JLA Security Breach

Chapter one - Kidnapped!

Dinah Lance locked her door and let out her breath. She was tired after a patrol of Washington DC with Wonder Woman and she only had 6 hours until the 8 pm Gala she was attending with the same Amazon. If the Gala had been for Ollie Dinah would had canceled, but Diana had insisted that all the leaguers show up as it was too honor the women in the Justice League and greater hero community. A hot shower and a long nap sounded tempting but the nap would have to wait, as her mind had yet to settle down after the patrol, as always. Black Canary pulled of her blond wig and tossed it onto the couch.

She glanced at the mirror on the wall above the couch. "Wonder if Vixen would help me out with my hair?" She commented as she ran her fingers through her limp black locks. The elegant model had helped her do her hair once for a date with Ollie. Dinah had felt so elegant and proper, although her date had not noticed.

"I like your hair that way." A male voice announced. Dinah spun around, inhaling to prepare for her Canary cry. She turned into the spray the black and blue-garbed figure hanging upside down out of the air vent in the ceiling had pointed into her. She recognized chloroform immediately and gasped in shock as her sight went blurry. The invader dropped out of the vent headfirst, turned a neat summersault and landed lightly on his feet with the grace of an acrobat.

Dinah felt her knees giving way. As her attacker caught her before she collapsed to the floor, she realized she had not managed to hit the alarm. Her last thought was At least he's cute. Her attacker laid her out on the floor and bound her hand and foot with rags he had tucked into his belt attachments. He took special care to gag her, but left her the ability to breathe.

Once he had secured the heroine, he lifted her up into the vent and shoved her into the thick metal tunnel beyond. Once he had gotten her into the vent, he climbed up himself with the nimbleness of a monkey and closed the vent. He peered downwards to make sure he had not left any sign or clue of himself and then turned to his captive. Carefully he turned her onto her back and began to slide her along the tunnel, pausing only once to tap the communicator in his ear.

"CO, this is 1, target one apprehended. Why couldn't the little one give me a hand?"

"Because he's assisting me. Now shut up and let me work."