Chapter 2- (Nikki's POV)

I was flying around the cage, occasionally napping on the maple tree until the zoo was closed. I sigh as the people leave. I don't know how these zoo animals can do such things for the whole day. It was exhausting. As I flew onto the branch, four small penguins slipped into the bars of the cage.

"Hello," I nicely spoke. I let out a small yawn.

"We know what you're up to, SPY!" the smallish one yelled. I put a wing on my chest.

"Oh my, what did I do that upset you?" He gave me a questioning look and started whispering to his – team? Before I put my wing back, I fixed my bangs that cover half my face. They all glanced at me for a second then stopped talking.

"Ok, what is your name?" The tallest one asked.

"Nikki, what are yours?"

The smallish one spoke up. "I'm Skipper, this is Kowalski," motioning the tallest one. "Rico," pointing to the second tallest one, "And young Private," motioning the smallest one. "State your business here."

"I was captured in the forest, not too far from here. Taken away from my home and friends...but wait, maybe my boyfriend was captured, too" I stated as I flew down in front of them.

"Are you a spy?"

"Umm… Define spy," I questionly asked.

"Evil and working for someone, why do you ask?"

"Then no. If you meant look out for the other animals and protect them, then yes."

He gave me a look and then asked for a tour of the zoo. I had no clue how I was supposed to get out of my cage, but I managed to fit through the bars safely. The zoo was huge and they gave me details about the animals. We passed a habitat that had huge walls around it, I suppose it was dangerous or something. We also passed the penguin exhibit. I guess I didn't need to know about them because we already met.

The day was ending and animals were already asleep. I kept thinking about my boyfriend. He also loved to help with others. I love him, and I don't even care if he's a toucan.