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It started with the gifts.

I seemed unable to return to my home, and even more annoyingly, to Edward's, without there being something waiting for me.

The extravagent necklaces, intricate bracelets, delicately bound hard-back books depicting ancient histories, expertely painted pictures most notably the Slaughter of the Innocents by Ruben, perfume, makeup.

He literally sent me everything.

And I sent them all back.

But only for a short while.

I had assumed that he soon tire of having his gifts returned, again and again. But no, each returned gift seemed to spur him on to send something to out do the last.

Eventually, it wore me down.

I got tired of having to send everything back, of the silent stares I recieved from Edward each time a new one arrived. it wasn't my fault, I didn't ask for the gifts. I sent them back every week, and still, he seemed to find a fault in me.

I grew tired of it, of feeling like I had to explain myself to him each and every time, of recieving the cold shoulder (not literally) from Edward for the rest of the day.

When I stopped rejecting the gifts, all of the ones that I had sent back to him, had been returned to me, all in the cover of darkness, and all when Charlie was out of the house.

I felt slightly unnerved knowing that he probably had someone watching the house, to ensure that the gifts were delivered, but they never did me any harm.

Following the gifts came messages.

Once again, in a vain attempt, I tried to ignore the messages, but I found myself slowly picking up a pen to reply to him.

With Edward growing increasingly distant, and despite Alice's attempts to tempt me to bend first, with her thoughtful shopping trips, I found having a penpal of sorts, a comfort. I had someone to converse with, who seemd to genuinely care about every almost insignificant detail in my day.

The latest letter had come with a smaller envelope, and when I had opened it, the breath had caught in my throat.

A one-way ticket to Italy had slid out when I opened it.

I knew I should have probably torn it in half. I should have thrown it away, or at least pretended that I didn't see it.

It was too late now, I thought to myself as I boarded the plane. In just over fourteen hours, she would be face to face with Aro once more, with only one difference.

She would be on her own.


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