can't be..."

"Oh shut up, you're as boring as her. She wanted to give you this." Kovarian stuck the piece of paper through the bars and stalked off. The Doctor sprang from his small bench that was his only furniture and picked it up. It was in High Gallifreyan.

He read it through, than read it again, and again, and again. She couldn't have. She couldn't possibly be serious.


I hope I never have to send this to you, but if you're reading this, it means that the ultimate situation has occurred and I have only one option. You know what that option is, and I'm sorry, but keep going, my love, keep travelling the stars and saving the universe. Forget me.

I'm so sorry, my love.


"No! River!" he yelled and dropped the letter, horrified. "River, please!"

He found his sonic screwdriver and soniced the lock, then sprung out of the cell and tore down the corridor. He had no idea if there were Headless Monks or the Silence around, but he wasn't going to wait to find out. "River!"

The Doctor could guess she wouldn't be in a cell, she was too important. There were three white doors and he peered through the locks of the first one. Oh. The Headless Monks were having a prayer meeting.

Second one. Someone lying helplessly on a table. He couldn't see too clearly, but anything was possible when it came to Madam Kovarian. He soniced the lock and stepped through the door. "River?"

"No, my love," she whispered. "Stop!"

"River, I am not going to let you commit suicide."

"It's not because I want to, and our baby will be kept alive, even if the mother dies!"

"And you want our son or daughter to become what Melody Pond once was?"

"I...I can't," she whispered. The Doctor suddenly realised how hard it must be for River, seeing Kovarian again and knowing that her baby would be brought up to kill her husband.

"River, I can save you," he promised her.

"And she'll just try to find us again, and again, and again. Do you want to be running all your days?"

"I already am running."

"Either Kovarian dies or I die."

"River, River...for God's sake! Why do you have to be Amy Pond's daughter?"

"Run, my love. Please, please, just run."

The Doctor stared at her in disbelief and turned to a table full of tools. Sneakily, he grabbed one, his back hiding it and turned around again, striding toward River. "You're not in your senses," he told her, and plunged the syringe into her arm. River stared at him in alarm.

"Doctor, what have you - " Her head slumped back and her eyelids closed.

"Sorry to knock you out," he said, and tore the straps from her arms and legs. She promptly rolled off the table.

Sighing, the Doctor went and picked her up, then walked to another table, where lay River's precious belongings. The Vortex Manipulator lay at the helm, battered and smoking, but still working reasonably enough. He managed to strap it around both their wrists and dialled where he wanted to go, ending with an overly flourished 4 and 9.

"Let's get out of here," he said to the sleeping River, as a blue light flashed around them and they teleported back into the TARDIS.

As soon as they landed, River's eyes flew open and she crumpled to the floor. The Doctor helped her up and she glanced down at her belly protectively, but her eyes were widening in shock and horror.

"What is it?" asked the Doctor.

"Shit!" yelled River.