I could feel my body ache with longing as I stared up at the small Manhattan apartment building. I had just finished an argument with the Hudson River spirit, and I was supposed to be heading home, but….

The temptation was almost too great. I wanted to see her again. I wanted to march right in, find her room number, and knock right on the door. I knew what she'd probably do; blush and stammer like she always had when I gave her a compliment, then ask what I was doing there. She'd protest, say I was probably too busy to come in, but eventually she'd let me in like she always did.

She'd ask about how I was doing and if my wife knew I was there (which, of course she wouldn't know; why would I tell her? !), and then….. It was a moment I'd dreamed about for the past decade but never did have the courage to do; she'd introduce me to Percy.

Perseus Jackson, the son I'd never met. Percy, who I'd neglected to see for years, even though I longed to do so. Percy, who I had seen only once, when he was barely able to grasp my pinkie finger. Percy, the poor child I'd left to face his destiny as a half-blood alone.

I almost did it; I walked halfway to the door when I stopped and turned back. He wouldn't know me. He'd probably hate me for abandoning him and his mother in the first place, and it's not like I could explain; if I did, the monsters hunting for him would probably sniff him out then and there. It was safer for them both if I stayed away.

I slowly stopped and turned to have a last look at the building, and my heart almost stopped; in a window halfway up, I could just make out a young boy around ten years old.

'There's no way…..' I thought, but just then, right behind him, his mother came to the window as well and started talking to him. It was her. Sally Jackson, the woman I loved, and the woman I'd given up. The boy was my mini-double; he had the same jet black hair and sea-green eyes that I had stared at so many times in the mirror.

I could feel my willpower crumbling, and if I hadn't turned when I did, I might've marched straight up there and told them everything; that I was so sorry for leaving them both, that I'd do anything to gain their forgiveness, and that I loved them both.

But I couldn't.

They were better off not knowing…. at least for now.

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